Saturday, July 30, 2022

Living the creative life lots of pictures... paint, fabric art, painting on fabric!

Welcome to this week's round up of creative works!

This was one of my index card a day paintings... prompt was "forest" and I painted quick aspens

Mainly this week I either did index card paintings or art quilting. 

(As usual click on a picture to make it larger for detail)

 Recently I found out about two painting link parties on Friday that I am happy to join, so starting next week I will break up the creativity post into two, paints on paper Fridays, Fabric art on Saturdays.

 I finished a project, started months ago as a workshop on hand embroidering fabric. We were to paint on fabric, and make marks with different things, like stamps, pens, brushes, etc. It was done months ago... and I decided to use stabilizer instead of batting, for a flat look. 

It was difficult to stitch through, and had so many marks (read: busy)

that I chose to do a variety of machine stitching, couching of thick threads, embroidery stitches, silk appliques, beading etc letting my spirit lead me. 

so marks on marks, lines over lines, shapes over shapes. 

It's a bit hard to see here in pictures so I'll show some close ups to give you a way to see it easier. 

It's meant to lie on a table, but now I have it hanging on one of our posts...

As I sewed and made additions, I thought what a waste of time! Can't really see this unless you're close up... It's just too busy,. then I thought, so what. I'm using supplies, I am enjoying seeing lines appear in color, I am trying out textures...

silk tie leaves appliqued with bugle beads, stem of buttons, leaf stencil

thick gold threads in triangles, silk applique diamond with bugle beads

silk diamonds, bugle beads, back stitch in purple threads

silk hexies, spiral buttonhole, buttons, beads, back stitch, couched metallic threads, leaf stitch

appliqued turned circle, straight stitch, circular buttonhole, buttons, bugle beads

Well you get the idea. At night I am using my purple scraps to do little hexies... for what you ask? I don't know... the zen of making it plus it will go into something!

I carry it around on a home made board of cardboard plus felt

 On to paint on paper!  I saved a frozen meal dish to use for paint water, one side to stay clean, one for cleaning the brush

I painted some things on watercolor paper, one is on Thursday's I Like post header, but I'll focus now on the index card project. The challenge is finishing up today, and I learned a lot, by painting something daily,  interpreting a prompt,  and that you never know what will turn out to be a favorite. The lesson is go ahead and use good supplies as you never know what might work great. This was a challenge to use a small index card, do something quick, and daily. I'll share some of them from this week

These were not prompts, but I had the cards right there so I painted on them...

this lesson was in using the stalilo crayon to draw, then pulling the ink out with a wet brush to shade it... loved that! 

I worked backwards here, the tutorial was paint a rainbow, then ink over. 

I inked in the drawing at left, then dropped in colors. 

I realized I like the pen and ink by itself, and like it with color on it too. 

much to like!

I plan to do a larger version on good watercolor paper as I love the effect... see finished pieces at top of this section.

prompts: briolette, ultramarine, luminous, happiness

poem on lapis lazuli, where ultramarine comes from

prompt is briolette, a faceted stone
So in working black and white with only a tiny bit of blue inserted, I noticed that Milo is displaying the same color scheme!!!
happy creating!

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Thursday, July 28, 2022

I Like Thursday # 308

 Welcome to this week's list of likes, and I started with a little painting, taught by Diane Antoine on youtube... I filled in words and images into my imaginary neighborhood. After all you're all part of my neighborhood right? 

on with the show...I like wildflowers in pots on the patio...

I like poodles lurking in shade during hot days

I like cold clean cherries washed and ready to snack on...

 I like fresh tomatoes layered with freshly picked minced basil from the garden on a sandwich

I like hand stitching hexigons in complimentary colors, while I watch tv at night

I like TV at night, and lately the things I'm enjoying are mostly reality shows, like bachelorette, Love Island,Big brother, So you think you can dance, Bravo's yachting show down under, America's got Talent, Who do you think you are? (about a celebrity's ancestry ) We love the French show about renovating chateaux. Scripted shows are Brokenwood (NZ) Murdoch Mysteries (Canadian) and others we've mentioned before. 

I watch a fair number of youtube videos during the week, mostly about animals and art

I like cool weather, which we had a slight cooling for a few days bringing it to merely hot

I was in a rendition of Kiss Me Kate while doing community theater... and love the songs... 

like it's "too darn hot"

I finished a few audio books this week, started a couple that I had to just return.... too dismal for me at the moment. One was 

a history of women who went walking...

not returned yet but too dreary for me at the moment is


So I landed on listening to the next cupcake murder mystery


and I'm reading the next Nantucket book at night:

 The I Like Thursday group is doing another prompt this week, all of us are answering the question, what is your summer "uniform" . What clothes do you like to wear when it's hot?

I never take off the wee diamond necklace I got for a big birthday

Yes, I'm a teensy bit chubby... So I have a big back injury, wear two back braces, and don't like anything pulling on my spine, so comfort and stretch are my friends. In summer I wear shorts and tanks/T-shirts. I have "dressy" shorts and shirts too! I LOVE to shop but not being able to for two years now I make do with pretty shirts I got from Anthropologie, Macy's and hand painted flower tees from art shows...

I used to love wearing sundresses but back in MD we often went to DC so I had a reason. I keep them in case a miracle happens and I can take a vaccine to protect myself. 

I like capri's like the stretchy florals on the far right, and sparkly tanks on the left. I love the recent online Khols purchase of those floral shorts, and the olive green T (it's under my fave mint green T.)

Just having something new was uplifting, know what I mean? And I like a T shirt made for a woman, with short sleeves, a v neck, and flaring out from the waistline a bit. Not surprisingly I like color! 

Milo's Moments

Milo here... I seem to have gotten myself into a tight spot... gotta keep track of those toys!

I've been staying pretty busy lately... eating

sleeping while guarding my toys

Sleeping on a bed of balls

being president of our home's neighborhood watch... see that fence right there? dogs walk RIGHT NEXT to my yard every day! grrrr

and playing "Roll It" with my pawrents... I lie on the other side of the little outside table and roll my ball to the Mama and she has to roll it back when I immediately catch it. I don't know where it's coming from or how fast so it's fun! Then I chew on it just to get it ready to roll again and serve it to them. It's only when they miss it and it rolls behind their chairs when I get double retrieval points!

Well, good to see you hoomans this week... gotta go bark at something! Sit! Stay! visit these nice hoomans who have lists of likes too!



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