Saturday, September 14, 2019

sewing saturday purple's and purchases

The studio was alive with color this week! Since the design wall is covered with lattice blocks, even more lattice blocks stacking up in the little black bins holding it up, I filled the portable design wall with my purple flowering snowball blocks.
These are slower to make than some blocks, cutting is challenging even with the rotating mat and acrylic templates. as always it was fun to go through my box of purple scraps to find the right sizes to cut pieces from. I don't like to cut into usable larger pieces, so I try to match the sizes. I also needed to catch up with the light blue month I missed so they are mixed in.
I cut all the components and got organized. Then sewed block units together and pressed, and stacked them on the sewing table ready to finish all at once. There is a lot of matching and pinning on curves as well as slowing down and taking care to keep a good quarter inch seam allowance.
they are all crumply before you press carefully. I press to the snowball (white here) and it lays flat.
Look at that special scrap with the sleeping kittens! The pretty Asian scraps, butterflies, and stars!
sometimes it's hard to cut into even a 10" square, virtually wasting some of the fabric but I'm trying to force myself to use fun pieces too.
I didn't do as many as other colorway months, because I got tired. I usually do 12 of each color, this time there are 11 purple and 8 blue. My back got tired cutting them all. I might go back later and do a few more...
I LOVE the mix of light blue and purple. I'm beginning to wonder if some of these block quilts should be put together in analogous groupings instead of rainbows of color.
I like green and blues together, pink and orange, yellow and blue.

I thought I'd show you some recent purchases too...
a 2 lb scrap bag for $6, some cool alphabet black and white fabric and the cute little leaf pattern I hope to start on soon.

I really like dresden plates and saw this tool being used to press the points, so...
nothing like the right tool for the job, right?
How I spied this little lonely fat quarter I don't know. I have an eye for the unusual and whimsical, and it was the last little bit of that fabric left in the shop so come on home with me! I would have purchased a yard or more to have enough motifs to play with but I'm happy to have this!

I also sewed the light blue chandelier blocks but that's for next week.

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Friday, September 13, 2019

paint party Friday

Welcome to Paint Party Friday... I have been trying to sketch or paint daily, and

My favorite piece of the week came from this tutorial... LOVE IT!

I used Fluid 140 lb paper and KOI paints. Enjoyed the mixing of colors, removal of colors, pushing them around on the paper, and additional colors added.  After all that it was so much fun to doodle with my pigma marker. I think I'll do more of this
I checked out some books from our library on zendoodles. I think that will come in handy for the inking after painting. I went back to this piece from last week, the bubbles, and added a few lines
I had fun with the sketchbook too. A Shayda Campbell tutorial led to a sort of goal list for the week.
this really lovely piece. Simple, graceful, organic. 

I talked to some artists last weekend (see Thursday's post) and each one gave me a lot to think about. I learned two ways to do encaustic work, talked to a pastel artist about how he approaches his work and how he lets it go (sales), and one artist who combined metal sculpture, with bird nests and mannequins.
She used to make clothing, and cares about our environment, so she combines that with her metal work. I loved her deep need to make a visual statement. I just wish we were in the financial position to support each one of these artist, I would have left with a vibrant pastel landscape, a delicate layered encaustic collage, and a meaningful sculpture. Oh and some very modern pearl earrings!

So the gist was, use good materials, find your vision, and keep working...

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

I Like Thursday #158

Welcome to this week's list of likes...
Let's start with the slightly cooler weather... whew! It's a relief to see 80's and 60s at night!
Most of my flowers are hanging in there, but something is happening to my vegetables...

vege pic of the week
 sunburn? uneven watering? The poor white eggplant is covering the blossom end rot on the pepper

I like the book I am reading at night by Jodi Thomas, (The little teashop on Main) it reminds me a bit of my style of fiction writing and I only wish I could read faster as there are so many books to read.
I've been looking through my library books, and will include them in Monday's Happy Homemaker post where I talk about books, movies, tv, food, crafts I am doing.

