Saturday, July 13, 2013

Flamingos survive deluge!

flamingos no longer pink
 You'll be happy to note, the flamingos survived the torrential downpour that was the last 24 hours. Mercifully we woke to sunshine this morning. It is all the sweeter because we know it won't last, but for now, like all of life that must be lived in the moments, it's not raining.

The flowers are begging for sun. The lilies the previous owner planted to come up one after the other, in several colors, are blending with the flowers we planted from the historic Paca House (Annapolis) sale.

It's a riot of color, unplanned and uncontrolled. Our neighbors who have a golf-course type yard get to look at ours full of weeds and jumbled flowers.

Cole is off his perch after spending the day hiding from thunder.
I just let him hang out since we never invested in a "Thunder Shirt"
to make him feel more protected. He's cat like in his ability to shape change to fit an area. This dog weighs 65 lbs.

Back to the Hoffman challenge and re-choosing a background. Did I tell you it's due next week in CA?  OY!  LeeAnna

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