Friday, August 7, 2020

paint party Friday...


 Welcome to paint party Friday, and my weekly painting post. I just did two painted sketches this week, and finished a fiber piece that was inspired by one of my paintings. 

The pink flower above was going to be a mandala, and I liked the simplicity of it, so I left it. 

I think I like the edge of the petals, and the mix of paint by dragging the brush across two pans at once. 

The other one was to be an experiment with mixing the two colors on one brush stroke, then writing over it... 

this is what comes of using a black marker without planning the sketch... weird body parts drawn over petals!! Still... I looked at it and thought, well, be flamboyant! Do... YOU! so I wrote that in and stopped fussing over it

she looks like someone I'd like to know!

I love this quote:

Robert Hayden said,
“Art is not an escape, but a way of finding order in chaos, a way of confronting life.”

 I've been working on a fiber art series inspired by a painting I did of a pink flower, and tomorrow I will do a whole post on this one. The painting was photo'd and printed in gray scale on fabric. Then I colored it in with prismacolor pencils, and made a quilt from it. That's tomorrow's post!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

I Like Thursday # 205


Welcome to this week's list of likes... keeping a list of the little things that one likes through out the week, give us balance to all the rest... please join us if you post a list too... let me know in comments.

On with the show...


Sewing so much this week... finished including surrounding one piece with beads, two in my flower series. I created the next one, and am hand embroidering it as we speak. Saturday's post will be about some finishes


finishing up the blue bamboo socks for myself... what next??? I need a project that's easy enough to do while watching TV at night

watching on tv

I found a show on Netflix about clothing designers competing... like Project Runway... must check that out. Also have lined up some shows recommended by fellow I Like posters. Right now I watch world of Dance, 90 day fiance in all it's iterations, Crisley knows best is back, The Crown, Bravo real housewives and watch what happens live, spy in the wild on pbs, Quilting arts.
We watched a movie on Netflix last weekend that was just awful. Can't even remember the name... they sucked me in with good actors and a good plot write up. Never get those hours back again.

listening to

on audio, in the studio, via overdrive
Finished The Giver of Stars... wonderful story and reader was excellent
Finished The Namesake wonderful story and reader was excellent... won a pulitzer prize
Now listening to Jodi Piccoult (my first time reading her work) and the readers bring me into the story... well the story itself is a mystery involving a woman who studied elephants. I cannot love or respect elephants more... just because they don't speak our language, some humans ignore their intelligence and social ability to form groups... we'd do well to learn from them in order to improve.


at night I'm reading #3 in the Medlar mystery series... A Forgotten Murder...and it's so good. Great characters and story that pulls you in trying to figure out whodunit.


see the little white flower soon to be beans?

well, let's start with the miracle that is flowers on my bean plant!!! whoopee! The tomato plants look great but no little yellow flowers yet. I can't go on the patio as a house three doors down is being painted and I have had two migraines from just being outside.

respect: def:

due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.


Mr Birthday got a chocolate cake this past week... we have enjoyed it for dessert almost everynight with either a bit of vanilla pudding next to it, or some coconut ice cream on the side! So glad he had a birthday!


I met a very talented wonderfully kind and accomplished woman through a now defunct art quilt group... and we met several times at the big show in Houston. We also keep up with each other through emails and phone calls. We talked again this week and it was very very satisfying. In one conversation we discussed our dogs, her kids/grandkids, her artwork, my artwork, learning new techniques, organizational methods for supplies, politics, life, the environment and our lives in general. We both accept each other with all our feelings and thoughts, which makes life so much richer.
I appreciate people like that!

I also had another friend call out of the blue one evening... we're both night owls, so it was joyful to hear from her late at night. She still lives in MD and we caught up on the same kind of things as above. We both feel free to say what we feel, knowing the other person hears us and cares. That kind of sharing is priceless.

I met up with a third wonderful woman on zoom this week, Joy (yes she does spread Joy). I look forward to our talks, and getting to know her, having her know me.

Overheard by a mother of four (not one family member wearing a mask) "that woman is protecting all the little kids by wearing the mask" and I wanted to say, I'm wearing this mask to protect me and my family from all the little kids who have the virus without symptoms and come right up to everyone on the street .
I didn't say anything.

