Saturday, October 24, 2020

Sewing round up for the week


another week has gone by, the elephants have been playing in the pumpkin patch, and I've been sewing a little! 

I did a post yesterday on this year's Halloween quilt finish... see that **HERE**

Now for the Rainbow Scrap challenge party... remember the little cut away half square triangle blocks from the lozenge blocks? I made them into leaves this time, showed them last week? 

I've been trying to finish the borders on them... The yellow one I think of as Art Deco is ready to quilt

I used madeira sparkly gold thread and went around all the block areas, and then thought about the corners...

I got out my design books on the nouveau style, my circle acrylic templates and my chalk pencil

my pics were done at night, but there are circles in each corner, straight lines connecting them in the side triangles, and I started quilting wavy lines in the willowy border

Not sure if I like this but I think it will be nice. My plan after quilting is to bind it in a black fabric with a metallic gold fiber shot through... or gold tissue lame, we'll see. 

Each step of the way this week, I had so many decisions to make... how big to do borders, how to insert the geese in my log cabin quilt...

They need to fall in the right place on the quilt, and look like they were inserted into the scene...

and make do with the amount of fabric I have which isn't much...








I sewed all the logs together, pieced in the bottom geese, and sewed that unit together

and sewed the right side geese into the border fabric I had

so I have more decisions to make, which border goes on next, how will I shape them?

yikes! I think I will do a blue binding so the whole piece will feel unified. I have loved it but now the blue is taking over so things may change. 

Next week I'll do the improv log cabins in Yellow to finish out the month. 

ryan gosling hey girl quilting - Google Search

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Friday, October 23, 2020

"Halloween Row " quilt of 2020


"Halloween Row"   21.5" X48"
This year's Halloween quilt, and I have done one each year since we got married (26 years) is done and hanging up on the wall! 

I am so happy with how it turned out!
I won't go into all the design decisions, but I started it a while back with Joy's magic circle blocks and my scrap bag of halloween scraps, just for fun!
You never know what something will turn into! After I made them I started wondering what else I could put with them, and...
I like how the quilting turned out, emphasizing the circle blocks.  I used metallic sparkly copper, blue, purple and black threads to quilt it so it shimmers in person. On the above photo look for applique ghosts and ghost button embellishments, bat appliques, and skeleton button

I decided to use an older solid fabric for the backing, as I get precious about wall quilts and not using prettier fabrics on the backs  that are not meant to be seen. You can see quilting on solid though!

You can see  I did use a cute scrap with tweety and sylvester for the sleeve however. I was going to bind it in black but changed to dark purple on sides, and a purple batik for top and bottom. Happy.

Then time for beading!!! I had all kinds of things I wanted to use for fringe.

I use a thread made for quilting, a thin eyed longer needle and bury the knots. I looked thru my alphabet and couldn't find O's so I used Q's for the word BOO at the bottom, and got busy during a chat with Joy one afternoon. A zoom bee sort of!

I had the cutest square sequins to scatter in the bottom row but decided it didn't add much

Detail shots of the fringe... skulls, hearts, gold balls and ghosts!

hope you've enjoyed looking at this with me. 

I learned how to make the little blocks and that I enjoyed orienting my scrap strips row by row... 

I haven't done that before

I love using a collection in quilts! That I've done often, to see your pretty fabrics in one place. I love doing seasonal quilts too, and bringing them out every year. 

Funny but each time I make one I say, this is my favorite!



now, on to the next to on the wall... I've been busy sewing borders on this week, piecing in those tiny geese units, keeping the color and scale balanced... more tomorrow on those. They came from the cut off half square triangle units from the lozenge blocks!

you never know where one block will lead you!

for more Halloween quilts from other years scroll down  HERE 



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Thursday, October 22, 2020

I Like Thursday #216

1) I like halloween decorations

 Welcome to this week's list of likes! We only got out two decorations because it's so smoky still that it's hard to be out making the house look like fun... but I love this one bought in MD, it's like a big banner.

and baby Milo is photo bombing the other one! 

