Thursday, January 31, 2019

I Like Thursday #126 Old stuff is new again

Do you know what time it is???
It's I Like Thursday time! Time to don your tiara and let us know what you liked this week. Nothing is too small or too large to list...

First, the weather people said we'd get a trace of snow Monday... er... 5" and it's still here turning into ice fields in the sun. I like my windows bringing in light, and enjoy opening the blinds around the house each morning. I like my elephant watering can.
We went to the Vintage Market last weekend

so I'll show you some things I liked there... I like the market a lot in general. It's a mix of old and antique, repurposed antiques, and specialty foods.
On Monday's post I showed you the cabinet/tall table I wanted but didn't get.
Isn't this lovely???
 a sweet shade of periwinkle and so delicate.

have a seat... I love wicker and aqua, so this was a fave
and this chest of drawers had the most interesting inlays and well as stones in the drawer pulls
At first thought I wondered how cuckoo it was to turn a sewing machine into a lamp but the shop owner said the cabinet was a mess
available at Upscaled Goods in Colorado
On the other hand, this cabinet and machine is perfect, beautiful isn't it? Can't you imagine it new, sitting in a lady's living room, only opened when she is sewing? (mine stays open all the time as I sew all the time!)
Maybe someone sat at a machine like this to make this top...
Whew, I mean we're all leaving an unfinished top or two, but wowie, this is a hot mess mix of handsewing, and machine sewing, the original "modern improv" quilting. 
How cute is this kitchen cart??? I admit I wanted it but don't really have a home for it and it was a little rusty... 
I asked where they found that Little Nancy head... a sign maker in CA had her...the owner was sitting on this repurposed outdoor set, she covered the seat with precious rose petal fabric... so girly in pink!
Wouldn't it look sweet in my studio two?
But I kind of wanted this too...
available at pine needle creek in Colorado
and if they threw in that water pitcher, all the better. I love that celery green (chair)with the bold red.
I loved the shape of this suitcase, the owner said it wasn't a sewing machine carrier, and used to have a matching hatbox/cosmetics case, that sold.
Nice sentiment if you have a big wall that needs a sign. I liked this sign too... lol  

It's been so icy and snowy here, I was happy to go out at least to sweep off the porches. And after the sun melted what was left after a couple of nice neighbors blew off their sidewalks, I was able to walk Milo a bit... I admit I walked up and down the same sidewalks a lot to get in some outside time, but at least I was outside.

The streets here are not plowed so crossing to the next sidewalk is treacherous.

I was happy to see Grace and Frankie back on Netflix for the 5th season. I laugh out loud, over and over at these two women's antics!
Story image for netflix grace and frankie from

We liked this new to us sauce from Trader Joe, saute chicken tenderloins and serve over brown rice
Trader Joe’s - Marsala Style Sauce - A Rich Sauce Made With Chunky Mushrooms 13 OZ (369 g)
I am at a low ebb, energy wise. I have a lot that needs doing, and a lot that would be fun to do but I am not really doing it right now. I still love hearing a friend's voice on the phone, and still enjoy sewing in my little studio... I am at the point of the cattails in snow piece being about 24 X 44, and am trying to trim it to straight edge before adding in an interesting border. I probably won't publish pics now as I might want to enter it in a competition and many of them don't allow a piece being shown online.

I've enjoyed watching celebrity big brother although they are pretty unlikable. I'm watching Project Runway all stars too for the fabulous challenges! Lots to read when I can focus. That's it for me... Milo may have something to say...

Milo's Moments
I remember Daddy... like it was just this morning... I'll never fill his shoes
Sigh... I love running through the tall snow! Daddy went for a rideinnacar today so I laid down with his shoes, remembering the morning walk
I do not like putting on my boots, but it gives me better traction! We walked by the driving range several times this week, and Dad let me run around the deep snow there! Now I insist on doing it EVERYTIME we walk! I played with Gracie this weekend, and with Little Murphy. Never tire of that and would like being able to play with them every day. Mama has added in an extra chew treat since I'm in the house more this week, heh heh, now she will have to do that Every Day!

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Monday, January 28, 2019

The Week Ahead

Well, it's Monday.
Monday brought to you by the color white and it's friend grey.

The "trace" of snow predicted became about 4" and it's still coming down as I write this.
Pull on your boots for a walk today
 From my perch...
 It's about 8AM, I'm in my flamingo Jammies, drinking coffee with milk, and looking at snow blowing horizontally past the slider. The poodle has already been out back, and "Calling all dogs!" nearly barked his head off. Apparently he barks recreationally, and silly me thought he only barked to alert us to danger.

Breakfast of champions
Lessons learned...
I turned the page on the ME calendar next to the computer, and saw this...

