Thursday, March 30, 2023

I Like Thursday # 343


welcome to this week's list of likes.... I like lights and roses on my mantel with my fabric butterfly hanging there. 

The weather is bizarre, we've had both snow and nearly 70F temps this week.

What better thing to do than find the little things to like this week, but before that, I am sad to the core about school shootings.. 23 people killed or injured at 13 school shootings in the last three months alone. The vast majority of American's want some kind of limits put on firearms, including people who own guns. and yet... 

now on with the things I found to like this week...

Sketchbook Revival lessons

I'm enjoying painting and drawing again, that post will be tomorrow or Saturday but a sneak peak:


on ebook from prime, The Singing Trees and gosh I love Boo Walker's prose, characters, and storytelling...

on audio books

recommended by Rosemary one of our I Like people at knittingquilter

I loved the last book by this author and am engrossed already in this story with character development 

I just finished this one by Ellery Adams and loved it, about story telling, a mystery, and authors angst


we saw two movies on netflix

"Your place or mine", with Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon... what happened to his face? and we enjoyed it but not a lot

"Love Guaranteed" a quirky story about a man suing a dating site because he dated many women and didn't fall in love... til.... our review? meh... didn't change the channel and I highly enjoyed Damon Wayans handsome face but predictable. 

sorry not to have a rave but some you win, some you lose, some don't leave an impression

Watching on youtube

  if only people looked for love not differences, nice video ....

would you rather find companionship and love or fight? Me? companionship all the way!

Watching on the short videos:

love.... sharing love isn't hard to do


ya gotta pay the cheese tax every time you're cookin' (still laughing) 

 from  newsletter Cup of Jo

 I loved this image  ... awe I hope milo feels this way too


 prompt this week: do you make a special baked good for Easter? For example, Rugalach or hot cross buns?  Have a story about this or a recipe to share? 

I found a terrific list of Easter/spring baked goods here: 

Our recent batch of amaretti cookies made with almond flour
three recipes from that list I plan to try, Lime tarts, Raspberry Mousse, and hot cross buns

so what kinds of goodies do I hope to make this year or like every year?

hot cross buns


those are from a previous year but I'm getting ready to make more!

lime tarts from the recipe at Taste of Home

amaretti cookies, check!

rugalach  I haven't made some exactly but a Christmas cookie I made was similar... wish me luck

peanut butter eggs from this recipe, but with almond butter

Milo's Moments

Milo here... about easter bunnies... yep I'd like an easter bunny to play with... 

Mama: oh, they are chocolate honey, not good for healthy doggies

Milo: who said I wanted a chocolate one. heh heh.  As to treats, I'll just have one of those amaretti cookies please, since they are almond flour not wheat. A side of whipped cream too.

friday smiles at a stitch in time