Saturday, December 30, 2023

Creativity this week, quilting, photography, paper craft, and paint


Creativity... how do you use your creativity? This week I had to come up with 3 meals a day and I don't like food prep. This week I sewed a bit on my star puzzle.. putting together disparate blocks into a whole:

First I took star blocks sort of the same size, that I made with Christmas scrap fabric, to try a pattern (over the years) added to them to make it people size. Then decided to join them with an irish chain block, in a vintage gold with gold metallic fabric. 

I sewed them in rows making the sizes work, then rows together and looked for a border fabric. Above I tried lots of greens and reds and decided on one to use, the one on the left up there. It's from vintage Hoffman celestial line and has wee stars in it. I chose an angel fabric for top and bottom with more wee stars. 

then Joy said, if you do cornerstones with the gold fabric it will unite the whole thing and BOING! 


now it's 46" wide by 70" long, a size to cover a human at nap time. Now I have to quilt it with my little domestic machine... wish me luck!

On another front,  I had an extra unsent Christmas card (I'd already sent one to that person) and love the little birds and how close they are... what to make? I found this video on a super-simple way to make a box from a card:

got out some tools


the back of the card was pretty for the base...

it's so small it won't hold much, but just sitting there all tidy and pretty makes me happy! 

And I know how to make a box, so easy now... not all instructional videos are equal. This one was great

I was watching tv, looked over to my window, and noticed this in my plant:

a heart made by the space between the leaves! If I'd been in any other position I might have missed it, if I hadn't really looked at the scene I would have missed it. If I hadn't taken a picture I'd never have it to share... 

some creativity takes a spark of an idea/concept

then it takes really seeing/feeling/hearing and attention to the making

it takes some action as well...

Three friends and I are going to all try the same painting experiment from a video... and then compare notes... how fun! I asked, they said yes! I hope to use my new watercolors from Kuretake of impressionist colors. I waited two years for it to come in, so.... yea!

Kuretake GANSAI TAMBI 24 Color Set II “Art nouveau”, Watercolor Paint Set, Professional-Quality for Artists and Crafters, ...

since my husband was off work this week, we've been focused on chores and tasks taking me away from my happy place of creating... I squeezed some in, as I'm less me if I'm not making something

 pressies from Christmas

rotating cutting mat and calendar

Tell me what you think... it means so much to communicate with other creatives... 

a big thank you for 3 friends sharing their time with me on virtual visits this week... Cindy in SC, Joy in NC, and Diane in TX. It's good to have a friend, isn't it? 

do you have a wish/goal list for the new year? Helen encouraged me to return to writing, and that's my goal. Write something daily, write more of my fiction story, write about my experiences, write about what I'm thinking... write descriptions and dialogue. 

Making inspires other making. As a teaching friend once said to me, "just start, it's easier to change direction if you're moving than from a full stop" 

Love, LeeAnna

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design wall Mondays at smallquiltsanddollquilts 

finished or not


Thursday, December 28, 2023

I Like Thursday # 382 some questions, some pecans, some snow and a poodle


welcome to this week's list of likes... this last week of 2023, WHEW!!!

starting with my set of bowls bought at Joann's on sale over Thanksgiving. Perfect size, perfect whimsical patterns inside and out

useful as pecan holders for my favorite pie

I've been making this recipe since high school, many years now

We all three have family jammies from Khols... made by cuddle duds and really warm and soft

never take the selfie from under your chin...

but we can't take a decent selfie!

 In gratitude this week I want to mention some friends who sent gifts to me. I saved  them til Christmas to have something to open... 

 Shannon (link to her site  ) makes ornaments each year, and she sends me one... I cherish these hand made pieces of art... last year there were precious stones gathered on a trip, this year this very interesting reminder of our love of sewing... beads and ornaments on a spool of thread, a button, and date tag all with a hanger

Mari (link to her site )sent me an assortment of beading/jewelry supplies, I can hardly wait to use when I figure out how to use them! 

