Saturday, January 23, 2021

sewing Saturday.... two challenges met!


"Dancing on Air"
For this week's sewing round up, I have two challenges to show you and one painted art piece. 

I took on the Project Quilting challenge this year, at       

We have a prompt, this time to fussy cut, each time and one week to complete it! I have a Mary Englebreit collection of fabrics,

and I wanted another mantle quilt for February (Valentine's day) so Dancing on Air was made!

The borders came from the tiny scrap box, the flowers from the fusible scrap box. To make those, I fused two fabrics together, and cut flowers out, so they can be minimally stitched to the quilt and not fray. I attached them with pearl and crystal beads. 

While we're talking beads, I added in a tiny drop bead on a shoe, crystal beads on her tiara, and letter beads for the word at the bottom. Love is the basis to everything right?

Freehand machine quilted with cotton and metallic threads, little growing heart vines!

I left extra fabric at the top sides to pull to the back to finish those edges. I left extra backing fabric at top and bottom to pull to the front to finish those sides! It's about 9" X 10" 

Next up was the Round robin challenge, to use the block, "piano keys" somewhere on your center. 

I added in some white confetti fabric on the right side, a Mary Englebreit fabric along the bottom, and went looking for some cute sewing motif fabrics in my stash

so many to choose from... all happy and fun! Some of them I put aside to fill in as the challenge continues. I want the finished quilt to hang over my cutting table so it can't get too big, therefore I only put one border on this time

there are sewing tools, clothing, patchwork, and of course a flamingo. The aqua fabric 2nd from right has a pink poodle in it too!


yesterday (HERE) I posted pictures of my painted lady quiltlet, with discussion of how I made her...

She is inked on muslin surrounded by pink scrap fabrics. Love! 

Just to continue this pink theme, encouraged by the Rainbow Scrap Challenge to use our pink scraps this month, I made probably the best muffins I've ever had... (recipe to come on tuesday)

banana pumpkin muffins

 Remember to wear masks and stay a safe distance from others... this is not a hoax y'all. Nearly half a million Americans are now dead from the pandemic.

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Friday, January 22, 2021

paint party Friday... mixed media?


"Gazing out with Hope"
This is the day I usually share paintings and drawings.... and here is my big finished painting this week!

it's quite different  working with fabric rather than paper. The fibers in fabric can wick a thinner liquid along their lines, or bleed, causing you to have unplanned lines. I started this piece, one evening when I just wanted to paint a face... I got a scrap of muslin fabric, and these basic materials out on the work table

I start a face with two half moons for eyes, one crescent for lip top, one tiny one for nose bottom one for chin. Then I add in eyebrows and start. Fabrico markers are awesome with dual tips. Clear clean color, and prismacolor pencils are my favorite medium for soft color on fabric. Both are permanent when heat pressed. 

What to do with this tiny 5" X 4" scrap with a face? 

I got out my scraps with fusible (glue) on the back and fussy cut out flowers and circles and hearts and moved them around til  liked the collage. Instead of flimsy batting I used peltex thick stabalizer. Then I quilted it with sparkling metallic threads with the idea of Tree and Leaves.

to hold down the muslin scrap I did a hand stitched variation of partial lazy daisy stitches in thick embroidery variegated thread.

and used pinking shears along the edge. I went over the edge with thick embroidery thread to cover the edges. 

I need to enjoy her for a bit but am cosidering giving her to someone who might enjoy having one of my little pieces later.... be thinking  if you'd enjoy her too

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

I Like #228


Welcome to this week's list of likes. Above is a pic of the shirt I wore yesterday. 

I like having hope again. 

I like having a woman in a top office of the country... finally 100 years after we won the right to vote.

I loved hearing these sentences yesterday:

"disagreement must not lead to dis-union"

"...lead not merely by the example of our power, but by the power of our example. We'll be a strong and trusted partner for peace, progress, and security."

"Democracy and hope, truth and justice, did not die on our watch, but thrived,... America secured liberty at home and stood once again as a beacon to the world. That is what we owe our forebears, one another, and generations to follow."   

