Sunday, July 7, 2013

so many books to read

somehow I am reading them all
I love books and have since before I learned to read. There is a family story that I refused to go to first grade. When asked why, I said those kids know how to read and I don't. I learned so fast, that I'd read ahead and know that Dick and Jane would throw the ball to their dog, then be sitting in the reading circle mentally wishing for another book to appear. The teacher commented that I never knew where we were when it was my turn to read aloud. I was bored.

That started my lifetime love affair with books. I don't love the Kindle. I don't love holding it, and swiping at it, and the screen and all that make it a miracle to so many people. I'm old school. I love a library.

To me a library is a shopping center where they don't charge you for all the treasures you can take.
When I had allergy treatments last year, I needed to stay away from allergens for several hours. I took to stopping by a local library, walking the rows, choosing a book from each of ten rows to look at for the next two hours.

What a fabulous thing to do!! I learned about artists, castles, history of clothing design,  train orphans, spiritual enlightenment, crafts, animals, famous people. I especially loved the made for children books on everything as I could get a really good overview on a subject in 15 minutes.

Now that I'm doing the STAT project, studying artistic styles of famous painters, I go to the children's section for an over view on Gauguin. The book on modern quilting is fascinating in that it makes me want to make the style of the new guard, the ones who feel they discovered quilting, landed the flag and claim it for their own. I like a lot of the simple lines they are using. The midwife is fascinating so far just as a snapshot of post WW2 England, and I suspect the stories will remind me of the James Herriot books on Vet life same time period. I like a slice of life book.

Now the other one, is the pot of gold!  I've found a new series to read and plan to find all of them available over the next few years. There are apparently a lot of them. The writing has a lovely cadence. My interest is held so well I resent having to put it down. I want to know what happens next. It involves mystery which means there was a murder of course, but it isn't grizzly and blatant and in your face. It's intelligently written, taking you deeper into the story each chapter. I never heard of Tasha Alexander before, but will keep reading her work.
There are some authors like Diana Gabaldon and Sara Dunant who I wish would  not dally with sleep or food, just keep writing for me.

Apparently I'll keep reading despite the long growing to-do list positioned next to the book on the table. It didn't make it into the picture. It's not as interesting as the mystery.
Read on!

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