Thursday, August 30, 2018

I Like Thursday #104 Plums, Mums, and a poodle

Welcome to this week's list of likes!
I found this piece this week, while trying to start setting up my new studio space. More on that later.
 I painted wooden letters with acrylics, having fun with the designs, the hand-dyed background is quilted, bound, then stretched on wood.I sewed loops around the letters to attach them.
Unfortunately the packers/movers broke it but I will eventually try to repair it with wood glue.

I liked finding these mums 80% off at Lowes this week. I just pinched off all the dead flowers and the worker said they would  bloom again this year. I love Fall, can't wait til the temps get cooler!
Apparently Lowe's can't wait either! The Halloween dec is ready to go! Milo was spooked by the "life sized" werewolf that made noise so we didn't tarry here.

I loved seeing these volunteer flowers surviving in the Driveway concrete crack... how fun to see color show up!
instead of just weeds
When I went out to take the photo, I told Milo "STAY!"
"okay, I'll stay, but not fur-ever!"
And he did! I like that he's finally able to show a leeeetle bit of self control as he matures!!!

I loved finding my calendar too! ( Of course I was looking for my passport and birth certificate  instead, to show the DMV , and luckily found them too)

Ain't this the truth?!

"things will usually be tough before they are brilliant. Ask any diamond"

Curly Girl calendar

Now maybe I can keep track of appts again

I liked being able to check a big chore off our list this week. (cue scary music)
Going to the DMV to register the cars in CO and get DL's 
There's 3 1/2 hours of my life I'll never get back nor forget.

After the  AA county in MD office, this one seemed a bit disorganized but now it's done. If you think I'm showing you a picture of my DL you're cracked.

My big hope is I don't look like that.

I visited with a new friend this week, and she had picked all the plums off her trees to freeze.
brought them in bags to her son's house (where there is a big stand alone freezer)
washed them
cut them in half and removed the pits
placed them on trays to freeze
(OMG they were so delicious!!!) before putting the frozen halves in plastic bags to use all year in pies, drinks, and jellies.

I love talking to Fran, and Milo loves her little girl Mei Shi
A big plus... Fran will give me a bag once they are frozen! Yea! Better start researching what I'll make with them. Don't you love having fruit trees and vege growing in your yard? I hope to plant something in our yard next year.

One of the things I enjoyed this week was a string of videos on youtube about how women in different historical periods  got dressed. All those layers, or not, and how they did life functions in those layers. I watched about 12 videos!

 Very enjoyable. Here is just one example, for the others go directly to youtube!

Milo's Moments
Hmph! Doesn't smell much like a dog!
I liked playing with my friends this week 
my girlfriend Izzy

except for I got a hot ear and had to go to the doctor. I liked that doctor better than the other doctors because 
1. she's a woman with smaller fingers
B. she was gentle with my poor ears and put some medicine in there to make me better. 
I tried to shake the bad stuff out by myself, and let mama pull hairs out for a minute but they hurt. 
Did you know poodles grow curly hair all the way down their ear canals? 

I liked going to the home store with Mama and Daddy, and picking out lumber I want to chew up. We had lunch at Panera and a guy walked by and said, happy Dog Day. What! No one told me, where is my order of ribs with no sauce??? 

that's it! Please tell Mama if you like her likes and please visit  her friends (follow their links) and think about doing an I Like post of your own... it's a good way to remember how much there is to like in life! For now, I'm going to go rest my poor ears, leave me a message if you want.

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

integrity, inspiration, and another goodbye

Image result for john mccain young

Angie, at letting go the Bay leaf, posted this quote today with a powerful article about her trip to Aspen. (
It's a tweet  by Barack Obama

 I respected and appreciated John McCain for his integrity and his concern for the citizens of our country. I did not vote for him but could have supported him if he had won. He put the needs of the citizens of America at the forefront of his life's work. He put himself in harms way to fight for his country.
 He was able to withstand the onslaught of insults hurled at him.

I did not appreciate the current president's statements to and about Mr. McCain while he was alive. Could it be his attempt  to feel superior? Laughing at and disrespecting disabled veterans is ugly.

