Saturday, April 30, 2022

My creative offerings for last week in April

for this week's sewing round up, I have 3 finished art quilts to share...

Spring flower 14" X 26"

(I shared the early stages of these projects on this post:    HERE!!

I believe all three qualify for the Table scraps challenge to use a word and our scraps to make something. 

made from scraps, some painted, some appliqued, some pieced then appliqued!

organic leaf shapes quilted in

since I just add elements until I feel done, the whole thing needs careful straightening before quilting edges.  I knew I wanted some straight lines to frame this.. 

this bottom strip came straight from my painted scraps bin, made years ago and waiting for the right time to be used. I love the little mushrooms, the flowers were formed by cutting out freezer paper shapes and ironing them to fabric before painting. The quilting is free hand. The butterfly was painted with markers onto black and white fabric, then cut out. The green may or may not be my own hand dye, or a purchased hand dye, who remembers?

the second finished piece was made using my pink scraps and freedom piecing 

stripes and squares  14" X 20"
 I call it stripes and squares. It also has painted parts

the small flower at the bottom left was done with markers, the flower on the right is a thumbnail photo of one of my paper paintings printed onto fabric. I did a large whole quilt of the whole image and these little bits were put around the print so as to not waste the printable fabric. I kept them, and they fit right in on this! The flying geese is my own version of improv flying geese and an element I'm repeating this year in most of my work.

the strip sets are really tiny scraps I methodically stitch together when I need meditative sewing time

I have several made and use them when the time is right. The squares were from a large quilt made years ago. 

RSC color focus of the month has been pink... use your pink scraps. I did and love my scraps... leading to the next tiny work, made first actually...

Earlier in April I thought I'd make some fan blocks and got out the tiny scraps, happily stitching them together as my whims took me. Thinking about people and how contentious they have become world wide, from nasty comments made online to attacking each other on TV, to wars. 

I wrote a story yesterday sort of exploring this theme, called Internal Landscapes see it (HERE

inked on with stamps them quilted with metallic thread

some fabrics are satin and look great quilted!

I have painted a lot this week too.... and watched videos on print making, zentangles in nature, and other creativity talks all in Thursday's " I Like" post (here)

she was done with two colors pink and green

quote by Tamara la porte

I'll leave you with a wonderful talk by Elizabeth Gilbert about creativity... so many sound bites I need to copy down as quotes!

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Friday, April 29, 2022

Friday Writings "Landscapes"

Today I am here to share my words and thoughts... the new to me link party for writers offered us a prompt of the word "landscapes" The above image is from my sketchbook, a lesson to remember a place in photos, paintings and words. 

the landscape within...

not visible to others, not even to the individual always, is our internal landscape.

it's said what we see is often what we look for... or look at. I see patterns and shapes in tree trunks because I look at them. My husband sees a tree, because his focus is different.

who is right?

how we view the space around our lives is as individual as fingerprints or snowflakes. 

I grew up looking at the beach landscape but remember staying each summer in the appalachians and being struck by the gentle view change of seeing distant mountains with clouds circling them like necklaces. As a child my world view expanded with the excitement that there was so much to see.

We are affected by our views and must never forget a world view can change with a shift in perspective, sometimes just a move across the country or around the room. I learned this from painting what I see.

so how can we as humans communicate with each other when we see differently?

different views can enlarge our worlds... my husband is entranced often by what I see and point out to him because he missed it. My world view expands when I am shown a new way to see something, or a solution I never thought of...

we need to communicate with each other, since we live so closely,   we need to find common ways of seeing.  Maybe just knowing we all see things differently will bring about a respect of this individuality and with that peace.

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Thursday, April 28, 2022

I Like Thursday # 294


Welcome to this week's list of likes. The painting is one of mine, from a class with Tamara La Porte

I included a quote from a poem by Amber Kuileimailani who is offering a free 5 day workshop starting in May. The gist of the poem was life is hard, when it's too much let God hold what's too big.

I love female faces anyway, but here is another done during the Tamara lesson

here is my initial drawing

 we were to pick two colors to work with, and let her be whimsical,  and this is my finished painting just on sketchbook paper. I want to do another on watercolor paper

One of Tamara's quotes

yessssss   and she is so pretty...

we are to include symbols important to us, words like "hope" and "brave" remind me how I want to be

I include a few drawings and paintings as this kind of creative time filled my week and I love it. I have a birthday coming up and made an order to Dick Blick art supplies for DH to get for me. New art supplies are so exciting. So much to do and learn in life, if I can keep my spirits up. 

I loved my FT bee with Cindy this week, we talked about everything! and loved my zoom time with Joy as always since she is such a good friend and the time flies by! Love y'all

I've been watching videos on Zentangle inspired art... and this video makes it so easy

there is a zen stitching workshop (Schedule) beginning in May that I will take, along with two friends also taking it so we can compare notes. Looking forward to the classes. Not offered for long, 24 hours but still.

 I'll also take another creative spiritual workshop with Amber K the same week (Click here to join me)

 this video in it's entirety was so important to me in my search for my life meaning this week...

Julia Cameron and Elizabeth Gilbert on remaining creative and self acceptance. One of my fave quotes is perfectionism is just fear in high heels and a mink, being fancy. 

Thanks to Susie mac I now know of a writer's link party with prompts, on Fridays so I can share my stories again!

