Wednesday, July 10, 2013

which book to read next?

ready to face the sun
 Cole is ready to face the day, and as we all know, one must protect themselves from sun in the summer.
Of course Maryland rarely has sun anymore, now that we are in the monsoon season.
Book news
 I found a website that makes suggestions of what to read next based on your preferences. Now that's exciting to a reader, to be handed a custom list of possibilities! Check it out the book list site

 Meanwhile back in the workshop...
 A few of us lingered over the luncheon table enjoying conversation on the second day of the workshop.
Quilts were made. Fun was had. Food was eaten. Connections were strengthened. Laughter was heard.
The room is spacious and well lit but a person never quite knows whether to wear a swimsuit or a parka because of the capricious temp. changes.
Again, the technique learned was making mariner's compass points with folded inserts of fabric which are then ironed open to reveal perfect points. Most of us came away from the experience wanting to make another one, so that's a big thumbs up on Cheryl Phillips'  method.

all over but the clearing up
 The workshop went very well and many quilts were started. The important thing was we had wonderful lunches every day. Yesterday Diana brought two pies, cherry and blueberry, to share. Today we visited the local bakery and had fancy cupcakes.

who doesn't love a cupcake??
As usual we learned the same techniques, and our quilts look entirely different. That's the wonderful thing about quilting folk, they put themselves in their projects, so after a while you can tell whose is whose. The other common occurrence is we come and go on our whim, so I don't have a picture of everyone's finished work. It you are in the Annapolis area next June, come to the guild show and see the finished quilts.
Personally I'm happy with my sunflower. My niece  ( her gardening blog)  will be pleased that it resembles a seed packet.

Off to walk before the monsoons
Go make something today


  1. Love your hat Cole! Surely made me smile:-)

  2. Why thank you miss maria, I do try and be stylish.