Saturday, June 22, 2024

living the creative life sewing the blues, painting on index cards, knitting with scraps, and more


welcome to this week's creativity round up... some of this some of that... The work above is my hand sewing for TV time and I added in some solid fabric scraps to the charm pack. I love the colors!

living the creative life... so many decisions... I considered the background in sparkling blue for this blue garden of roses piece. It's just pinned to the wall to think about... what do you think of it? 


I chose scraps for my feathered star RSC project in blues... got the foundation piecing accomplished despite the ongoing physical limitations... My wall of blue scraps so far this month...

 chose the tula pink background bits, cut them with scissors, since this picture was taken. There's always next week to finish the big block.

The Blank Quilting Corp ...

 I knitted with scraps this week, cotton/nylon socks

love the colors!

I took a free online workshop this week with Tam LaPorte... I did what I could, not much sadly.. but

one teacher talked about painting one line of color, then pulling that with a brush of water only, to create shadows. I tried it first with my sketchbook... hmmmm. Then as she was doing an elaborate portrait of a man, I tried a quick easy one in the sketchbook...from my imagination, surprised it came out a man...

I'm interested in what makes someone male or female in portraiture... again drawing a line of color, pulling it with plain water

I'm still doing the index card a day prompts... one this week was "gold" so I pulled up Klimt art online and was inspired to do this. Above is the first part, no gold paint yet...just pencil, watercolor, inks

I wish you could see the depth and sparkle... I use finetec metallic watercolors in three shades including copper for the wall paper over ink drawings

imagine if I'd done this on decent watercolor paper... I just think I will

I'm a bit behind, couldn't sit at the table, but got 6 days done... and only one failure... the top right prompt was "alternating" and I don't like mine, but... win some lose some. 

I loved how terrazzo came out. I grew up with terrazzo floors and pretty durable but don't fall on them.

This took on more dimension when I inked a tiny black line along the colored quartz bits

Ivy started with blobs of red/brown yellow (wall) and blue-green for leaves. Inked in white bricks, black leaves bringing it to life

"Rannunculus "  was fun, mixing color on the card with tombow water soluble markers, then inking over with black and white pens, adding some watercolor grass

"beach" started life as a watercolor horizon study.


 I grabbed a piece of copier paper to clean my brush, and noticed the colors were nice. 

I tore it up, layered it on with elmers glue, til it looked like a beach. Tearing the painted paper leaves a white line which helps with texture and depth.

so that's about it... I never thought I could draw or paint til I took free online classes, and PRACTICED in a sketchbook.   Let me hear a whoop whoop from my fellow paint lovers! 

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Thursday, June 20, 2024

I Like Thursday #407 summer camp, mama bird, puzzle, and a poodle

welcome to this week's list of likes starting with the personal round robin quilt I made last year, now hanging in the family room for the summer. It's good to like what you make

speaking of summer and family room, we tackled the big job of dusting and turning on the ceiling fan which creates a nice breeze. It's a two story room so we have to get long pole swiffers, lean out over the rail and gently relieve blades of the inch of dust...

then run the air cleaner, clean every surface, thoroughly vacuum before moving chairs back in
Milo is happy his crate is open for business and it's all clean

due to these clouds, we had respite from the near 100F temps a couple days this week. Yea! 

I prefer dappled sun but trees are not supported here, the weather is harsh, I caught this tree in a perfect amount of sun... instead of unrelenting heat

Mama bird in the gutter, lost all her babies to hail two weeks ago, and seems to be sitting on new eggs

She is resilient, and strong, and I know is protective. I admire her and hope these babies survive our part of Colorado this go around

I'm taking a painting workshop this week, and still in treatment, and mainly enduring too... 

A bit of paint, some drawing, some little bit of knitting and sewing. More creative pics on Saturday

cotton yarn for summer
even my knitting this week is with scraps... half balls of yarn! I like them

On TV 

"My Life Is Murder "(on ACORN out of NZ) next season began yea! Love the setting, characters, plots

 on video

this made me laugh out loud! Dad in Sephora with teen daughter...