Let's get this party started shall we? 
 I like this rendition

2)  In my life    You can play it here...enjoy ...

3) this made me laugh this week 

Gardening and Farming

4) my little tomatoes that I've been watching for months, are finally starting to pink up... now that we're expecting single digits (from highs near 80's this week) 
 5) My spring flowers, I've been watching for months, is putting out something big... must be big since it's been growing s l o w l y for a   l o n g time. It's just about ready to blossom out in time to put the pot in the garage during the extreme cold coming this week.

Fine Dining 

6) I've always ordered broccoli salad in deli's but never made it til now...LINK
so good. I had to quick steam it, and chop it, adding cranberries, cheddar cheese, walnuts, red onions and a great dressing of mayo, yogurt, and a bit of sugar. It made enough to have as a lunch side for about 5 days. 
7) Then there was the buffalo chicken mac and cheese... O.M. G.
again, no recipe, but we cook shell pasta, make an alfredo sauce, surprisingly easy to make with cream, grated cheese and butter. I mix cooked pasta, 3/4 can of cooked tomatoes, alfredo sauce, chunks of cheese, cooked chicken and about 1/4 cup of buffalo sauce, pour into pan, top with grated parm and herb bread crumbs and bake. We made 4 meals of it by adding in fresh vege sides.

Making and Sewing 

 8) I finished the binding on my Halloween quilt, maybe that will be Friday's post, the close ups and detail shots. It's hanging up in the stairwell now and I sit on the stairs and look at it, loving how it came out...
9) I LOVE beading... so I went through my bead stash to find ghosts, leaves, and alphabets, put them in my little palette and while chatting with Joy, sewed fringe to the bottom of my quilt
All the cute detail shots to come tomorrow!
 I also enjoyed sewing borders on the art deco leaves quilt, and piecing in the flying geese to borders around the latest leaf/fall piece. 
(No pics til Saturday!)


 Olive, Again
10) I'm listening to Olive, Again
on audio while working... let's see... it's becoming kind of trivial and tedious to me midway. The reader has an odd accent, kind of sardonic, and it's a lot of vignettes about a small Maine town and woman who seems to know everyone there. I am sorry to say I'm getting bogged down and might stop listening since I thought it must be close to the end, but when I looked it was half done... 
Meet your Baker - Alexander, Ellie
 I love the bake shop mystery I read on Ebook at night but I fall asleep after a chapter so I'm still reading it!


11) Amazing Race!! So good! on CBS
"Escape to the Chateau" on peacock
"Murder Mystery " on Netflix this weekend... it was not the best movie, loosely based on Orient Express it felt like Adam Sandler and Jenn Aniston were riffing the whole time. We watched to the end though

Social Networking

12) I zoomed with the lovely Joy again this week, and our time together lifts my spirits. I also zoomed with a few members of my local art quilt group. We are all having trouble with focus and creativity, but we must keep making art. 


I tried to watch some classes this week, on youtube or craftsy but it's been a technical nightmare. 


13) I was scared by my own image in the mirror this week... very dry skin led me to look for the Lancome Renergie Microlift face cream and start that regimen again. I have been hoarding the Christmas selection for months, because going to Nordstroms for replacement is out. But... I love it, the scent, the feel and the effects so I felt silly for not using it for so long. 
Why do I do that? 

Milo's Moments

Milo here... finally! Mama has lifted the no activity policy so I've resumed going up and down the stairs all day long to keep a poodle-eye on the Mama (upstairs)  and Daddy (downstairs). They still won't let me chase the bunnies but they walk with me on leash and scare the bunnies! 

So this week, my pawrents had a lot of good food I wanted. 

see the Daddy eating an enormous plate of food? and me with nothing but drool? 

Daddy: Milo! I gave you some too! Where is it? 