The quote from Apolo Ohno, the olympic speed skater, is "It's about having an active lifestyle, staying healthy, and making the right decisions. Life is about balance."
Maybe about seeking balance. A little of this, a little of that... but that's often a dream. We careen from problem to problem, chore to work to hobby time, from child to parent, from the mundane dishwashing to great thoughts about world peace. Balance... well it's a goal.
When I was 18 and in University studying Psychology, I read about the concept of how birds deal with crisis. If a bird with a chick sees a hawk coming after it's baby, it feels the need to escape, fly away. But equally important is protecting it's baby. So faced with two equal and opposite needs, it cleans it's feathers.
I feel like that a lot. I do laundry sometimes because it's do-able.
This weekend we found out someone stole our CC number so our cards are closed out. This morning the trace of snow is now 3" and the roads are bad, and DH is late again
At least it will be the normal temps, teens at night, not minus 20 that Chicago will have.

I just check them out, I don't get them all read in the allotted time! But if I were a faster reader, or dedicated more time to reading, I would like to read these. I have been forgetting to log in the books I've read the past 6 months... More likely I'll sit down for a few minutes and look through this...
and read my tea shop mystery at bedtime

I hope to make some lentil soup today...
I have the ingredients. I think I'll put onions, garlic, celery, fresh ginger in for taste and health. Maybe a potato too.
The tangerines have been exceptionally good this bag, so I've been having them. I love citrus, and grew up with a father who bought and sold crops of oranges. I so miss Duncan grapefruits and Temple oranges. The best ever ornages. We tried the Trader Joe's marsala mushroom sauce last night, on chicken tenderloins, over whole wheat pasta. It was ddelish. Fast and easy.

I have been spending all my time in the studio lately, working on the cattail piece.

 It's much bigger than this now. I go in and sew some components, put them somewhere into the composition and go do other things.
I watched a video on setting in cabochons this week, and want to do some beading soon. The only thing I am missing was backing to sew the beads to, so that it can be worn or put on a quilt.
I saw that Joann Fabrics had interfacing 60% off the price this weekend,
so I got something to try, stiffened felt. I also found the lovely gray fabric with birds on it, just as if I had stamped them on myself. It was half price, so I got some to mix into the cattail piece. Which means, I have to move segments around again. I also got some peltex which is my choice of batting in really small art quilts. It has so much body the small piece can lean on a window sill and be pretty.

The woman cutting fabric said they had been very busy, as lots of women were in buying lots of fabric because they might be snowed in.


Looking at that picture I'm reminded this post is brought to you by the color white.

Speaking of that, we went to the Vintage show this weekend, and it was all so pretty, it deserves it's own post. I will show you the tall table I kind of wanted for Studio two.

Made in OK from old cabinets, it's a good size and height to have in there to hold fabric drawers while I paw thru them. We didn't try to haul it home in the car, because it costs nearly $800. I'll be shopping yard sales this spring for someone's cast off kitchen island I think.

I hope to finally write the book post I planned for last week, and the vintage show post, and the Thursday I Like post. No stories this week.

guilty secret... I like watching Celebrity Big Brother... although I have to say, this is a sorry bunch. Mean spirited and unable to bond with each other. It was fun to see, for the first time last winter so I looked forward to it. Just like in life, a lot depends on the people around you.

I finished watching the PBS series on Victorian Farm Christmas and learned a lot. So happy that some of my shows are back on the schedule  like this is us, and New Amsterdam, The  good doctor. Waiting for Amazing Race to start, and American Idol.
For now it seems to be youtube beading tutorials taking center stage.

I must return to the Vet but am dragging my feet. I think Milo's still got something going on with his ear, not as bad but still not right, and he needs a booster I've missed the deadline for.
DH is called on to do more than his share these days. He's out shoveling the drive again, after walking Milo on icy sidewalks.
I'm trying CeraVe lotion on winter dry feet, and think I need to set a buzzer to remind me to drink more water. I have to remember to water the plants more often too.You gotta be hardy to make it in this family.
Which brings me back to the quote from Apollo Ohno on balance. Well, it may not be scheduled or regular, but we get our needs met eventually, usually.

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Studio time...

I've been enjoying studio time this week. It's treacherous to walk outside right now...
that's the street, under the snow, no plowing around here
 So I find joy going up to my little studio these days...with my little shadow...
It's all about me...
I am obsessed with my cattails in winter piece, but took some time out to do Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks in reds. I like the chandelier pattern from
I made 8 blocks in various reds, with various white/cream colored backgrounds. I plan to do about 8-10 in each color this year, then figure out how to make them into an artistic composition. That didn't stop me from playing with the block arrangements now...
I like this one but it will change when there are greens, and oranges, and purples, etc
So those blocks are packed away waiting for next month's color and I'm back to the improv snow scene...I tidied up mid-way as I found myself trying to cut a free form curve with little pieces of white all over the table.
I make components, then put them on the wall, move them around, etc. It's really joyful as well as working with shades of the season. Well, gotta get back to work... later gators!

