Thursday, October 31, 2019

I Like Thursday # 165

welcome to I like Thursday, and Happy Halloween! I love the fantasy of this holiday and the idea of putting on a costume to become something else for a night. The above pic was taken in Washington Park in Denver.

 I wrote a post about our trip there, read it click here!.
little snow hat on the globe light!
My list is short this week....
1. I was happy to see sun come out today, which meant it finally stopped snowing. It's very cold though, nearing 0 degrees but just seeing sun not snow after about 5 snowstorms in October is a blessing. I think the final total for these last two storms was about 10" of snow.
2. we were able to scrape some snow off the sidewalks and walk a bit outside today. Got to be very careful of ice here however.
3. I liked that DH played it safe and stayed home yesterday
4. I liked having good food in the house so we could stay in
5. I don't know if I'm happy about it but I changed out the closets from summer to winter clothes
6. I finished the last tea shop mystery and am starting on another novel
7. I like the new to me candy I got to give out tonight... so if some is left, I'll enjoy it
8. I liked meeting a friend for a comedy show last thursday
Sam Adams funny at 10AM
it was held at a library, and the staff is also holding workshops in comedy. We sure need a laugh.

9. I heard from several friends this week, and enjoyed phone calls with them
10. I got a gift from Colette at "whataboutrhema" of a squirrel for Milo, and flamingo towels and pencils for me!!! Thank you so much my friend!
11. I am glad to snuggle into the bed at night, while the air is cold and I'm cozy
12. I liked  having the cinnamon bread (trader Joe) with butter, heated til it smelled great for breakfast this week. No raisins... just yummy bread.
13. I like that it's going to be above freezing this weekend

MIlo's Moments
I liked going to the big park with my people. we walked a lot! Met dogs, then sat and watched people go by... I sat on both laps as I'm a lap-poodle. I growled several times at people I didn't like the looks of like ones who have wheels on their feets! Then suddenly I saw something move...
did you see it? Seems like the peeps didn't see it or they'd have chased it like I wanted to... what is this fat little creature that taunts a poodle so close??
Oh, and I discovered Mama's chair. Now I am no goldilocks, but my chair feels too small, and mama's got a big keister that made her chair feel roomier.
" MILO! How rude! I do not have a big butt! the chairs are the same size!"
Ha ha...She throws a human fit when I am in her chair but I kind of like a change of view, know what I mean?
Now after you say hi to mama, please go see what her friends like this week, and you can do a list just let Mama know to add you in!  

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Thursday Thirteen 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Week ahead a day early

yesterday in the park, I think it is Fall
I hope this cold and snow is front loaded and the winter will be better than fall... It's snowing again for the third time in October, and this time for 4 days accumulating to 8" if the forecast hasn't  changed. And going down to 1F. One.

Washington Park late October
Yesterday we went to the really big park in Denver because we and all the other people there, knew it would be the last really warm day for a while. Dogs everywhere, getting along with each other, people playing volleyball, walking, running, biking, picnicking, playing croquet, doing yoga.

rolling in the leaves because I can!
We met someone with a wild doodle who ran with Milo in circles til we were all dizzy! Her daughter was wilder than the dog, I said they matched, and she said (relieved to say out loud)  "I'm exhausted from her!" She also reported Marley destroyed $800 worth of stuff while they went for a mini vacay to Vail... busy puppy!
Marley  the doodle
we walked miles around the park, then sat on a bench with our lap-poodle and watched other people go by in surrey's and running, etc.

Wished we lived there with  people who smiled at us and had signs in yards that they were accepting of all nationalities. The tiny bungalow homes sell for $800,000 and the regular sized homes for several million but we dreamed of living there and walking the tree lined streets daily, and feeling less isolated.

Today it's snowing... til Thursday when the temps fall to 1F. The grocery stores were shopped out. Drew said people were in a panic over lack of jalepeno's ! We wanted broccoli.(it was gone too)

Good thing I like to quilt and paint inside. Worry about Drew trying to drive in to work, and happy we moved close to work now.