One cannot rise by stepping on others.
It's not good to try to steal the limelight, better to earn it.
It's important to understand and appreciate the contributions of American citizens, especially those who risk their lives to fight for our ideals.  
What ever you think is your business, what I think is my opinion. I respect integrity and doing the right thing.

I have been inspired today, by a good man, to bravely state my opinions without trying to hurt anyone else.

I like this quote by JK Rowling written for Dumbledore:
“Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.”

It takes great integrity to choose to do what is right.
I am sad that a man of integrity has left this world.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

I Like Thursdays #103

Welcome to this week's list of likes! It's been a week of mostly "getting things done" or trying.

This is the view from my LR/DR window, and the one I'll have from a table (yet to be purchased) that I plan to do my beading on. I love windows and our home has more than many we considered. I love seeing outside.

I love this bent-wood furniture piece we bought on a trip to Lake Placid NY. We are sorely missing it this year, but so glad we bought this on one visit, and squeezed it into the van for the long drive home

We used it in MD and at the rental as an entry piece to hold hats, mitts, shoes and handbags. We don't have a place for it here so I put it in front of the view I showed you first.

 It's purpose now is to make me smile remembering the lovely trips we took each year.

Halloween stuff is out, and I just love decorating for the holidays. I had to get this little yoga person...
 this little table sits in the hall to catch newspapers and mail.
Okay, I won't land on pinterest with this combo, but it's my eclectic style.

I'm enjoying the show Making It on NBC  Tuesday evenings

Image result for tv show making it nbc

Contestants who make crafts are challenged each week, and win badges! They are so imaginative and fun to watch since I love making crafts myself. I've tried most of them but these people are very talented.

I've taken a few days to go through my saved magazines this week, and enjoyed that very much.

I love the size and colors of these plastic boxes from Container Store but they are airing out since they are still outgassing

I've written two stories and posted them this week, with writing prompts and it's been very satisfying to try to use the 12 words my way...the link for the one about a young girl's love of stories are
  HERE !
and one continuing a previous story is  HERE "just Breathe"
I love the characters so much I've written 16 chapters! 

Milo's Moments

 Hi Yall! Good to see you again! I've spent a week playing with my new girlfriend Izzy cause we are the same age and she might be a little taller but she is v.e.r.y sweet and I loves her! Her mama comes over to chat with my mama, keeping them busy, then we run circles around the house! 

I also like to decorate the yard with my toys. Daddy picks them up when he chews up the grass
Then I have to carefully pick them up one by one and place them back in the right places out back.

Mama should get the idea since she does this inside the house, but outside the house is all mine to decorate! The front two are fleece broken down toys that reached the point where the mama doesn't mind them coming outside to play. There are balls, and frisbees  all placed JUST SO! 
Ooops there's two that need moving out to a blank grass area. I try to fill the yard with toys by spreading them around so alls the dogs who walk by know I'm pretty well set up for play dates.

It is hard work, and sometimes I leave one on the porch for sitting down time with Daddy. 

 so I've liked playing with Izzy, and Murphy, this week. Finally Mama got the message to set up regular play time for me! 

So, sit! Stay! Visit Mama's friends who are also doing I Like posts this week! Bark Out Loud!


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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Getting out of your head...?

Sometimes I sits and thinks sometimes I just sit

I told friends I'd spend at least a month recovering from this move/both moves/the whole year.
I said I earned a nervous breakdown, and I'd have it just as soon as we were settled in. Well, as most people know, there's no time for it now either since there are boxes to open, things to find, always something to sort through. 
Sit and stare time. Recovery. Porch-with-magazine-and-glass-of-tea  time. 

I've had some short periods of that. I figure it's gonna drag out if I don't find a way to spend a few weeks doing nothing (laughing out loud snorting) so I open a box and try to find a place to put things so they make sense and I can remember where I put them. 
Yesterday I found my 52 lists for happiness book

 and didn't want to do the next exercise, shhh don't tell, I went on to this one:
which says, list the things that get you out of your head. 
I tried, I really did. But... I am pretty much a thinker, and always think, and it's rare to not think. 
You see my list which is pretty short. And I mention walking around an old town but usually I start thinking about life when it was built, and how it looked and felt, and well, back in my head. 