OnLine watching:

this man, a psychiatrist in Africa, realized they have one therapist per million people there, and enlisted the help of trained grandmothers to provide connection and help for depression.
I am impressed.
Person to person, not getting paid for it, each one helping the other... it's what dreams are made of for me... want to hear about it?

I like Elephant teenagers who babysit the little 'uns

I learned so much watching this guy... and felt so much while listening to his words, so helpful to human beings at this time...( I read someone this week who called us Human Doings not beings because we stay so frantically busy so we don't have to think so much)

Hi Y'all! I'm generally a happy boy.... except when I'm full on asleep on the big bed and Mama pesters me.
Mama: ahem. I come up to bed, Daddy's asleep, you're asleep... on MY SIDE. I can't wake you up so I tickle your feet cause you gotta move!
Milo: I know. I keep my eyes shut tight so you'll go away
Mama: that ain't gonna happen my lovely
Milo: well, that's why when I peek out, I give you a tiny little warning growl.
Mama: yessss, speaking of that...
Milo: I know, I know, you got mad at that, but I got right up and moved to my area
Mama: if by right up you mean, dragging yourself to all fours, as if you're a 90 year old man in a naugahyde recliner, grunting the same way...
Milo: you're welcome
Milo: oh, I know what I think I would have liked, was to lick the bowl when you made cake!
Mama: sorry baby, chocolate is bad for doggies...
Milo: who you callin' a doggie?
 sit! Stay! visit these people with lists of likes for the week!

new this week: the knitty quilter


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Music on Tuesday

Happy Birthday Louis Armstrong...

I learned this by reading a short bio on
The Writer's Almanac...  (link: Listen to the audio  )

born very poor in New Orleans, put in the colored waif's home at age 11 where he was given a trumpet. That one gift led to a lifetime of contribution to the world.

I was struck by Louis Armstrong quote here:
"“Seems to me it ain’t the world that’s so bad but what we’re doing to it, and all I’m saying is: see what a wonderful world it would be if only we’d give it a chance. Love, baby, love. That’s the secret ...”

I watched a TED talk yesterday where a man from Cambodia was speaking about his path to where he is today, Harvard educated with a non profit to help others. He said he was a monk, nearly dead of malaria when a woman met him and paid a doctor to heal him.

He said, do one thing, for one person. Do something to help someone. It might not seem very large but you don't know what it will lead to.

I like these two men.
When I get depressed about our current leadership who stresses greed and the individual over the whole of us,  I will remember these two men went about their lives caring about the world.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

sunday's getting to know you better questions

1. Name 5 people you admire and why
A:in general, kind people who really listen when others speak and accept them as they are. That's a very nice gift to give.
1. my husband who is honest and caring, my best friend
2. I really admire Jimmy Carter for his humanitarian efforts
3. Myrtle Terry who took care of me through childhood. She alone was the person who made me feel safe in my home, she showed grace while being persecuted for being of color, she always responded with kindness even when I was a brat(seldom in her presence) If I have any humanity today, it's because of her.
4. FDR who gave us something to believe in, during the depression and WW2, and his wife Eleanor who worked tirelessly on behalf of women.
5. Helen Keller, M.Ghandi, Mother Teresa for their great contributions to humanity

2. When was the last time you did something adventurous?
A: I was in dangerous situations when I was a social worker, but adventurous... unless you call taking the risk to leave the front door for a walk every day, in a 'hood where no one wears a mask or stays back adventurous... in my early 30's I took a trip to Europe with a eurail pass and traveled all over by myself. I had to speak different languages, get on and off trains, find rooms each night, and met some interesting people along the way.

3. You felt you got older when _______
A: I bought my first house on my social worker's salary, then got my labradaughter . It was she and I, and I was the bottom line for us both.

4. What one thing that could happen today would make you extremely happy?
A: the neighbor with the VERY LOUD car would have moved out or gotten a prius, and I'd know he wouldn't wake us every stinkin' morning coming in at 1 or 2 AM

5. An experience you don’t want to go through again.
A: there are so many, I'll just say, I never want to be sexually harassed again ever. EVER.

6. One decision you made that changed your life completely.
A: I decided to trust my now husband enough to marry him. Trust was hard, I was older and been hurt a lot, but I decided to trust. We've been married over 25 years.

