Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The happy couple
Always- valentine quilt for  2012
This is our 19 year wedding anniversary! I'm not sure which one this is, like the first anniversary is paper. The 19th should be something durable like steel.
My husband Drew and I have a cute-meet story.
We met at a contra dance, and immediately said to ourselves, oooh la la, this is something real!
We've been lucky enough to dance together since that night. He is still my all time fave dance partner!
 We dated because that's what you do, but both of us knew early on it was more than dating. We just knew, and three months in Drew asked me to marry him.
We were married one year after that dance, and have had first-hand knowledge of: in sickness and health, for richer for poorer, it's better to love than be right, if one diets we both diet, sometimes you just give more, sometimes the mate gives more.

Love. It's a daily thing.

We "get" each other, we make each other laugh, we have morals and values in common, we like the same kind of food and drink, we like each other's company, we talk a lot, we sit on the back porch on summer evenings and read out loud to each other, we like road trips, we value tolerance. Drew goes with me to scary doctor visits, he makes dinner when my body aches, he carries the laundry up and down the basement stairs.
When I was on my way to work early on in our dating life, he asked if I had lunch money. I almost cried at how nice that was. He still asks if I need lunch money.
Over the years we've had to learn to communicate in each other's language. Oh we both speak English, but he's an engineer and I'm an artist, he's male and I'm female so sometimes understanding is a bridge to cross over. We had to learn how each other thinks, and solves problems. What kind of compliments to give, when to be quiet, to let the wife pick all decorative items for the house, to not speak to the husband when he is in school mode. Through it all we know the importance of respect when considering love. Respect of self, time, space, feelings, over all respect.
We also understand the importance of fun. When we were getting serious, Drew asked what I wanted in a mate. I listed qualities including 'have fun together'. He solemnly said he could do all those but have fun. I laughed but soon realized FUN was a gift I could bring to his life.That and companionship, belonging, intelligent conversation, true connection and meaning. We have so much fun together.
I am writing this as a tribute to him and our marriage and no doubt it might sound different coming from him.
Being quiet and introspective he'd probably answer the question "what do you think of your marriage" by saying, "it's good" 
After 20 years together, I know what he means. I love you Drew, thanks for being my partner in life.


  1. Aww...that's so sweet! Happy Anniversary and best wishes for the next 19 years!

  2. thanks Mary!
    we indulged in one of our precious hoarded Lake Placid sparkling wines to celebrate.

  3. LeeAnna, a very nice description of what makes a marriage work. We just celebrated our 30th anniversary and I could have written many of the same things. Congratulations - there's nothing better than being married to your best friend!

  4. 30th!! Wonderful! What a blessing to find a keeper. Here's to 30 more.
    A friend of mine said she and her husband have been together 63 years. Wow, what a lot of changes to go through together.

  5. Congrats to the both of you! Well written Anniversary Blog.... I enjoyed reading it and can also relate. It will be 23 years in August for us!

  6. wow! you could probably write the same post, 23 years together. It's a grand thing.