It's a soft not blowing snow at the minute, drifting down steady and white. Tall Fir trees are already iced, the brown grass accumulating white patches already. Milo is wearing his sweater all the time now, I think the mums are done for as 4 days in the garage is a lot. I'm considering making soup. I opened our halloween candy, different that previous years... this one is full of chewable sweet tarts and lemon heads which smell wonderful from the bowl, but maybe no kids will be out in the extreme cold.

The plumber returned from Florida to fix our kitchen faucet, two leaking outside pipes, two broken (from the washer debacle) toilets, yesterday. He said, just keep your heat on! He fixed frozen pipes for a couple from CA who didn't. We finally have a new, again, washer but I'm afraid to use it but must today... there's a story about that too. The delivery guy, young and inexperienced almost fell down the stairs with the washer.

I think hiding in the house might be a fine idea.

Oh, I got out last week as the last snow storm was finishing up on Thursday, to go to a library comedian event, met a friend from a town way south of there (met in the middle) and after visited Trader Joe's like a normal person. I'm so afraid to drive here I seldom venture out. I remembered all the places I've lived and never felt nervous driving in... but the roads here are not good, and people are VERY aggressive, and the GPS never seems to know where we are, so I stay home a lot.

Hope the wet rainy start to this storm didn't leave a layer of ice under the pretty snow... guess it's about time to walk Milo.

It's nice to not hear the drip drip of the kitchen faucet, but the new one is tall and shiny, cleaner than it'll ever be again. The coffee cooled in our cups quickly this morning and I feel a bit like we're camping out.
I have many library books here at the moment, my diamond dot's Halloween project to start, the halloween quilt ready to quilt, paper to paint on, some old project boxes to sort in the studio, laundry to do, shows on the dvr to watch.

 I found a series on Smithsonian channel last night, on the real lives of monarchs, so I could see how Louis the 14th really lived in Versailles. I also found a hilarious and historical show on youtube (BBC) with two comedians (the show is The Supersizers eat...) who show us what people ate in ancient Rome, Mideval times, etc

My book on cd in the studio is engaging and I care about the characters. My night time reading is the next in the tea shop series by Laura Childs, and I have another one waiting in the wings to read.

 We have left overs from yesterday's take out, and lots of good food from Trader Joes like apple cider donuts, and turkey meatloaf, and sour cream spinach dip to go with crackers. I plan to roast the sweet potatoes today, purchased last weekend,. as it's a good day to run the oven.

that's the way it is... as I leave you to it, remember be strong
... have some fun
and have a good heart toward others
see my halo?
How is it in your area today?

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

sewing Saturday...snowballs in brown and Halloween

Welcome to the sewing round-up for this week!
I've had a grand time in the studio sewing on my rainbow scrap challenge snowball blocks and this year's Halloween quilt.
Hey! Stop looking at that wall and look at me!
First the snowball blocks... in brown not my favorite color but they are really attractive together, no?
 I included some multi-color on black background fabrics as neutrals.
I have making them down to a science! I wonder if there will be any more colors suggested this year? This is only 10.
The Halloween quilt was so much fun to make, and started like this

... with some little applique owls in cute halloween prints. Out came the scrap bag of fun prints and leftover blocks.
The process for me was to fold the owls to approximate size, and start adding in little blocks, and squares, bits of fun color or motifs. Add a strip, then piece some blocks, make a paper pieced cat and a hat.
The top is all ready to quilt now! 32" X 52" -ish
Add more, take away, this area needs a big piece, this one needs blue, a skinny strip of green, or a row of little pumpkins will fit. Hee hee! What fun! I kept adding til it turned itself into about three long rows, then made them into the same basic size.

