Monday, July 1, 2013

Scrap containment System, as if!

scrap containment system, as if...
 DH built these shelves for us years ago, and I took them over to hold  plastic bins of  precious scraps. 
I'm the first to admit I'm crazy for scraps. One day when I was having a spree with the greens, dh came in and I whined, "I'm using them up, there'll be none left!!" He calmly asked if I'd like him to go to the three drawers of greens 'on the hoof' and cut a 2 in strip of each. 

Engineer humor.  Well, now, maybe not such a bad idea at that.

I organize bins by color, and you'd be surprised how often I'm over there using them. Within the bins, I'll stack strips together, and odd pieces together because that's how I use them.

 Organization is all about making life easier.

 You can see the greens are overflowing at the moment, the lid cannot contain the glorious bits and pieces. My wonderful friends give me their scraps, and will hold up an enormous piece, like maybe a 6 inch square and ask is this too small. Bwaaahaaaahaaaa! Pass it over!  

Watch for the book I'm writing soon... of course there's a chance after it's published the scrap-train will dry up for me... nah! There's always someone tired of their mess. I'm providing a service really, a guilt free zone, they get to clear out their studio, I get the pretty leftovers. Win, win. 

 The top shelf holds button and trinket  boxes, the woven bags hold fabric pre-cuts, and other stuff. The wee widdle sweaters leaning on the bag I knitted my own self, thank you very much.The longer plastic boxes hold some ufo's while they simmer on the back burner.

There is a cork board with a Klimpt poster on it, to hold notices but they got covered up in the fabric avalanche of  '09. To the left is my sewing table, looking out the window. I fear my neighbors think I sit and spy on them, but I'm just resting my eyes. 

Sewing is so much more interesting than neighbors, right?

One day I'll show cleaned up studio pictures. One day it will be clean when the latest challenge is in CA. 
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Cathy Perlmutter said...

Oh, the fabric avalanche of 09!!!! That was a bad one!!!!
You are too funny!!!

Adventurous Quilter said...

Love this 😍😍😍