What do you think they mean by out of your head? 

When I paint I am pretty much just doing it. Maybe that's what they mean. Playing with color, one next to another, watching them move across the paper or fabric, blend, bleed, live. 

When I sew random scraps together I can go there, sort of free thinking at least. 

I wonder if they mean, gets you out of your "regular rut of circular thinking/worrying/planning" 

I love TV and use it as a companion in the house. Except not here. I let the silence surround me here for some reason. Or I turn the cable to a music channel but usually it's the '70's and then there I am thinking and remembering what I did when the song came out. (careening around a disco floor doing the merange in my Candie's platform mules I suspect) 

So I understand distractions. I understand the value of meditation (if the monkey brain will allow it) and kind of know what they are going for. The follow up exercise is to:
Well, after we do the things that need doing this week, I hope to 
get out of my head

I think Milo is a thinker too
 What do you think??? Talk to me! 
Love and peace, LeeAnna 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

another writing prompt... another story

The second writing prompt's words this week are:

Janet settled into her favorite reading spot at the library. She loved mysteries and stared at the shelves of new ones til she found her favorite author's latest. Hooray!

What a wonderful feeling to know you're in for a good ride!

She grabbed it as through someone would reach from behind her and snatch it from her before she got a chance to look inside! Then she scurried through the library to her favorite spot, sat down quickly and opened the book.

 Oh yes, this looked like a good ride, like another fun story to take her to other places.

The last one was set in Ireland, green rolling hills, misty mornings, a terrifically strong woman who never seemed to be afraid, "I mean," she thought, "what's not to love??"

Once again, she longed to hide so deep in the story that she forgot her life.  Her boring life. She vowed once she was grown, she'd leave this town and her parents, all the kids who made fun of her, change her name to something more exciting that rolled off your tongue.

She'd live in a city, meet interesting people, (oh how they would all howl with laughter at smart parties she'd give). She might take up a romance with a dark slightly mysterious guy who smoked, or no, no smoking, just drinking martinis and looking deeply into her eyes.

He'd have a mysterious job, that's it, and he would take her on trips to far away places.

NO! She'd have the mysterious job, and she'd drink martini's maybe in those glasses that looked like flying saucers.

Oh yes, she would live a glorious life when she got out of this town!
But for now she'd hide away long enough to read this new book.

(the end  er, beginning)
Thank you to Sunday Whirl for the prompts! Thank you for reading! Love, LeeAnna

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Just Breathe A writing prompt

the words for today's writing prompt come from Sunday's whirligig.

It's a good way to stretch one's creativity, to let yourself imagine how to turn 12 words into a complete story. Sometimes I want to see how short a story can be to feel complete and compelling.

It's fun to read what others do with the words. Quilters do challenges to see what they can make with certain fabrics, it's all the same process. It gets you outside yourself a little.

Today's words are :

ripens, turns, walk, spine, horse, measure, cancer, belts, silver, belongs, empty, pleasure

My story is...

The late summer sun was busy ripening the last of the apples, the colors reminded him of Christmas.

That blush of red against green leaves was comforting.

 He turned the horse's head to walk between two trees, reached out and grabbed an apple as he passed. What pleasure there is in normal daily activity if one takes a moment to note it.

 He had to measure the fence to be repaired today. It was just another task for the farm, and one he didn't mind doing today. It was mindless yet satisfying to do.

The silver color of his stirrups flashed in the morning sun.
This was like meditation he thought.

If he concentrated on just this moment, the way the breeze felt, the way the air smelled, the feeling of his beloved horse's spine supporting them both, he believed he might be able to empty his mind of worries for a moment.

They might have to tighten their belts for a few months, in order to help pay for his Dad's cancer treatments, but that was okay. The doctor said it was treatable, which was a modern miracle. His Dad still had a lot of living to do, and there was much to learn from him yet.