So the whole thing is so cute to me. I love:
the prints
the fence that comes and goes

the words boo and Halloween

tiny witches
the way the cat glows
The rayon florescent thread around owls

and the general fun it was to make.
Now time to quilt it!
All that and some left over blocks as a starter for another project

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Friday, October 25, 2019

watching paint dry

It's paint party Friday! I've painted and sketched a bit this week.
Inspired by zentangle, I painted a quick fall colored scene and then used the pigma pen in black to ink over it. I love the way the sections intersect and the whole of the piece. Of course it's too small!
at Denver Botanic Gardens
Even the enormous two story glass sculpture by dale chilhuly at the denver botanic gardens nighttime ghost walk inspired this week's color choices!
Seems I can't get enough pumpkin color. This used KOI paint, with tombow marker in bright blue around the motifs, then dragged outward with wet brush. White gel pen, and gray fineliner add details.
I watched a cool video on painting mushrooms, but she used masking which I don't have. I made do with white paint which worked fine. It's a study in my sketch book, so very little paint as paper is too thin to support much. The tallest mushroom came after watching the video but the others are all mine.
I learned a tiny pale amount of color is very effective, with gray fine liner on top for details. I need to figure out the perspective of the larger mushroom too, it's too regular and odd angle...
I liked the mushrooms from my imagination best this time...
and the angles pleased me

I'm working daily on my halloween quilt which is going to be about 35" X 52" long. More on Sewing Saturdays tomorrow
for now, here's my weekly favorite, and the video I watched... happy painting!

in case the video doesn't work...

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

I Like Thursday #164

at Nick's garden center fall fest last Saturday
Welcome to this week's list of likes!
add poodle wrangling to my resume! at Nick's festival
so cute! at Nicks...again
both kids safe in the buggy at Nicks!
1.I like blue skies and cool temps
2.I like when Milo walks next to me without pulling
3.I like when Milo is off leash he stays with me (mostly)
4.I like Trader Joe's new turkey meatloaf... yummy and quick dinner
5.I like the shows, New Amsterdam, Good Doctor, This is Us, Survivor, and Finding your Roots
6. I like the bbc show "The Supersizers eat"On youtube.... a funny pair take you through food in history
7.I like Jude Devereaux the author, for humor, mystery and romance all mixed together
8.I like listening to a book on disc while sewing on my cute halloween quilt
improv use of cute scraps around the owls, almost finished!
9.I like the books I have from the library
10.I like seeing more and more halloween yard dec around the 'hood

 11.I like painting daily,

pictures of those on Friday, and sewing on Saturday... the halloween quilt that's nearly a finished top is 35" X 52"
It's been a really hard week, and I had to get a grip on my thoughts to remember there were actually things I liked.
997 pound pumpkin... that's a lotta pie

I'll finish with the Ghost tour of Denver Botanic Gardens.

The gardens, Cheeseman park, and a neighborhood were built on the remains of Denver's first cemetery, and people still unearth bones when doing yard work. It's apparently a place spirits like to linger around instead of moving back to Heaven...The tour was fun, spooky in the pitch dark with lots of stories.

Getting this written before yet another storm where we will get rain and sleet topped by 1-3" of snow.
It's October.

Milo's MOments

Hi y'all.... I like everything but a bath, being told wait, and my kibble
This week I survived the torture that my pawrents call bath. Water and soap, blow dryer, brush through my naturally curly hair,
peanuts characters - Google Search
stand still and let Mama touch unmentionable areas with the shaver, listen to scissors. Feet are the worst, and I counted everything and am worried because there was no ear hair plucking or manicures done.... I hope they forgot.

1.I liked chasing off a bunny and a cat inside my fence, the noive!, Wednesday morning!!
2. I saw a couple while we were walking I liked from a distance, so I sat down so Mama couldn't drag me. When they came up  I was very gentle when I petted them. That was fun.
3.I played with my pal Murphy the welsh terrier, and we shared a sourdough waffle his mom made... I think she meant for Mama to have it but we got it and ate the evidence!
I like to eat at the table like a civilized poodle with Mama hand feeding me

Hey! My bowl is empty... that means you got more!
Well, nothing more here... gotta go! toodles, poodles!

Now after chatting to Mama, please visit her friends with their own lists!  

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