7. How do you participate in saving the earth?
A: I speak up to the people who say there is no global warming. I recycle. I'm aware.
We pay an extra fee each month so all our power comes from wind.

8. A gift you would like to get on your next birthday?
A: what I want, you can't buy... peace and security in my own country again.
Aside from that, I'd like things that have gone away... the Avia style sneakers that were perfect, the lipstick color no longer made, the Nanette LePore purfume no longer made, and diamonds are always appropriate.

9. Things you miss about your childhood?
A: Christmas was the good time then, lots of gifts magically showing up. We were safe to ride our bikes all over the place alone, I seldom feel safe any more.

10. The greatest invention?
A: air conditioning? I hate to be hot. TV? more please   telephones?

11. Your favorite super hero
A: I have no idea... not a big fan of superman kind of heros... I saw Dumbledore as a hero and anyone who stands up for justice and the rights of other living creatures are heroes to me. Women who are beaten down and still calmly get up and are not cowed by men, those are heroes.

12. Your views about veganism
it's much healthier to eat mostly vegetables but I don't think it's in me to give up milk or eggs. I'm highly allergic to soy, and that's in a lot of vegan food... all in all, I think balance is more important than extreme choices of food. I do think vegetarians are easier on the environment overall.

13. If you could be anything else in the world, what would you be?
A: I wouldn't know what to be, I'm having a hard enough time just being me!

14. How did you parents meet?
I have no idea how the birth parents got together and made me... or how the adoptive parents met or why they stayed together.

pick up the dog's toys?

15. Your morning routine.
A: I'd like to sleep in but it's not possible here. The sun is intense thru blinds and curtains, dh gets up at 6 and I am a light sleeper so I get up soon after. He makes coffee for us, so I come down in pj's and the poodle waits outside the door for me escorting me to the table. I read emails while having coffee. I write posts, and join link parties. I read some news, and sometimes I do a painting in the morning. Breakfast is not typical food for me, but I have something to eat, get dressed in casual comfy clothes, don't brush my hair or put on make up any more, go for a walk with dh and the poodle.
I'm retired so I then do daily chores like empty the dishwasher, make iced tea, laundry, etc. I used to watch morning shows but no longer want to. Sometimes I watch That Girl or something on the DVR like Watch what happens live while I eat breakfast. 
The day really starts when I trudge up the stairs to the studio, where I turn on an audio book and make art.

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Saturday get to know you better questions... moonlighting!

Welcome to Saturday 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme. 

Saturday 9: Moonlighting (1985)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Moonlighting was an award-winning comedy-drama that ran from 1985 to 1989. Are you familiar with the show? Were you a fan?
A: this was one of my all time favorite shows... the writing was so very clever and the delivery by the stars was inspired!

2) The series revolved around The Blue Moon Detective Agency in Los Angeles. There have been countless TV shows and movies about detectives and their cases, yet Crazy Sam doesn't know anyone who has ever hired a private investigator. How about you? Have you ever had anything or anyone investigated?
A: I tried to find my birth mother but hit walls because Florida laws support hiding facts from adopted kids. I even had a maiden name but several people tried to locate info and couldn't.

3) The agency was named Blue Moon because one of the owners, Maddie Hayes, was a model known as The Blue Moon Girl, famous for promoting Blue Moon Shampoo. If we were to rename their detective agency based on the shampoo you most recently used, what would it be called?
A: Pantene Private Eye.... "you lose 'em, we'll find 'em"

4) Cybill Shepherd played Maddie Hayes. Cybill believes we can all find romance many times and said she considers the concept of one true love as "dramatic treacle." Do you agree?
A: lovely to say, we can love many people through our lives... but love is not enough. You need love, plus shared values, mutual respect, and a big dose of humor to stay together. I do believe when you find your person, it's special, so in that way I do believe...