His horse took careful steps along the path which opened up to the sunrise. They were like one being this morning. He stopped thinking and just breathed.

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Bravery and celebration

Artists put themselves, their interpretations, into whatever medium they use.

Aretha Franklin was like no other and is an inspiration to me to bravely put self expression into life.

We may spend our days being afraid of what people think of us. We may not even be aware of what we truly feel or think about things. We could be hampered by self doubt or have been beaten down by abuse or circumstances, into hiding who we really are.

Let's think about it today.
Who are we?

We are all unique and are the only ones who bring our set of history, beliefs, talents, fears, desires, passions, etc to life. We have a unique mix of intelligence, of abilities, and a unique way of seeing the world, we just forget that.

We are at once different and alike.

It's our responsibility to bring our unique selves to the party. And our responsibility to accept the unique offerings of other people as well.

In the day to day world of survival, we sometimes push aside our offerings to the world.

Do you want to celebrate your offerings or hide them?

I am older, I have lived over half a life time, sometimes hiding, sometimes sharing, but have learned that it is important to remember who you are and what you have to offer the world.

The ultimate bravery is showing the world who you truly are. 

Ten different people can sing a song, and it should  sound different with each interpretation, while the underlying notes are the same. The structure is the same for all of us, but the interpretation is different. Different is okay, and brings richness to life if we can resist the urge to feel threatened by it.

Will we celebrate our difference or hide it?

Some people are judgemental of differences, and I wonder does that come from fear or hate, does hate come from fear at it's base?

Imagine all of us free to interpret life our way  and being accepted for our individuality.

 Imagine viewing others with interest, and acceptance.

Imagine being free enough to enjoy the unique expression of others.

This kind of celebration of spirit cannot thrive in an atmosphere of of fear, distrust, anger, and hatred.
Do the people you listen to, the people who lead countries, believe each of us has an offering and a way of contributing to the whole? Are they comfortable enough to allow others to be their best selves? Are we being our best self?

Will we be brave enough to sing a song our own way?

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

I Like Thursday #102

 Welcome to this week's list of likes!
I like the windmill's in our neighborhood. They are landmarks for neighbors to know where you are in the 'hood

One person is taking a picture of the windmill from the same angle each day for a year. For some photography project, great idea.

I liked joining Sams club again, and finding these containers of just the right size for paints!
In case you want some.
My studio space is very small here, so I am taking part of the living room for storage, and have to figure out what goes where. I think my paints, sketchbooks, and writing materials will live here as that's where I use them anyway.

I love history, and history books. I found this at our library and it had old pictures of people and places in Denver.

I have poured over it many times, enjoying details from 1800's
I look at who might be in a window, at the clothing, at the store merchandise and adverts painted on buildings. I just love looking at old photos.

I visited a quilt shop this weekend and saw this cool "sewing tutu" Isn't that clever? And the jar had a flamingo pin cushion on the lid!!!

 I met with a fellow blogger last week, Colette,
 and our pups played while we chatted. Milo was quite taken with Bobbin who using her hands to tell him a story in this picture.  I like meeting online friends in person.

I liked seeing the lake at this park, with pelicans which I've not seen in a long time
I've been listening to Laura Nyro this week, she has the most incredible phrasing, voice and piano skills. This song is always appropriate
Save the country on youtube

For a quiet and gorgeous song listen to this one, just let yourself be carried away on the rise and fall of her voice:
Upstairs by a chinese lamp

I liked seeing this amarylis at a friend Sara's house, she said she thought the leaves could use some sun, and boing! It bloomed again!
Now it's Milo's turn... he's been a very patient poodle...

Milo's Moments

One of the things I like best is dogs dogs dogs! I met and had play dates with these two cuties this week! Their Mama/grandma brought them over. They were older so our games were more quiet than I usually play, we played "sniff around" and "bark at the poodle" 
(ed. note: the schnauzer passed away days later from a heart condition, at age 14. Play hard in Heaven little one) 

I liked being invited to my friend Murphy's house for a tasting...not a Wine tasting Silly!!

