The Connection Project

You Are Invited to be a part of The Connection Project
I'm sending quilts out into the world, and I'm inviting you to care for and contemplate one for awhile.

These four quilts will be sent to the North, South, East and West in order to stimulate discussion of the connections between us. They will be  passed person to person, staying for a few days, to a month. I hope this person reflects on their connections exploring the concept, noting in their lives who they connect with and the quality of the connection.

My goal with these four quilts is to explore this concept of connection in the way I know best, through art and words.

 If you haven't been handed an actual quilt, you are still a big part of the project. I would love to post your thoughts and comments, insights and stories of connections in your life,. bringing awareness of how we are closer to each other than we think.

Tell me your stories, thoughts and insights via email and I will share them on my blog.
We matter to each other and all others.
Suggestions for consideration :
human -  family, friends, co workers, service providers, other nationalities
animal- pets, endangered, etc
The Earth- our habitat, ecology,  human population growth on resources
Beliefs-  spiritual or political

In this day of social media taking the place of face to face and voice connection, I hope to remind each one touched by one of these quilts how vital and rewarding a connection can be.
We have a finite amount of time and energy in this life, how will you spend it?
Thank you for reading this, I hope your connections are rewarding and real.

A true connection is never lost.

1) hang or place the quilt somewhere you'll see it each day to remind you to become aware of daily connections

2) Keep a log or notes on insights or thoughts or moments when you have a more unusual connection with someone. They happen frequently when you are more aware. Please email these to me and I will add them
 to  the blog, but will NOT use your name if you are the least bit uncomfortable. You set the boundaries.

3) Keep the quilt safe from smoke, spills, and destruction

4)After you have finished with it, keeping it for a day up to a month at the longest, hand it to someone responsible, someone you feel connected to or that needs it. Explain why you chose them and ask if they want to accept the challenge.  Explain these simple rules to them.

5) email me with comments, thoughts, insights and stories. Let me know who you passed it on to, as I would like to  know where it is. Again, no identifying info will be posted on the blog, just comments posted so others can share the trip.

6)I need to receive the quilts back. Email me for the address please.
   When mailing a quilt, it can be sent in a USPS mailer, but don't mention the word quilt anywhere on the label.

7) If you enjoyed having the quilt, let me know and I will put your name in the drawing for one at the end of the project.

I am a Fiber artist living in Maryland, and am quite scared to give up control of my work like this!
 I feel drawn to do this, so I take the risk knowing it will travel to just the right people and I'll see my quilts again. Enjoy my work while it resides with you, and know you are a part of something big.

Thank you for bringing more meaning into my life and that of others.

Thank you   Thank you   Thank you

LeeAnna Paylor

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bearbuster said...

Hi LeeAnna,

Did you actually do this? I'm just wondering the outcome. Pat