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

I Like Thursday #125

Welcome to this week's list of likes! Thursday snuck up on me this time!

The picture is from the "Colorado Indian Market & Southwest Art Fest" show we went to last weekend. I loved it... the art was terrific quality, there were performers singing and dancing, there was food, there was a full size teepee, birds of prey, and lots of interesting people.
shall I share a few a artists I liked? I interviewed at least 5 on their process but won't go into much detail here, I'm just getting back to interviews.
I really admired the beading artistry of Laurey Gilbert. She is quite spiritual, and her booth was very popular. Look at the Frida necklace...

Rich in texture, and different beads...

While I chatted with the artist, someone picked out a long ring that covered, comfortably, nearly the length of her finger. What a statement piece!

I asked how she approached a new piece, and she showed this tray, where she lays out components, and beads she wants to weave around them, and then the artistry starts.

so you can see the texture and scope of the pieces!

Take a look at Herminio's work. He was also selling a lot while I was there. Simply amazing beadwork over paper mache forms

 I admired the spiritual aspect to Karen Surbeck's sculptures and we talked about her approach then morphed into talking about ancestry...

 she and her partner had the DNA test and found relatives from it! And learned a lot of family history, surprising Karen that she was nearly all Irish, not Native American!

I wanted this leather notebook cover but the price was higher than I was prepared for...

Hidemasters of Colorado Website: Link Here!
 This maker represented his tribe and told me about the drums he makes...
I had a great time talking to the volunteers at the bird display... this was the most beautiful rough legged hawk, with an injured wing so he could not fly. He was alert and when he lifted his wings you could see heart shaped feathers. 
There were eagles, even a bald eagle, and a gorgeous Barn Owl
who wanted to sleep,. but was just irritated with all the people I suspect. She had the most lovely eyes, and that white face... I was taking shots without flash so when she lifted her wings the image blurred... but I like it a lot anyway!
toward the end of the show I had to return to the bird booth, and got to see a kestral. Very pretty, but shy and tired of people by then. The volunteers were all so kind to us, answering questions. The birds were put in the back when the handlers felt they were getting tired and others brought out.

this is an inlaid wooden cutting board... All of his work reminded me of modern quilts. He had a beautiful esthetic... varied shades and subtle, but intricately done. Expensive...
How about this ring, for a modern quilt design? DH bought it for me! There is a sun etched in one side for "a new day" and raincloud for prosperity. Coral, shell, turquoise, onyx, opal placed as I might in a quilt! It's raised slightly in the center, standing for mountains.
Silver is the 25th anniversary gift... now I need to find one for my dh.

I never found a nametag for this artist... and he was always busy painting and talking to customers, but I was struck by the composition.

We didn't like the performances much but they were very accessible as you could get close to the stage. We didn't try the "Indian" food but it looked really good. We did have some cheese curds and tried some perogies that we ended up buying for the freezer. One was flavored with Chili Relenos and the other was Italian.  The vendor puts them in recloseable bags, so we can heat up and sear just enough for a side dish for dinners.
All in all, it was a really fine afternoon of likes.

Mostly it was nice to laugh and talk to other artists, and interview them about their process and inspirations. And seeing beauty was a good thing.

It's been an icy mess around here, but I've been sewing a lot on my cattail in snow piece.
It's grown since I took this picture. I love piecing the little bits, and seeing them go together with gentle curves. I pin that picture to the design wall, look at scraps, go sew some together, and it's all coming together like a puzzle.
Piece by piece.

I've been writing, talking to friends, reading the latest Tea Shop mystery, looking through a lot of library books, sewed my RSC blocks (post to come tomorrow) and coping with all the irritating weather. (too much ice to let me walk) Watching Doc Martin and Victoria back on PBS. Watching my other returning shows like This is Us, and New Amsterdam, and all things BRAVO. Project Runway All stars is back on Lifetime. I've been listening to the Tiny Desk Concerts on Youtube.

Milo's Moments
Howdy, pardners! Milo here. I like running through all the snow we get, and keeping track of my new toy... being careful to watch after it.
I wrote a post about liking socks, well, wanting my own sock drawer on Tuesday... please go read it and tell me I'm right. Vote for me to have my own socks!
the link is: playing-sock-game

Now please go visit mama's friends keeping lists of their likes this week. It's good for you! And fun! And if you do a post on your likes, tell mama and she'll add you in!
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