We're both only 1 years old!!! Way too young for wine, so we tasted water...
It was a nice water, cool, from the inside house, so we tasted each other's bowls then took off for play time. That guy is FAST so we run a LOT at his house. He's a Welsh Terrier and a good pal.

I liked this sandwich joint that made turkey pastrami reubens for us at a festival
 It's fun to get out and smell different smells. I also played hard with a booth keeper's dog, we're the same age and wanted to get our teeth on each other!!! I sure wish she lived closer, but anytime you get to play you should do it! 
So I do! 
Don't worry about the next time, just have fun THIS time!!!

Am I right?  

So Mama asked me to say, if you want to do a like post, to let her know and she'll add your link in. 

Whatever that means! I'm just Milo the super poodle! And I gotta go rearrange my toy box, so you just sit! Stay! And visit these guys!


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Thursday, August 9, 2018

I Like Thursdays #101 chickens, cranes, chili's and a poodle

Milo:  Mama let me start this week! Welcome to this week's list of likes by me, Milo the super Poodle! I love my indestructible chicken! It takes a biting and keeps on cluckin" ! I got one wing off, and it's not like they say... it didn't taste like chicken, BOL! Snort! wha' ??

LeeAnna: Okay, okay, I'll just step in here and do my list first shall I?
Milo: well, okay, but I'll be over here in case that chicken gets out of hand!
LeeAnna: Good to know I'm safe in your paws, darling. Welcome to this week's list of likes!

I like the old chili pepper lights that no longer work but are bright and cheerful against the walls here. I just clipped off the chord and this welcomes me home.Yes, I kept lights that didn't work.

 I changed out tote bags and am using a Flamingo one for summer...

We went to Breckenridge for a craft show this weekend, sorry not to take pics but the artists here do not want pics of their work on a blog. After seeing the show we shopped around town and I found these little tongs
How cute are they? Perfect for little stuff like a cheese tray or luncheon meat at a party. Or to pinch your poodle, lol.
I liked seeing my angel on the bakers rack again. Glad to find it!
I liked the contrast of green trees in the neighborhood
and seeing this planter
It's a metal colander painted turquoise! What a great idea!
I like whatever bush this is that is all over the neighborhood. Really purple and lush!
I loved the shadow found on the sidewalk on today's walk... what is this tree?
 Whatever it is, lots of the fruit got knocked off by large hail in last night's storm.

I love fabric! I washed some gifts this week so I got to handle the fabric even though the studio is not set up.
flamingos from Nancy
All the way from Maui... Mary went on her anniversary and brought back these lovelies for me

Isn't it astounding how artful fabric is??
She said this is specific to the shop, and has some very pretty scenes to use. Plus the other fabrics have hula girls, ukelele's and palm trees

I bought this one to go with my 1950's/ 1960's stash of fabric,   I have a plan...
and got a yard of these flowers for Mary, and a wee half yard for fresh, who could resist!
I liked going to the mountains this weekend
Driving up and down steep roads, back and forth around curves
didn't see one of those but we saw a lot of traffic.
One of the artists amused himself by folding teensy little paper cranes, and gave me one
It's probably about a half inch nose to tail!! I saw a display of large ones hanging in a store, and decided I need to make some too.

Here is a great long list of cozy mysteries series... why, a person could be kept quite busy reading all these authors and their series!

the link is:

Milo's Moments:

 Hi again, I like watching the yard, and chasing off all the bunnies stupid enough to come in this week!! I'm staying away from that attack Pomeranian at the fence, but the bunnies are fair game. I'll let you know if I ever catch any.

I like going WITH my pawrents, not hearing "Milo stay here in your crate"
Oh no you don't! Take me too!
Last weekend we went to a craft show a million hours away (ed. note: it's more like 1.5 hours) and I visited with lots and lots of dogs, and looked at lots and lots of art.

 I like pottery best. Yep, bowls are always worth a look, they could be holding a treat.

thanks for coming over, and check out mama's friends who also wrote a happy post of likes.

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