 Roseanne (link to her site  ) found this cute flamingo printed bag, and included a pair of the cutest little scissors with colorful dots on them, which I will love to use. I love scissors! and flamingos of course... things like this show that a person knows me, and is thinking of me... and follows through with the hard for me work of shipping! 

I love getting the guinea pig cards from Sally ( link to her site ) and hand written notes


Helen (her site )sent the fabulous reindeer painting she did to go in her challenge group's book... I LOVE it so much, and the story she wrote to go with it.

  Look at the tiny collection hand made books of quotes and illustrations...I will open them randomly to see the quote and make it work for me that day. 

 These special little things mean a lot, but they also represent a connection between friends that means the world to me...

I have a creativity post to do on Saturday with a quilt and a project, I like making stuff!

I am almost finished one audio book, and am fully obsessed with an ebook, for reading this week. 

Have you set a goal for the new year? I heard someone somewhere say her goal is to do what inspires her to happiness and to avoid that which takes from her happiness. 

one of Helen's quotes
 I want to write a lot this year, use words and imagination,  and as always try to remember what I still have not focus on what is missing.

Prompt this week

"Would you rather kiss in Paris or kiss in a tent in the woods on NYE? 

would you rather be at a big fancy party where you all scream happy new year at midnight, or at home on your sofa or with a couple friends playing cards etc"

Kiss in Paris which means my husband and poodle need to come along with me! lol   Yes, something romantic, lights and music and dancing in the street, wearing a feather boa. DH in a fedora and all black. Poodle in black fur with a diamond collar.... yes I see it all now...

I've done the impersonal big flashy party at a hotel, I've done big contra dances with everyone wearing pretty clothes and tiaras, I've done smaller parties at friend's home playing games and eating and toasting with champagne as the ball drops in NYC, on the tv screen. I have spent more eves on the sofa watching movies with DH and drinking champagne. 

now that I'm girl-in-a-bubble, and have to guard against covid and RSV and worse I have to be content with sofa celebrations. I am grateful for a warm house and food, champagne, someone close to share it all with. I'm grateful for what we have still have. I miss the fun of being around other humans at a dance most. 

Milo/s Moment

Milo: I was playing one night and saw something under the tree and just wanted to check it out
with my teeth... uh oh then Mama said, Milo that's for tomorrow!
what does tomorrow mean?? wait? I hate "wait" then the next morning mama handed it to me and I tore into the paper. Is there any better noise than ripping paper? amiright?

r i i i i p p p !

whee a new octopus with 8 legs to chew off!


AND a ring you gnaw on? Mama kept saying don't break a tooth!

and what's this? miracle! a toy of just a skin already and with squeakers? Let me tell you it feels so good to fling it back and forth in my mouth!

I went from toy to toy playing with them all the live-long day!

 Milo: I like the snow, but it upsets my tummy when I eat it.  I still eat it.
but don't eat yellow snow y'all... I don't do that!


Thursday, December 21, 2023

I Like Thursday # 381 treats, paint, Christmas questions for you, and a poodle

 welcome to this week's list of likes... starting with painting again....

Let's get this party started!

LOL and  still laughing.... silent night like you've never heard it

I had the best time watching Reindeer games at Big Brother this season, hilarious fun challenges. I also am sad Amazing race is over but would have been content for any of the 3 teams to win. That's nice! I'm writing this Wed afternoon, so the finale of Survivor is on tonight, Yea! but... I wanted Emily to win, she's out, then Drew to win, he's out, so now I guess for me it's Austin. 

virtual visits

It was so good to talk to Patricia (Miaismine) of the I Like people this week. She is a treasure!

I was glad to at least get a few of my cards out, better late than never I hope. The sentiment is the same

 Fine listening....

 carol of the bells on dulcimer, amazing to me

fine dining

I tried this recipe for lunch one day...