We had a short break from heat this weekend and I baked an oat flour/banana cake with cream cheese icing, and a blueberry cake, a quiche (gone now)

I turned in several books because they made me upset with their talk of post civil war racism, and the other is by a wonderful author but the content was about being married to mobsters. Injustice makes me cry... so back to the library they went. I moved on to a more soothing audio book


and ebook at night (still)

watching American Idol on TV, New Amsterdam, The good doctor, Murdoch Mysteries, Midwives and Sanditon on PBS, and I'm trying to watch Bravo but the housewives are too much. 

Milo's Moment

 I like that Mama comes out to watch me when I have to do business out back,  cause I get scared alone. I like banana cake and having my own piece at night too.
I'm happy my new chicken now has only one wing and no legs so she won't fly away.

see? she could get away when she had legs!

Please visit these people to see what they liked this week! If you write about your likes let me know to include your link! 

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Saturday, April 23, 2022

creativity round up for the week Mixed Media!


 Welcome to this week's creativity round up! I've spent creative time drawing, painting, learning via youtube videos, and sewing.  The color pink stood out this week in all areas. 

 Rainbow Scrap challenge  this month is using pink.  I wanted to not only play with scraps but do the table scraps challenge for next week, I started with getting out my stamps and ink to include the word peace... full pic and details of that next week but it is finished, and hanging in the family room

More sewing with scraps caused me to build this piece little bit by little frayed bit

to continue my love affair with improv geese, then I included this strip of tiny scraps made earlier... I'm liking it... the name strips and squares is in my mind

see how small the strips are?

I love the serendipity of putting fabric to fabric and what it makes...

So I added it in, with some other sewn bits including the small print on the bottom right. 

It is a digital print of one of my paintings, tiny thumbnails printed on fabric and pieced into a component to use

I'm liking how this is growing! All from scraps. I see it going on my bed table. Stay tuned!

I finished my spring banner except for binding... and LOVE it, showing that next week y'all as it was initially started for my table scraps challenge using a word...

pink scraps formed the letters

I finished one audio book and started another this week while creating

I've been interested in the application of zentangles and doodled these from a video onto my calendar

I like the strong graphics. I love botanicals so I thought I might paint a flower then draw these kinds of lines all over them

in pinks...just in the sketchbook not on watercolor paper, I was still able to practice layering, transparency, capturing a delicate overlay of petals...

I doodled over the green area
I loved the delicacy of colors but added in just a hint of watercolor pencil to define them... see?

adding a delicate pencil line to imply a stem

I tried to make myself add in lines, but only got so far as a hint of yellow and some watercolor pencil

Then I liked them all so much I stopped. It's a sketchbook, a place to experiment, learn and try out ideas... I dated it and turned the page...

I watched the following video and was stunned by the artist's technique of sewing on real leaves. I'm not really considering doing that exactly but her joining stitches were wonderful, so I sketched them to remember, and thought about how I'd use them in my work... yes it all goes together doesn't it? Each idea, each technique learned, each medium tried... if you think what if... it can merge into your own unique work

I have been creating for years and not much astounds me but this did...

this show is on youtube

"meet the artist" by Arnold's Attic,   is #41 in series so I have lots more to go see.... how exciting!

this artist's website is

I'll tie this up with a background painted this week... in aqua and pink and golden yellow with white dots across it... time will tell if I have the nerve to draw over it! Maybe I'll do something completely ot of the box, what do you think?

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Thursday, April 21, 2022

I Like Thursday #193

welcome to this week's list of likes. I love to draw and paint and see color mix on paper

for inspiration for words this week, I turned to google images and collect the tiny thumbnail images on one sheet of paper to remind this

 On TV

new (to us) show Secrets of the museum described as, "Following the team of experts and conservators who are hard at work behind the scenes of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London" We watch on youtube on our roku

Secrets of the Museum (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb 

 reading on ebook

  2nd in series and a fun easy series to read at night

Listening to on audio

  VERY entertaining and intriguing read to me as I create my art

 On line viewing

I love Barbara Streisand... this song is new to me and means so much now when we all need to see the value in each other...please listen to her words


i was enamored of this family this week... really could just calmly watch the antics of the baby and the loving gestures and protectiveness of his mama

 winning bird pictures...

 Fine Dining this week chez LeeAnna

all that's left, it was so good we made it with frozen peaches and one fresh pear

 I used the following video as a start to my chicken marsala and was it ever delish!!!!!!

Lastly I returned to the idea of peanut butter cups... but it worked this time due to this guy

we used almond butter and love them. The shape was so cute for Easter too. Packed them in a container to enjoy all week after lunches

Milo's Moment

Milo: I love the indestructible chickens! I was gnawing on one this week when I heard "blah blah blah chicken" from Mama... then this appeared from the garage!!!

 Mama: your two chicken skins are about chewed to smithereens darling, so have fun with this one who has two legs, two wings a head that squeaks a comb and a topknot!

Milo: yessss by the way have you seen my most chewed chicken Mama?

Mama: um,uh,  I think it left the house, sometimes they do that and we thank them for all the hours of fun they gave us, and learn to love  new chickens. 

Milo: that's crazy... but I do like a new toy! I just don't understand how the old one got away with no legs no wings no head.

now please visit Mama's friends here to see what they liked this week!

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