Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Please do not disturb

Hoffman Challenge in progress
Shhh, please don't disturb the frantic quilter trying to meet a deadline!!
I wasn't going to do the Hoffman challenge this year, then  a month ago found a fat quarter of the fabric, and drew out an exciting plan on paper. I colored it in with pencil. I love it as a drawing!

Then I started work on the components, and they are all pieced, and some intricate quilting done making them ready to be put on the background and quilted. I fussy cut out hexagons and hand pieced them with tans to make a patio. I used some silk tiny hexagons on one leaf. Another leaf has pieced geese. The coral spikes on another leaf are all intricately pieced then pre quilted with extra layer of batting.

I went in yesterday to layer the components onto a background and it's not easy-going folks. Guess I thought it would fall into place now that so much has been pre quilted. Nope. As per usual it will be challenging to get under my home machine.

I do all my work on an older Bernina 1630, with a little harp area, not a long arm and for the first time I'm wondering if a mid arm would be a good investment in mental health. Space is an ongoing concern however.
Hmmm I could take over the dining room...
Wish me luck.
Go make something fun today!
Lee Anna

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  1. What is the Hoffman Challenge and did you finish? Looks very interesting!