I would not ever, EVER have figured this out!


Our prompt this week: did you ever go to "camp" as a youth? what was that like, did you like it? Did you go to learning camps like space camp, acting or music or dance camp where you went each day but slept at home? 

Funny Camping Quote! – Camp That Site ...

my parents were both kids of the depression era, and raised on farms in the deep south... they didn't send kids to camps! You entertained yourself or the parents gave you things to occupy you... 

I did go to daily bible school, and once to a sleep away church camp. I did not like it, sleeping in heat and bunk beds, that church was very conservative so we had to wear dresses or coulottes, and not allowed to swim with the boys. 

camping. | Seasonal Ecard

I went to some  High School Band daily camps in the summers for marching band. OMG so hot and so fun to be with my kind of people learning to march 8 steps to 10 yard line, keep straight, play music while keeping the marching patterns going. 

poodle in tall grass, Observing all around him


 Milo's Moment

Hiya! If there was a summer camp for poodles, 

first of all how fun! can my people come? 

but, I'd like to see time for running and chasing, swimming, chewing up sticks, soft beds for naps

there could be workshops on how to train your humans, in how to get more cookies, how to speak mailman, avoiding grooming,  catching frisbees in the air, nature walks where you can chase critters... 

I'm just a little bossy and set in my ways, maybe I should be camp director...

I think it might be fun, but then I'd miss mama and daddy especially at night

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Saturday, June 15, 2024

creating with paint, yarn, and fabric... some blues, some EPP, some blossoms, and knitting again

This week,  I completed the EPP circle for my blue rainbow scrap challenge block. I hand cut the patterns, hand baste them to the paper, hand sew them together after arranging the patterns. 

a close up to see the pretty fabric scraps used....
I looked at the improv blue blossoms and thought, do something... just sew some green scraps around them...
sew I did, making them into 4 sections... before the sections were sewn to each other

this method uses a rotary cutter... but I can't press down a cutter because of my nerve pinched spine so

I had to try to cut with scissors... how old school! 

Now I'm deciding about some borders and may have to wait til I can cut with rotary cutter again to piece them on

Hilarious Fabric Memes That All Fabric Lovers Will Relate To. – Fabcurate

I did another foundation pieced block, different from the ones last week  I can use scissors to make them

time consuming to sew so many tiny pieces to the paper, keeping track of the shades of blue

pattern source

 160 Funny quilt memes ideas | sewing humor, quilting humor, quilting quotes

I started a pair of socks with yarn scraps too


I am enjoying the daily prompts for ICAD (index card a day) wanna see? The first 4... wave, potpourri, Orange, and ferris wheel

I consider potpourri pretty but generally a dust collector. I did orange slices as I love the scent of orange, a cinnamon stick, and some blossoms

"Ellipse" was challenging... I first painted some ellipse shapes, then realized a face can be ellipse shaped...

pencil sketch

this one is done from my imagination, but my new goal is to create shape with shadow and highlight, more than hard lines. I love how the features come forward with just some shadow, love her mouth, her attitude. I just paint, adding color, adding layers, not judging myself.

The prompt " lost and found" was hard... the general instructions this week suggested collage, so I printed an image, cut it out, glued it to the card and wrote the things I've lost over the years....


I find lost coins now and then

I found a random barbie shoe once, while on a walk, and it brought back a lot of good memories

I found some authors I like over the years

I have found/made some mighty good friends through blogging

the Friday prompt was "recipe". I took a recipe I printed and decided not to make, tore it into a circle, a rectangle, some arm sized rectangles... glued them to make a little chef. 

then added some watercolors over the paper. I love her apron, wouldn't mind having one like that! 

She's a sturdy chef... because I didn't fuss with the torn papers, just put them on the card

she seems to be missing a neck... shrug... I like her. Henriette... 

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