I like the book on audio I am listening to:


the heroine is swept back through time to save an innocent woman... well written and so interesting to me... very engrossing in audio form. I had to listen during yet another ocular migraine episode this week.

I like this book I'm reading, in the "tea house series" set in Charleston SC

a current day mystery from a fave author

I liked finishing a small painted woman art piece this week, with hand stitched daisies... more on Saturday. 

a close up

I think I might like this quilt-along on handwork at this blog starting soon

 I like Donkeys especially little ones   see more here

Sparky The Week-Old Miniature Donkey At Ashington Park Stud In Melbourne, Australia, Has A Surrogate Mum And Companion In The Form Of A Teddy Bear Called Ted. Sparky Was Rejected By His Mother After A Difficult Birth And Now Relies On Carer Sarah-Jane Lov


 baby panda gets wellness visits... mews like kitten

Milo's Moments

(editor:  note that date... 1776... when we decided to unite our states)

Soooooo I know when Mama is sad or scared and she has been for days now, but yesterday my pawrents seemed  happy! so that's better! Here's what I find helps when you get worried, get petted.

I am not ashamed to admit I love my back and back legs scratched! 

well, who doesn't?
 I back up to one of the pawrents, and press up against them til they realize how nice it would be to pet a poodle at that moment!

So for all the worried people out there, remember, somewhere there is a soft critter to pet or watch on videos. It's a scary time for humans right now, so I also say, be peaceful. Disagree if you have to but quietly so you don't disturb us critters.

 And get along because life is so much better when you get along with each other. C'mon if dogs can do it, humans can too!

Yep, voting is good, now let's vote on what to have for dinner

And put on a mask! They make you look funny!

now sit! stay! visit these nice humans who have lists to share too!  


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Sunday, January 17, 2021

sunday stealing questions of the week

Sunday Stealing questions of the week

A - Annoyance: loud noises and cars
B - Bestest Friend[s]: make life sweeter
C - Car: just want it to run reliably
D - Day or night: day for sunlight, night for TV
E- Easiest person to talk to?: Cindy, who always hears me...
F - Favorite Month: May
G - Gummy Bears or Worms: neither, ewwww
H - Hair Color: brown with sparkles of gray
I - Ice Cream: coconut or salted caramel
J - Jewelry: silver and hand made
K - Kindergarten: was fun
L - Longest Car Ride: from Florida to Edmonton Canada
M - Most missed person: Myrtle who raised me with grace and patience
N - Number of Siblings: I was adopted into a family with two natural daughters
O - One regret:
P- Part of your appearance you like least?: double chin
Q- Quote: Time Flies whether you're having fun or not
R - Reality TV Show: Amazing Race
S - Shoe: birkenstocks, sneakers, arch supported shoes
T - Time you woke up: 7AM
U - Unpredictable?: in some areas
V - Vegetable you hate: I don't enjoy Kale much
W- Worst Habits: procrastination
X - X-Rays: don't show my spinal injury
Y - Year you were born: long long time ago, when people believed in the Golden Rule
Z - Zoom: allows me to party

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

In the Pink... sewing Saturday


Pink is a favorite color in my world...all shades from the ballet pink tights I wore twice a week to dance lessons to bright intense fuschia of those flamingo sunglasses.

 It was all about wine this week in studio as I started a year long table runner pattern to participate in Joy's challenge. 

I found this pattern from Hoffman Fabrics free, online, and thought I could make the bottles in the rainbow scrap challenge color of the month!

so I went into the pink scrap box, and decided what to call my special vintages... made sketches on paper, took the muslin and fabric markers to draw a label on. 

I paper pieced the whole flamingo block before noticing I pieced the label in upside down, so took out the seam ripper, turned it around, making it a little more ragged, and not wanting to undo ALL the piecing I top stitched that edge in place.

After the stray threads are removed and it's quilted, it won't be noticeable. 

Now I didn't dither and dally over the images or do mock ups or plan anything. I just drew it on and sewed. 

Can't wait to see more colors emerging for the runner!

One of my paintings in pink cheers up the cutting table

I am doing Project Quilting this year, so when the work from home, round robin came to my attention I said, NO! 

