Saturday, January 28, 2023

my creative week part two.... spool block

 I'm working on the Stay at Home Round Robin where we are given prompts and work on our own quilts.... the prompt this week is "spool" blocks

you can make these any number of ways, and of course in any kinds of proportions... I just had a hard time figuring out how a spool block would fit in with my spring I googled them, and collected these images as inspiration...

I love a watercolor quilt, and flowers represent Spring time, so I found a floral with just the right size patterning, and just arbitrarily started with a 5" square... now what? 

A more traditional block is sort of made like this... 

note the cute bunny fabric? I found it in my stash, gifted as an unwanted scrap from a friend who had made it into a bag. I deconstructed the bag for the fabric...

I tried two different proportions and found out I'm not a big fan of the block... so what now? 

I found that precious fairy fabric in my stash too, and used it with a leafy brown scrap for the wooden spool top, sewed half square triangles to form the spool... and knew I wanted to turn this into a vase

a few raw edged petals cut from bright blue scrap strip, two yellow circles cut with pinking sheers, a left over bias turned stem, and two pinked leaves turned it into this!

The proportions are a bit off, it's very large for the quilt center as it is now...

but I just stuck some white strips on and saw the center needed tweaking, so I cut some long ovals to applique in place and change the proportions a bit...see?

yep.  I love doing a challenge, and love the SAHRR challenge, but having made well over 200 quilts I want to please myself, this is a hobby y'all! I didn't need a border of spools, but so love this one now that it's made. 

I am not sewing it in because it will need something to make it fit the side but I love it. 

Thank you to Roseanne at Homesewnbyus for the prompt! 

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Friday, January 27, 2023

My creative week part one.... table scraps!


the challenge was to make something with your scraps. I made a bedside table quilt with the rainbow scrap challenge color of the month, dark and bright blues. This is a bit darker than it might look here. 

 I was inspired to make a snowy blue table topper...

I started with my littlest scraps, building improv log cabins which became the center, then started surrounding those with different sized squares,. The largest were cut about 2.5". 


til it was big enough... then trim it into a rectangle ready to quilt and bind
I put a snowy scrap around all sides, then quilted different lines according to my whim. Bound it on machine with a cute personally hand dyed turquoise and black fabric remnant....

til it looked like this and I put it on the end table

and although it was okay, to me it lacked any focus or sparkle. (despite the metallic quilting threads)

This was what I saw outside this month....I'm influenced by the seasons.

I looked in the fusible scrap box, found a square of glittery white fabric, cut a quick snowflake, fused it to the finished quilt, quilted it with free motion straight stitch and voila!


much better!!!! here it is in action... and it makes me smile. Can't ask more than that!!

thank you for the inspiration Joy and her party link is:

I'm working on my stay at home round robin block for this week, trying to fit a spool block into my spring quilt...I'll have to do a separate post on that Saturday. 

the center, which will soon have spools somewhere on it!

see the finished spool block in this post


design wall Mondays at smallquiltsanddollquilts

Thursday, January 26, 2023

I Like Thursday # 334


Welcome to this week's list of likes! I like snow, good thing! It's snowed several days since the big one foot of it last week. I looked out to see these mighty icicles on my neighbor's roof and realized snow tends to evaporate before it makes icicles here. But it's remained cold while being sunny this week. Yea!


I like the new blanket we bought at khols during Christmas sales...

it feels like the softest toy... and is warm. We all love it! I admit at night to putting my arm out of the flannel sheets, thick comforter into the folds of this blanket just to feel the softness. My niece said she learned in nursing school that people calm down when they have soft things to touch. 

I like my new wool socks

DH got the ones I found on sale at REI and some other pairs. He knows I'll wear socks with holes in them so as not to waste them. I admit, having new thick wool socks, all cushy and intact... it's a good thing... and something I love. 

also Christmas gifts were these soaps. Two from L'Occitane that smell divine. One lavendar, one orange and orchid. The cetaphil pump soap was bought in an effort to find a soap that didn't contribute to our broken and bleeding hands. The nozzle sticks when you press down on that one. 


