Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tequila Sunrise Sunset

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise detail
 This is the finished Hoffman challenge quilt for this year. I wasn't going to do it, then less than two months ago, after finding a fat quarter of the fabric in my local quilt shop Seminole Sampler I had to try it. I fussy cut out as many beige hexagons as possible and bias strip cut the colored sections to be leaf veins.

I drew it out on my sketch pad, and loved it instantly. Then drew it out to scale, designed the fan leaves on paper as well as the curved flying geese. I had some silk hexagons left from a miniature (picture later) and knew if they were sewn together in an organic strip they would add texture to a leaf. I am currently in love with coral, moving from fuchsia to turquoise to oranges. I used to dislike beige and tan, but in doing the patio along the bottom of the leaves, using 5 different fabrics I grew to love that color too.
 I gathered oranges, coral, pink, purple and golds. Gathered shades of lime to turquoise and avacado greens. I had a spree sewing the fan leaves which took 3 hours each.  I said yum after each color added.

After piecing each leaf, I faced them with shirt tailor, turned them, stuffed them, and quilted them.

When the time came to join them I devised a novel method to piece curves without worrying about seam allowances. Thrilling!

 I layered the whole thing on another background but never liked how pastel it was. Finally I gave in to the orange thing, chose the batik and loved how it turned out.
I quilted the background with long graceful leaves in blue 30 weight thread.
The whole time I was making it I planned to put on a facing. After it was quilted I decided it needed a binding, and used one of my hand dyes done on a striped B&W fabric. I love how it tied the colors together and framed the whole. 

I have made several palm tree quilts. After all was done, there is an unused fan leaf left over to start another palm quilt.

Like a starter bread quilt.

Lee Anna


  1. A knock-out! I like the way you solved the background problem--lovely.
    best, nadia

  2. So beautiful! I love the colors, but the softness of the orange background prevents it from being too much. Those spiky rainbow leaves are just great!

  3. thanks so much Nadia. You get tropical I'll bet!!

  4. It turned out beautiful. What was the Hoffman Challenge fabric?

  5. funny how one fat quarter ends up into an awesome art quilt - that's a testimony to its maker!! Good luck with the entry!

  6. I adore the colours, Yes which one started it all off?

  7. Hi Sarah, thanks for looking at it.
    The challenge fabric was beige with teal leaves. I used it by fussy cutting hexagons in the tan patio area, cut the tiny teal leftovers into the grid, and put bias strips around and on leaves.
    Thanks for asking!

  8. Wow! I love the final product. It definitely has that "tropical feel" that I just love. Be proud..... It really turned out well!

  9. Love all these colors togther! and your leaves! wOw!! i love leaves and could spend the rest of my wild and precious days depicting them in my style and colors available to my finger tips!
    i like how this quilt informed you,often by previuos worked parts and the way you listened and pulled it together into a wonderful piece!!