The book on disc playing in the studio is so engrossing it keeps me sewing!
I like catching up on my color challenge blocks this week, more on that Saturday.
view from panera bread
I liked the almond and chocolate croissants we got at Panera last weekend. Heated for a few seconds, and the filling is so good!
even at panera the food never changes for me

I liked painting this week. I found a great tutorial and got to do some sketches as well as a really pretty whimsical forest scene. Love paint.

I like Milo coming to stand next to me at the computer, to snuggle or guard, who knows?
My buddy... I can pet while I type or paint with my other hand!
I liked getting Milo bathed and trimmed this weekend. Oh he didn't like it, he snuggled up to me and growled at Daddy when he came down to get him for the bath. Then he saw there was no hope, that it was indeed the end of his world, and he hung his head, and marched right into the shower. He let me shave him, even feet, with much less push-back than normal too. He looks really fine, y'all!

I like a poodle who doesn't smell like the yard!

art installation with a flamingo in it
Last weekend we went to a new-to-us French market that was wonderful but very hot...

the market was quite large and varied!
Milo did very well with dogs barking at him and the hot pavement, and was the little ambassador walking in the shade and greeting business owners! I love this kind of flea market, and bought three small egg cups that looked like Faberge style on legs. Going to do something special with those...
I liked the pumpkin haunted house for sale
 Milo loved shopping too...

get me one, Mama!
We also went to a new-to-us market place in an old airplane hangar, Stanley Market. They had a lovely 90 tent art show, and there was astounding work being shown. About 5 booths I've never seen the type of art... this goes on our list for next year for sure.

I learned a lot from a pastel artist, no pics sorry but that's the way it is. We talked about my recent attempt using pastels... he solved my problem... use better materials and keep trying. I don't like the feel of using them though... but when I asked how he lets go of his work to sell, he said when he signs a piece, it's no longer his, it's waiting to go to a person who'll love it.
Something for me to work towards.
We heard flaminco music and came outside to see this artist. Apparently he squeezes paint onto a canvas and then dances on it. We watched long enough to see it's surprisingly vibrant and beautiful after all the heal stamping, and tapping and sliding. He ignored us all pretty much.

MILO'S Moments

make sure to get my good side...
Hi Y'all! I like dining outside sometimes, especially if Mama holds my bowl for me. It's bad enough I have to stick my head in it like an animal! I like the cooler days, and being out back with my mom.
I loved that my friend Gracie came back from two weeks in the camper with her Daddy. Bet she's got some stories for me. She has been pulling him to come to my house but he must be tired 'cause he tells her to stop when she barks at me from across the neighbor's yard. 
I liked looking around the craft show and being petted by lots of people. I liked my play date with Moosie, the weimeraner girl but she wore me out. First we ran across two yards back and forth like a car race for 20 times. Then we played in the back yard til Mama came out with cookies. After a little break I decided it was time for her to go home but she still wanted to play. Hey! You're nearly naked! I'm wearing a black fur coat! See ya' later gator. 

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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sunday Stories

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "The Loft" by Richard Jones: bed, river, room, burned, listened, weaving, empty, dreaming, final, calm, spoke, arms

Audie listened to the calming sounds outside the open window as she went about the room dusting.
How did so much dust accumulate so quickly?

 She lifted the tiny jewelry box gran gave her when she turned 10. There was a clean spot under where it had sat for years, holding her special things. Wiping the area clean, then wiping the box and sitting it back in that spot, she thought about gran.

A bird chirped outside, she glanced up and saw a pretty little yellow bird on a branch near the window. She guessed it didn't see her, as it sang loudly calling to it's friends.

Sometimes she wished she understood what the birds were saying. Then she felt sheepish at the thought, because her practical mother would have laughed at her for it.

She was who she was, a sum of her experiences and that little magical inside part that was just special to her. As she got older, she cared less about what people thought about her, and it felt good. There was a burning need inside her to relate to the world around her, not just swim through the days but make sense of them.

