Monday, July 22, 2013

you might be a crafter if...

I hunted and gathered craft supplies
I wonder how many other people have an overflowing craft container.
" My name is Lee Anna, and I'm a collector"
Definitely not a hoarder, a collector of stuff just in case I might need it to craft something fabulous. (a fancy name for this stuff nowadays is ephemera)
Look closely, you'll see felt balls, stencils, mostly dried up modpodge, purse handles, broken jewelry, empty spools, stamps, old keys, plastic yogurt lids to cut hexagon templates from, plastic flip-flop keyrings, gumby, beads, scrabble tiles, a bag of lizard litter used  to stuff pin cushions and a flamingo in a pear tree.

I love my stuff, and it's usually contained in a sweet little box. When it's let loose it swells and is hard to get back in said box despite some of it being used in fabulous projects.
Organization is putting stuff in places where you don't trip over it but can find it again when you want to.

It's an ongoing process. The blue batiks are neatly ironed, folded and back in their drawer waiting for me use them in the next fabulous project. I sort, and put away and clean up between big projects. Now is the time to do that here at  Chez LA.  
I still managed to put away laundry, dishes, groceries, and feed the poodle. But in a minute I'll be at cleaning-up-threshold and have to sew something. Medicinal sewing. Something not to be seen by judges. yum.
Funny craft addiction video

Anyone else collect stuff?

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  1. I can relate! I have containers full of "stuff" that I think I might use one of these days. Ha!!