Artist Statement

(clip)  An award winning quilt artist who has exhibited internationally, Lee Anna loves teaching her techniques and making presentations to many types of groups and guilds. In everything she does, she encourages each person to share their unique vision with others.

"I want my art to communicate with the viewer, to tell our collective stories and connect us. My quilts must have meaning for me. Whether they are whimsical or abstract nature themes, the connection between myself and the viewer is important. I make art to express myself.

 I believe you are the only person with your set of experiences, memories, skills and vision.

I am a painter although I now paint on and with fabric. I use fabric, both color and print, as my paint, using commercial prints as well as personally dyed and painted fabric. After you see color and line, one sees fun commercial prints on closer inspection.

Another common theme running through my art is use of 3-D effects, written script, and a focus on texture.

Oh and I like to laugh, so my art is often funny.  They make me laugh, and I've heard more than one other person laughing too.  Laughter is good."

Short list of Quilting Exhibitions:
over the last 20 years:

IQA (Houston) both exhibiting and competing
AQS (Paducah)
Quilter's Heritage (Lancaster)

There is a  long list of regional shows, local art venues, and local quilt shows

I have been blessed with many judge's and viewer choice awards, and wallow in the ribbons every day!
I don't want to list them here.
List available upon request.


Quilt Rat said...

Hi LeeAnne, thank you for visiting my site and the lovely comment,I am enjoying seeing the wide variety ofworks you are creating.....fabulous!
I wanted to let you know that I could not email you directly, (you are a "no-reply" blogger) and in addition to that...clicking on your name takes me to Google+ does not link to your blog. Makes it difficult for one to contact you if they don't want to be a Google+ user

Deborah H. said...

Lee Anna, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last night at the Pax River Quilters Guild. I wish we could have devoted several hours to what you had to say and to your inspiring work. You can add a new descriptor to your resume: catalyst. According to Merriam-Webster: a person or event that quickly causes change or action. You've succeeded in being a catalyst for me. Today I'm in my studio, creating something that's been cooped up in my head. Thank you!