Thursday, July 25, 2013

Halloween in July

bark ghosts
Yesterday I went into Michaels craft store to see what I couldn't live without. I found a stencil and some embellishments I needed, but the line was 10 people long and turns out I didn't need them.
The surprise was that it's Halloween season already. Nearly 100 deg. and there are pumpkin lights, and ghosts and creepy stuff. I wish we could see stuff in stores during the right season, but you know if Halloween is with us in July, then Christmas is just around the corner! We'll soon be sweating to Jingle Bell Rock and the colors red and green.

The picture above is bark from one of the coolest trees I've ever seen, and I love to look at trees. My camera isn't the best, but the colors are cream, brown, green, gold and a purple only found in nature. I love the sculptural aspects, and the texture. I have taken some other pictures and plan to try and interpret them in fabric.
Don't they look just like ghosts, woooooooo??

Are you like me, do you see life in terms of fabric? Do you live the creative life, seeing art all around you each day, wondering how you'd paint that sky or which technique you'd use to show the dimension of the bark?  Even when putting away the dishes or laundry, I'm thinking of what I get to do in the studio later.

Here's to the creative life!
go play with your fabrics


  1. OMG! Those bark bits are wonderful! Sycamore tree?

    :) Linda

  2. I only wish I knew what tree. Some of my other pics are terrific. The tree itself grows near the water and looks very sculptural.

  3. Love the tree bark! Like Linda Schiffer, I think it looks like a sycamore tree. I pass a huge one often and admire its mottled trunk.
    Martha Ginn