Then thought, I found this book

and made the sewing machine in pink

yes, this fabric combo will work!

used a scrap of fave background fabric unavailable now, and my happy pinks and will be sewing with that pretty turquoise thread up there!

So if I like what they are planning at the round robin site, I'll use this large block for my center ! A good studio quilt I think!

Now about the pattern... Lori Holt made a convenient cutting chart, but.... watch out. Sometimes her chart says to cut the necessary pieces for that block, sometimes her chart has cutting for the whole row included. I had to turn on my brain to figure out what was actually needed for just one block. Again, sometimes her instructions WERE for one block, sometimes for ALL the blocks in the same chart.

Following patterns isn't that much fun to me, but at the moment I need easy sewing to divert my attention from Americans attacking our own capitol with guns and bombs.  I am also using online  recipes which if you know me, you know cooking isn't my passion. Here are last night's  pumpkin/ cheesecake muffins.

recipe source
I forgot to add in some sugar and top with crumble before baking so this morning I made a drizzle to glue the topping on, and its okay. It isn't perfect, it's different from the recipe but it's okay and sometimes Okay is just enough.
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Thursday, January 14, 2021

I Like Thursday #227


Be the light  

I'm sorry that I spent the last week in horror, and can't focus on the likes very well.  I have grappled with trying to just do a normal list today.  What do I like? 

I like this graphic showing  that one must have their physical needs met before they can move up... next is safety. That's where I was this week. One can't even feel love til they feel safe.

Erik Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development | Simply Psychology
Erickson's hierarchy of needs

Thank God for books, TV and friends to talk to. Give Peace a chance.

Wear a mask.

 Please visit these fine people who are more able to keep a positive attitude.  


Saturday, January 9, 2021

Sewing Saturday

The above quilt, "recover" was done for the Project Quilting" challenge this week. I'm new to this challenge, but a longtime watcher of the show "project runway" that inspired it. 

The challenge is to design and make a quilt within one week, following the parameters given.

This time the challenge was to use the panetone colors of the year, gray and yellow. blech. So... this was a real challenge for yours truly... not enjoying gray. Guess what  I discovered? 

I like these grays!

On the mantel for January!

When I heard the challenge, I knew I wanted a mantel quilt for January that reflected my word of the year, "recover" DH said a lotus represents rebirth. I remembered all the pics I took at the waterlily garden in Denver and thought.... okay.... and interpreted the water in gray fabrics and the lotus in yellows.

 I used a combination of piecing strips, and applique of tiny strips over those, for the background, including a hand marbled by me gray fabric of swirls. I cut petals in yellow shades from cream with gold flecks to strong yellow solids for petals and a honeycomb fabric with bug for that center pod.

My machine is acting up so when I started quilting, and knew I planned to use mylar and metallic threads, I prepared the piece without a back to see how the tension would be heavily quilting the petals

It was fine after I adjusted the bobbin tension.

note I pulled the top of the quilt to the back of the peltex and glued it as I knew how I planned to finish the edge. 

since the tension was fairly good,  I went ahead and cut a backing fabric, put a line of fusible web along the edges of the backing, pinked it and pressed it over the folded over top edge. 

My plan was to catch this in the quilting of the whole.

finished back with pinked edges

I'm only sorry you can't see the sparkling metallic threadwork.... it adds so much

The last thing was to add the square silver beads... just as a  new vertical line to balance all the horizontal lines.

Designing for fabric artists doesn't stop at the initial line drawing... it goes into texture of threads, and 3-D elements.

Thank you to the organizers of this challenge, for inspiring me to make a quilt that I love, one that symbolizes my word of the year. 

Now the color of the month at RSC is pink... lovely warm happy pink

I know I'll be doing another endless diamond block in pink, already cut and waiting for handwork. 

I am choosing fabrics to make a winter sweater wall hanging so this pink scrap worked it's way in

And I wanted to ink on fabric too, so I did a quick face and will surround her with applique, to gift one of you if you like when she's finished.

It's not easy to be creative these days.... I am constantly disturbed by the violence in my country.

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