She turned to the bed,  lifted the woven blanket of many colors and remembered the day she bought it. It was made by a local woman who moved to her town from the East.

She took a moment to hold it close to her, feeling the soft wool against her bare arms, and remembered the woman saying the colors were inspired by a river running near her studio. The weaver went to the river each day to empty her mind of life's worries, and wanted to capture that feeling in art. Yes, she caught the feeling of moving water in this woven piece that Audie wrapped around her for a moment.

 Audie folded the blanket and carefully placed it on the bed, giving it a final pet before turning to dust the nightstand.

She wanted some order in her life to balance the current changes.

Audie didn't regret moving back to the farm, it was her heritage, her land now, and her safe place.

When gran passed away, she and Sam gladly took on the challenges of running the place, and she put aside the burning desire to do something momentous in life.
 For a bit at least.
A need like that doesn't disappear, it sits patiently while life takes place and when the time is right, it reminds you of your dreams.

She spoke aloud to the empty room, "I haven't forgotten, I'm still here and will figure this all out" and there was a tiny flutter of excitement in her heart.

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Saturday, September 7, 2019

sewing Saturday - Four projects

And this is why you keep a traveling sewing bag... I grabbed my old sewing kit for the car rides last weekend, and found my hexie star project! Yea! I completed these three on the two long car rides.
Please don't ask for the pattern, it's been too long and I have no idea where it is! I found it online.
I have baggies of backgrounds to baste on to papers, lots of papers cut out, star points already basted and waiting to baste, hexies basted to match up with stars and backgrounds. In general all the stages of making in the sewing kit.

This is a S L O W sewing project... keeping all the super skinny points and angles is not for the weak of heart but they are adorable. I don't mind a long term project, heh heh.

I finished the Christmas hexie table runner too.

  I appliqued the ring of flowers to a center with gold metallic YLI thread and a straight stitch
 the hexie edges are already turned/finished off

 All the quilting was done with gold metallic thread and it hardly shows at all!!!
I did a very time consuming and fiddly things in finishing this time... I layered batting and backing for the quilting, then trimmed the backing and turned all the edges under to meet the top hexies, then straight stitched twice.
the backing is cute and very old... given to me by a friend one year long ago

For the Rainbow Scrap challenge color of the month, purple, I stitched up 12 chandelier blocks for this month,.,,
they are pictured on my portable design wall because the real wall is covered in lattice blocks!
purple lattice blocks

I have blue blocks all prepared to sew from last month, but realized the color was light blue and most of my scraps cut were medium to dark. That's what I'll make, as they are ready to sew.

So, this week's sewing projects in one post. Some ongoing, some by hand, some done by hand sewing with machine finishes, some part of a bed quilt to be and some for the table.
I love quilting!

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Friday, September 6, 2019

paint party Friday

Welcome to paint party Friday!
I didn't do a lot of painting this week, with the holiday on Monday and our travels, I blended gardening, travels, sewing, and sorting stuff with creative time. But the image above is an exercise for me believe it or not!
Getting the feel of a brush, learning how to mix paints, creating a composition of the same shapes and how to put some in front, some behind are all skills. After painting, I would use a wet brush to push the paint around, then a dry brush to lift paint off in areas. After that I would drop in a different color to see how it affected the look, how it mixed on paper, how pens drawn around a damp shape would blend and accent, like in the top left blue/green circle where I drew in a line of bright gold.
I liked how the pale almost colorless circles show up as background.
I continued to sketch on my weekly calendar... note to self, don't drop liquid on Staedtler fineliner...

gesture drawing... quick captures
I watched another Shayda Campbell video where she mentioned you can turn regular writing into something like caligraphy by just going over one side of all the letters. Interesting....

I watched another creationsceecee paint video, and got  the idea of using zendoodle to fill in shapes
I tried painting some of my flowers from close up photos I took of my back yard... simple is better in some cases... remember that LeeAnna. this is just in my sketchbook but on real waatercolor paper I would stay simple, not outline.