Milo: I don't know!!! My bowl is empty

Daddy: well it wasn't!

Milo: All I knows is you're still eating and I'm sitting here with a lean and hungry look

If you're reading this, send food! (not kibble)

Oh and I noticed a puppy moved in next door too, but we can't play yet

that's my "lookie there" stance

Now sit, stay! visit mama's friends and read their lists too!

not posting this week


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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

T is for Chooseday

waiting for Halloween!

 I'm linking with my friends at T is for Tuesday where we discuss our week, what we're making and include a drink of some kind! It's a very nice group of people.

So the weather has been hot and cold, a series of taking the potted plants to the garage, then bringing them back out, but the smoke is ever present. Two new fires have sprung up in Colorado...


on the design wall

I have been mostly sewing this week. Today I need to finish attaching the little dangling ghosties to the bottom of this year's halloween quilt and hang it up. I'm working on putting borders on these two Fall pieces and we have a food delivery today (fingers crossed they actually had most of the items we requested... we already know they are out of canned pumpkin) 

We went for a morning walk, I put away laundry from yesterday's drying rack, and have been in the studio planning my morning. 

The last few days, we've been enjoying this rooibos tea mid morning. I heat two cups, use one teabag and it makes two small cups for us to share. This says it's herbal, no caffeine, and delicately flavored


today's mug is a cardinal... I'm starting to think about making some Christmas items next... I like to work in the colors of a current season but I do have a lot of Christmas fabric and it's coming up soon enough!

today is Jelly Roll Morton's birthday so in honor of that...

just in case, this is the link

 and here is my message for America


consider the common good when demanding your way  


to-do Tuesday 

T stands for Tuesday... like a "drink' post

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday questions


Sunday Questions

1.What kinds of things do you like to write?
A: I love to write... I put words on art work, an am writing a novel, love to write editorials but few people get to read them. 
I'd say I like most to write descriptions... set a mood with words that take a reader to another place, a place they feel, see, smell, hear. That's when I go into my imagination and feel, see, smell or hear something and can build a bridge with words so others can experience it too. 
I am passionate about writing. 
I like to write what I think animals are thinking, I like to write about life from the perspective of an inanimate object or silent living thing. It connects me to life. 
Once on vacation at Lake Placid, we chatted to a man who was an editor for the the NYTimes. I told him I wrote, and he asked what genre. 
I looked at my husband, who was the one who read my stories. 
the best I could come up with was "slice of life"

Classic Movie Musicals | Lost Again | Page 2

2. What is your favorite genre of movie
A: old musicals... or dramadies with good scripts d
Wizard of Oz, Into the Woods, American in Paris...

3. Your favorite song?
A: I love Girl from Ipanema sung by almost anyone. But my fave genre of music is 1920's to 1940's 

4. During what situation do your eyes shine the brightest?
A: dancing. Especially contra dance... I think my husband falls in love with me when I'm dancing and so happy. 
5. Summer or Winter?
A: cool weather is better for me
6. What do you do when you are angry?
A: shake, talk harshly, and when REALLY angry,  retreat into silence

7, Sleep with lights on or off ?

A: off but a night light in the hall in case we have to get up

8. Are you ok with eating alone in a restaurant?
A: it's uncomfortable not to have the stops and starts of conversation. Just eating I have to create pauses, put down my fork, look around. Then I wonder if people think I'm intrusive by looking at them. When I traveled alone thru Europe, dinner at night was the hardest, no one to talk over the day's adventure with, no one to sit comfortably in silence with.