I liked the idea of taking free knitting workshops this week, 5 a day. But. It was beyond my ability at the moment, so I just took in what I could, and liked that since it was free I didn't put undue pressure on myself to succeed. I just enjoyed watching and tried a few techniques. (that's wool up there in a lovely magenta color)

Watching on TV

We are loving All Creatures on PBS and finished Annika this week. I also finished this season of Making the Cut, Tim Gunn's new design show. Glad that Good Doctor returned this week! 


finished my ebook in time, because I became obsessed with it and read it during the day as well as bedtime   it is in the Royal Spyness series which I love for many reasons. This latest book made me chuckle, and look up some older British phrases

Now I'm able to continue my previous book, since the library gave it back!

I finished my audio book by Ellery Adams and started this one by Susan Wiggs... so good. 


it's about two generations, love, character, the things that happen to us and choices we make that make lead our lives.  It flashes back to the VietNam war period in the 70's when I was in high school. It causes me to think about values. I am really enjoying it being read to me as I sew



 on my Valentine quilt for this year, on another painted flower, on an exuberant snowy scene

I liked finishing a quilt this week, another painted flower

Fine Dining 

this week I want to recommend a recipe for Eggplant Parm Greek Style

I used half the cream cheese  and added in mushrooms, and it is the creamiest easiest (in comparison of my other method) eggplant dish I've made. We all gave it thumbs/paws up. We ate it for three nights in a row, and froze the rest! 

sorry no pictures, trust me it is good

Prompt : color!

" I love color!  what are your favorite colors? Do you wear them or decorate with them? has it changed in the last few years? Is it influenced by the seasons?"

 Did your color favorites change when you moved, for instance I grew to respect earth tones after moving to Colorado. I grew up in Florida and still like saturated colors. I think the quality of sunlight affects how you perceive color.  I remember moving from Florida to the Washington DC area and feeling like a displaced peacock. More muted colors were worn in the midatlantic.

I attended a color lecture at the Houston Quilt show one year... fascinating the study of colors. They vibrate, and that vibration attracts us or repels us. I told the lecturer I was moving from purples to corals.  She sized me up and said that was a good move. Those who know how much I love flamingos are not surprised... flamingos standing in brilliant water, lime colored palm trees behind them!

My husband still thinks I like purple best, and I do like it but I often choose pink (my new phone case) or turquoise. I LOVE turquoise now and choose it in clothes, fabrics, etc.

 I like groups of colors like lime green/ turquoise/ cobalt blue   or magenta, purple, turquoise.  Rust/turquoise/black. I love red in appliances and my ipad case is red.

I see the value and excitement in most saturated colors but do not like beige generally. Ironically I enjoy calm wall colors that allow artwork to stand out.  I still like to wear brilliant colors although yesterday I wore chocolate brown turtleneck. It's cold!

I'm having trouble leaving comments on your blogs again. If you don't hear from me, I am still visiting!

 Milo's Moment

Milo: okay pups, listen up I'm going to do a tutorial on how to avoid foods. Now I know some of you don't think this makes sense, you'll eat anything doesn't even have to be food but I'm a poodle. I betcha there are some others out there with poodle ways of thinking...

Mama: ahem, what are you talking about? 

Milo: remember this week when you made the house smell really buttery and cheesy? 

Mama: when I made scrambled egg whites?

Milo: what ever... well you put some in a small baby-bear-sized bowl for me, and I was surprised to see you made a mistake. I know you didn't mean to put tomatoes in it. You can be reckless but usually make tasty things. Anyway, when your pawrent puts something in your bowl you don't want, you carefully eat around it. Easy as that really! 


Mama: I thought you liked tomatoes

Milo: not THAT day mama, sheesh! Anyway she stupidly picked up that tomato piece and handed it to me at the end. I took it, to be polite, because I'm very polite. Then she kept watching me!!! 

What about some peace and quiet around here???

so, I quietly sucked the cheesy egg off the tomato and placed it on the floor. There! now she won't pick it back up because she's always telling me, "don't eat stuff on the floor Milo!" heh heh

I only wish she could figure out what I like to eat on what days... sometimes even I don't know tho...

please visit these fine folks to see what they liked this week. Tell me what colors you like best!

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