Life is so daily. I do a post on Mondays, a list of things I liked all week on Thursdays, and a sewing post on Saturdays... if any of that interests you I invite you to come back! It's all about living the creative life, noticing the details and interpreting them in paint, fabric or words.

My favorite painting/sketching video this week.
Simple way to create a little book to doodle in, and with a bit of watercolor and a pen, you can turn shapes into birds!

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

I Like Thursday #157 exploring Colorado

Welcome to this week's list of likes! The above picture is from Breckenridge CO and I loved the cropping of this image... it could almost be a colored image of the 1800's.

Here's the vegetable pic of the week... my tomatoes all have black spots... what is that? 
looks like a bird doesn't it?
I liked that we balanced the long weekend, with Friday eating take out Thai food, then going to the big mall. I used to go to the Mall in Annapolis often, but the closest mall is a ways away, so I got to shop at all the big stores and even get some cozy warm new pants for winter.

On Saturday we drove South to Manitou Springs for a craft show, and all three of us had a great time til the sun came out. We met lots of dogs, talked to a lot of artists and I had a mini interview with a wonderful artist... hopefully I'll write it up and combine the last few interviews for you.

After the show, it was too hot to look around the cute town, so we drove to Old Colorado City again, to pick up some more wine from vino winery. We tasted a few more, and purchased four bottles because they were half price! Then we wanted to try their lunch, and it was okay for us to plop down and enjoy a chicken salad while having a glass of white.
cute store front winery
I not only liked the food, but one could go order it, then sit in the front to eat or drink a glass of wine.
All three of us!
too young to drink but not too young for some turkey!
 The owner came out and asked Milo if he was hungry, returning with a handful of turkey for him. He wants to go back soon.

We talked to a group of people from VA on the shady street while they petted Milo. It was fun to chat about our old stomping grounds.
In fact I liked all the people we met all weekend, most were visiting from the east coast.
While walking around Old CO City, we stopped to chat with a couple sitting with coffee's and books. They were just fascinating, visiting for a week from Texas. The husband used to be a writer for Reader's Digest (in NYC) so we compared notes on writing. He said he's an introvert, and glad his wife brings him out but sometimes he just wants to return to his shell! He doesn't miss deadlines... she was so funny and told me her word of the year was adventure. She just returned from a trip to Chichen itza with girlfriends. They did a three day hike to it!

I love to meet interesting people, and stop to chat with them.

I found an old hand sewing project to work on for the long drives... I'll show that on Sewing Sat.

Sunday we drove to Breckenridge for another art show, but stopped for lunch and shopping in Frisco first. I really love this little mountain town! We got the best turkey reuben sandwiches and fries and sat in the old gazebo amid the historic homes on display.
I liked this old mining cart done up with gorgeous flowers... we toured several of the relocated historic homes and met people from Georgia!

Lots of people out having fun everywhere we went this weekend, and we talked to a lot of them.
but it was hot, too hot really. We clung to shade and rested a lot, drank lots of water.
Milo charmed a lot of artists with his poodle style. One set of artists want another poodle, but they are too expensive here. The wife got the name of  Milo's breeder and is considering a long drive to visit the east and get a poodle. She told me about their poodle who used to sit at the table when they had dinner parties. I like poodle people. When we were moving on, the wife bent down and hugged Milo who likes hugs, and she wiped a tear from her eyes. Their girl passed about a year ago.
Here is the cow picture of the week, a display in a Breckenridge store!

I liked this flamingo painting done a few years back, put on this post:Here!

Hi y'all... I love to go for a rideinnacar.... never know where the pawrents will stop... always an adventure!
I love an art show, and I look at the art, sometimes pulling Mama into a booth to see it. This time I was happy to see this little fellow keeping his artsy mama company.
"nice ride buddy!" I said, he said, "I know right? I'm at eye level with you this way"
I would have asked him to get down and play but I was hot and tired by then! He was ready to go but his mama said, nonono.
we had a great time anyway!
I also love to play with my ring toy, even at night, heh heh. Adds a degree of difficulty to the game!
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