9. Texting or calling?
A: calling because it's human contact. Texting is cold and abbreviated,  but talking to someone is important because it takes in tone, laughter, all the ways we connect and communicate. Texting just tells your side of things

10. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
A: oooo that's hard, I can criticize myself easily... I am invested. I care about life, learning, living things. I am interested in cultures and other people, animals, and art. I am fairly good with words and always try my best. I can be driving, or cooking, or making art but always want to do it well. 
I like my imagination

11. How do you act when you’re scared?
A: I go inward. I was scared of so much, growing up, especially the parents. I would go hide and now I mentally hide. I delay, ignore, procrastinate on decisions. Avoid. I go to my husband for reassurance. I remember in University psych class, we learned about a bird when stressed with a dangerous situation with no good choice... like guarding it's baby bird in nest or fleeing a hawk... might clean it's feathers. Do something totally different in response to a "rock and a hard place" 
Art is providing my feather cleaning at the moment

12. When you look at the sky do you first look at the moon, or the stars?
A: I look up. Whatever is bright catches my eye...usually the stars and planets, but I LOVE looking at the moon in all it's phases. I like the moon as it's bright but reflects the sun without having to be the sun. I always look for the face in the moon. 
Sadly we have so many raging wild fires in Colorado that smoke continuously blocks out the sky at night. 

13. Do you approach strangers when you are lost? 
A: yes. I like to think I have discernment and choose good people to ask. Once I was at the top of the peak in Arches park (Utah) loop and my car broke down. Miles from any help, no cell phones back then. My boyfriend and I despaired as it was getting late. A car approached on the one road in and out, I flagged them down and begged for assistance to the ranger's station and they drove us down. 
later my boyfriend said he would not have been able to do that.  

iced tea with no ice, straight up!

14. Tea or Coffee?
A: both. Sophie's choice here... coffee in the morning, tea at lunch

15. With sugar? Milk? Lemon? Anything else?
A: with coffee... milk   
with tea, nothing. Pure. clear. Hot or cold, usually cold, but always free of extras 
Sooooo what do you think? Any of these spark your own thoughts? Let me know! 

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Saturday, October 17, 2020

sewing Saturday options and choices Two designs from one block

Welcome to this week's sewing round up!  let's start the show, shall we?

Remember last week I made the lozenge blocks in RSC color of yellow for October! When I make those I sew the cutaway half square triangles and use them in a bonus quilt every month.
 They are 1.5" before finishing
                                         ... I made some leaf blocks which finish at 3" then started to play...
cute and graphic

also nice

I kind of like these flashes of color too!


love this!

the final design with 10 blocks

But then I wondered what they would be like with log cabins of fall fabrics around them...
I ended up liking both orientations, so I split up the blocks, did log cabins with 6, kept 10 in the more formal orientation that looked quite Art Deco to me and went in two directions at once!!!

I looked and looked to find just the right setting fabrics, the dragonfly is gold on cream, the corners are my fave metallic gold on white swirls, and the border fabric is a batik that made me think of the "deco" style.

I think it's going to look very pretty quilted in metallic gold with crystals or beads on it! 

Can you believe it's made with the tiny HST's that most people would have cut and thrown in the trash?

the logs were lots of fun! Some hand dyed fabric, some fall scraps. Some leaf blocks some interesting squares used instead on other blocks, all carefully sewn and put together into a swirl of colors like fall is to me

Then I thought, what about some tiny geese inserted into the border? so out came the scraps and I printed some little paper piecing lines and put on my book


 so I have more decisions to make on this one... the border fabric I like best, the blue with bats is no longer available and I only have a fat quarter left. There are not that many blue fall fabrics out there.

Does that happen to you? 

so I am assured of lots of sewing fun the next week.

 I'll leave you with the thought that covid numbers are high, because our country didn't take action during the first shut down,  preferring to pretend this wasn't real... nearly 2 thousand people are going to be dying a day. EVERY day I hear about a friend who is touched by it

PUT ON A MASK! Even republican politicians are now calling for them after they spent time in the ICU because they didn't take this seriously. It's not political even though they've tried to make it so. It's a global HEALTH CRISIS  

I am just an older artist, trying to live in peace... sorry for feeling like I have to at least keep saying it here but I pray for guidance daily and am told to use my voice.

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