Greek orzo/olive/roasted red pepper/lemon/feta skillet 


I do not like to cook, but if I have to I like quick tasty meals.

these chewy coconut cookies have taken our first place tasting cookie this year 

no kidding, these are the best yet

Listen to this vintage music as you read about my life at the holidays

our prompt this week: 

Unwrapping gifts on Xmas Eve or Xmas morning?

do you prefer Christmas or New years? Do you have a usual way to spend NYE and or NYDay?

We traditionally open gifts on Christmas morning. I remember once, as a child of about age 8, I was dying to know what my granny put in that heavy tiny package... I was so obsessed they let me open it Christmas Eve... it was a roll of quarters! A treasure for sure that year! I laughed because I never would have guessed, and granny had so many to give gifts to, and I got money! Freedom! (candy...) 

I love a gift, but seldom get ones any more. I love pretty paper, pretty ribbons and the anticipation. 

I love the build up to Christmas but always feel slightly let down later in the day... never had loving family to spend it with I suppose, so now we eat well, and watch Milo play with his new toys, and watch PBS "call the midwife" and "All creatures great and small" always on that night. 

I do love NYE and getting dressed up and going to a dance or party. It's that hope that one day will turn the tide and life will be all we hoped. And sparkly clothes and appetizers and champagne. 

NYDay we must have the traditional southern foods... greens (collards) for money, black eyed peas for luck, pecan pie for sweetness. Citrus salad because my father worked with citrus in Florida and we had a mix of sectioned ruby grapefruit, sectioned navel oranges, bananas, cherries, coconut, fresh pineapple... I suppose that's for health. 


with some home made cinnamon bread, and coffee with milk... a fine breakfast!

I believe what you do on the first day of the year, represents that year for you. 

Sorry no pictures to share... of little LeeAnna in a red and green plaid dress complete with crinolines and patent leather mary jane shoes, but I remember the magic of the morning with a pile of gifts and one or two focus ones open, like a tricycle, or a doll house and stockings. I think I loved all the wee gifts in a stocking the most of all. 


I remember the year of roller skates that gripped your shoes and held up to cement sidewalks. I remember the year of a ukelele, the year of a really tall big girl bike with stops on the handles. I remember the year my middle sister (12 years older than I) gave me the minnie mouse watch I'd been pining for... I remember the year of Chatty Cathy who had tiny records that could be inserted in her side, and when the string was pulled she talked, and she went everywhere with me possible. 

In Tampa, the Wonder Bread factory gave tours on Christmas Eve and we were given tiny little girl sized loafs of bread! I remember watching "Babes in Toyland" on our old TV.

It's good to remember fun times and balance less happy memories of holidays, good to remember the good. I was that little girl, and that preteen, the high schooler, the college girl home for a few weeks, and when I launched I started new traditions for myself. I'm happy this year to have my husband and beloved Milo by my side, sharing what comes. 

Milo's Moments

ho ho ho, I smell an oat/pumpkin muffin in my bowl!!!

Mama: Milo come back... we aren't done with the grooming and shaving and brushing! 

Milo: No

Mama: Honey! come on let's get this over with... Come on... please come! 

Milo: No. just, no. Hey, don't come back here with the long arm of the Daddy to enforce your orders! 

Oh, Okay okay I'm getting up (slowly rises, looks around for escape, gingerly steps one poodle foot with long nails and hair on it, out of the bed...) 

Mama: Oh good BOY! This won't take long if you don't keep pulling your feet out of my hands...

Milo: (dream on Mama) just get it over with and try not to touch me more than necessary. Heyyyy, I look good!!! and I feel good! Let's run outside and get this soap smell off me while I pee on my front leg!

Mama: S  I  G  H    I love you Milo!

now please visit these people to see what they liked this week. If you feel like it I'd love to hear your answers to the prompts, and let me know if you did a post I can include here! 

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