5) David Addison was played by Bruce Willis. At the beginning of his career he couldn't support himself as a actor and held down part-time jobs as a security guard, shuttle bus driver and bartender. How many different occupations have you had?
A: gosh this made me think... baby sitter, mail room batcher, clothing store clerk, manager of a fruit business, nanny, inventory taker, Berlitz language instructor, art gallery clerk and framer, asst to a fine arts show producer, quiltmaker, craft show circuit, Renaissance wench performer, actress in musical theater, abuse/neglect caseworker, lecturer and teacher of art techniques, travel agent... non paying job, caretaker of my poodle

6) The Moonlighting theme was co-written and performed by Al Jarreau. While in college, Al planned on being a career counselor. Yet once he began performing with a jazz trio, he knew that music was where his heart was. Tell us about a time you found joy from an unexpected source.
A: I went to a dance one night, in another town, and met the man I would marry one year later

7) Moonlighting was created by Glenn Gordon Caron. ABC gave him the opportunity based on his work on Remington Steele and Taxi. Of these three shows -- Moonlighting, Remington Steele and Taxi -- which would you prefer to binge watch?
A: Moonlighting for sure
8) In 1985, the year Moonlighting premiered, Coca Cola introduced The New Coke. It was not successful and disappeared from store shelves quickly. What's the most recent beverage you drank?
A: coffee coffee coffee! (as I type this) and water before that... as my friend Cindy says, "hydrate before you caffeinate"

9) Random question  -- Each day, do you put more time into improving your mind or your appearance?
A: sure, make me think of the gray hair and wrinkles that have shown up... my mind I suppose although not a choice, it's my creativity that takes my focus. Check my last two posts for more on that!

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Sewing Saturday

Welcome to this week's sewing round up. I finished the blue scrappy log cabin blocks, as close to a similar size as improv blocks get!!  We didn't know August's color so I couldn't do blocks for RSC.

I did work hard on quilting and trimming two challenge quilts in the pink rose series... I plan to do a whole post on them this week as they came out so well! I quite enjoy working in a series... changing one thing each time, or trying a different technique with each one.
The back of the one above shows the quilting
this shows a binding technique that is fussy but what I wanted
The binding on my long green piece, (now ready to do the poppy, lupine, and white flower applique) got finished too!
It makes me so happy, seeing the long lines, the soothing colors of green, and that tiny 1/4" binding in black frames it.
I opened a solid fabric to back the quilt I showed above and found this folded inside!
that's fun, and follows the pink flower series, right?

I made another mask...
America has an enormous infection rate, about 1/4th of the WORLD'S infection number. Just in our country.This is a virus, the illness is not caused by cell towers or masks. It cannot be controlled with one heart medication as our leadership said it could, or we wouldn't have 1,200 American lives lost a day to it.
If some other country killed 1200 people a day here, we'd be taking action, but for some reason many American's are living in denial.
Snap out of it!

now for more humor...

Crafting Humor, crafting meme, Funny, Queen and Company

.....enjoy this cute funny sewing was wonderfully whimsical



Friday, July 31, 2020

paint party Friday, looking down and looking up

On a nightly walk this week, we saw a flash, a shooting star, probably a meteor. It shown brightly for a few seconds, and was gone but it stopped us in our tracks! I painted the scene above to remember that moment, and wrote this poem...
                                                 a moment of brightness

Brightness for even a few seconds

                           Can change things

Plodding along as I do every night, more of the same, never seeing a way out

One foot in front of the other… the definition of survival


You may feel empty and useless and hopeless and then

In a few seconds of brightness

It stops

You stop

And look up to live in that moment of light

Still looking up long after it’s gone, wanting more

The darkness returns but there was a moment

A moment of light

A moment of hope, of joy

Reluctantly I stop looking up, put one foot in front of the other and return to the way it is.



I saw brightness, and will remember it and that moment

And I am changed

                                        (c)Lee Anna Paylor 2020

I liked how the background looked before I added the stars. I used a large flat brush, dipped it over two pans of colors and let the paper show through... nice effect!

I like the little dots of white posca paint, and dots of silver gel pen look!

I like the 6" piece in general!
This week I watched a video on painted rocks, (I linked to it and blogger saw fit to remove the link. They also made a big space in the posted video that does not show when I wrote the post. I do not enjoy the new blogger.)
the link, again, to the tutorial is:
(we'll see if it comes out THIS time)

they are adorable in person! Bright and graphic. I used a #8 round brush, running it over two colors in the KOI set, then brushing an oval of color. After that dried I went over it with black gel pen, white posca and silver gel pen. Wish my handwriting was better!