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I've made close to 200 quilts so hold on it's going to be a ride!
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                                                            "Time Flies"
 This quilt was made in 1999/2000 for a challenge to interpret your favorite saying. It has a working clock in it to remind me to get moving!  The face is painted, the wings 3-d lame, curvy flying geese, and different times on each clock on the bottom.   Time Flies whether you are having fun or not....
It was exhibited widely in   National/International  shows in 2000 and '01 and brought home many pretty ribbons. It still hangs in the entrance to the studio. It remains one of my favorites.

 Two travelers: Artistic Artifact Power Suits and Arts and Old Lace
                                         (still on exhibit)
                                                    "She put on her power suit every day"

 I wrote a haiku for the challenge piece, did a self portrait. The mirror image is my old self going to court each day. The new self is a happy artist, living her art. Art is spelled out in Scrabble tiles, a quilt hanging above that. Hand lettered with ink pen. Original design and very personal.

                                                                    "Time and Again"
This challenge was for Arts and Old lace. I used the lace in my packet, used embossed paper to build the design on fabric background. I treated it as a fiber piece. I appliqued gold mesh fabric spirals on the background. Lots of gold thread.
Hope to get these back soon.

Two Klee style quilts done for my art quilt group challenge to interpret famous artists. both 12 inches square

Joyful Woman
Tequila Sunrise 40" X 40"

quilt show 2013

quilt show two

This is one of my painted fabric adventures.
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this little quilt called A Few of my Favorite Things
 was made years ago and hangs
 in the studio. See more posts about the studio HERE!
and on the page at the top of my blog

I have decided to love the way I draw instead of constantly critiquing it as child like. It's a STYLE!  It's my style!
See more sketching HERE!

ten years of growth, one of my 20 + Valentine quilts
look for the label, share the love valentine quilts on home page


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Hi,,, I would like to follow your blog, Blogspot has a gadget that says "follow me", I use it on my blog also.. so easy that way... any chance you could add it? I don't have Google +, Love looking at your art and all the color, If I book mark I will forget...

Lynette said...

Hey, wow! I really, really love Power Suit. :D

Vivek Kumar said...

Awesome art! For an artist, art created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful because it expresses important ideas or feelings.
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