Monday, July 29, 2013

puttin' on the ritz

I have long loved a cow. I put cows on my art. Cows and flamingos.
Odd the things that attract a person. Cows, flamingos, poodles and palm trees.
 That would be an art challenge, to combine these!
I took tap dancing lessons for about 3 years, back in the day when jumping up and down didn't start an avalanche. I also love old musicals from the 40's. Lot's to love. What odd things do you love? How do they find a way into your day?
 In case this doesn't load, try this link tap dancing cows


  1. For me it's the beach ( seashells, palm trees, dunes grasses and beach sand) , flamingos and bulldogs!

  2. I loved the cow dance video, but even more the real cows running in the pasture. I have a substantial rabbit collection and a small elephant collection but am a cat lover for real ones. I remember a neighbor raising rabbits from my childhood but have no idea why my attraction to elephants.....
    Lately I've become fascinated with scraps; have always saved lots of them but am actually making pieces from scraps now. I will blog about it soon; meanwhile, I like yours!
    Martha Ginn

  3. maria, you could combine all your loves in one piece...

    Martha, I am getting attached to elephants now too. We went to a Nat Geo exhibit on them, and the females pick a bestie for life, and they totally look out for each other and each others babies. They are really smart, and lifetime friends, so what's not to love?
    Oh how I love scraps...

  4. LeeAnna, I loved your dancing cow video. Fred Astare would of loved it too. I have a love/hate relationship with chickens from my childhood on a farm. I now collect cute chicken items, including fabric. One of these days I am going to make a chicken garment emsemble. Also I have a blog and sometimes I feel I am talking to myself also. Maybe I need to get a dancing chicken video to post. If only I knew how. LOL. Maggie

  5. ha! I've been to your blog missy!

    there is a movie icon slapper that you click, then say load youtube video, and paste in the url you copied from the site.

    love, LeeAnna