Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On learning

haven for creatures imaginary
The picture is a bit blurry because it was taken through the screen and there is no sunlight today. Oh so sad for a person running on solar batteries! I suspect we are headed for many such days too.

I am learning something every day about blogging and computers and writing. Not many people have found me yet, so to the few reading this, I celebrate you!

One of the things I am just beginning to learn is about manipulating photos. I'm old school, I take prints and slides. In the 80's in Edmonton Alta Canada I took a class in 50mm SLR cameras. The digital age scares me  but today I distorted this picture on the computer and it was kind of exciting. I like the pink one but the green one could easily go on clothing for the flamingo inclined.
pretty in pink
another reality
              I assume I'm a dinosaur and everyone else and their dog knows how to use the computer and photo tools. It makes me sad that I feel so very limited in my ability to absorb technology. This was an exercise in frustration and it was a baby step. Learning is good, learning is good, learning is good...
go make something!


  1. LeAnna, I too am old school but I'm here to tell you that if you want to learn technology you can. I know nothing about computers and when something goes amiss with mine I call my DH. However, I wanted to learn Photo Shop elements so I could do art work that I had in my head. I took an online class from Ed2go.com and learned so much. You can teach an old dog new tricks.

    1. Oh Marilyn, I would love to understand it, but it seems like I need a real person to show me, then I perform the new task, then they correct my performance, then I learn.
      Oy! I am used to picking up new info quickly so it's disheartening to be so slow to learn technology. Even the husband has become testy with my lack of ability. i'll check out the class you mentioned, and thank you lots.

  2. Several years ago I volunteered to learn how to maintain the newly created website for the artist cooperative space where my studio is located. I did so because my friend (who was supposed to be "the expert" in this area) was sick at the time, unable to fulfill her commitment to the group. It was scary. There was a "blog". I'd never heard the term before. It needed "updating" ... whatever that was. So, alone at night, at home with my computer, I went to the group's website. I clicked on the word "blog". I clicked on "log in". I wondered how this website/blog/whatever knew my "user name" and "password". Did I have one? I used my email information ... and accidentally created a blog. The next day, I called my friend for the correct log-in information. Then, I tried again ... and presto ... blogging was like writing an email to the world. I thought I'd better delete the empty blog I'd created the day before, but then again, maybe not. Maybe, just maybe, if I kept it, wrote on it, practiced ... I'd learn how to do this blogging thing. Well, that blog only lasted about six months. It was hosted on "Blogstream" ... which doesn't exist any more. In the six months, however, I found Blogger and finally started a new blog ... my blog, still going since August 2006. Of course, the blog was only one part of the group's website. I also had to learn how to maintain the rest of the "thing". I exchanged several hours of "framing" lessons for several hours of "webmeistering" with the artist who designed the website. The last thing she said to be was, "Just have fun with it". FUN? Was she kidding? At first I was terrified and it wasn't any fun at all. Slowly, I got the hang of the few things she attempted to show me. It got easier and I ventured onto other pages, other codes, other ways to manipulate and change the website. It did get fun. A couple of years ago, I finally told the group that I was no longer interested in maintaining the website. I'd done it, the blogging, the Constant Contact emails, answered all contacts, and handled all digital/technical issues for years. It was time someone else learned this. They got a new, easier website and it is often out-of-date ... and they don't really care so it doesn't matter. BUT, I got the same artist to design my own website and I now LOVE IT! I love the FUN of it! Believe me, I started out with no idea that any of this would be remotely possible, sure that I don't learn things like everyone else (dyslexic, etc.), from an age when (like you) I took real film and had some darkroom experience, and was sure that there'd be no FUN in it at all. Just keep at it. Slowly, the fun will come! Also, I don't know very much about many of the terms that are passed around on the on-line artquilt forums. I know nothing about printers on fabric, software to design patterns, Excel sheets, etc. But I have several blogs, a great website, and a Constant Contact account with over 2000 contacts. My website has been accessed by curators in different states ... and provided invitational opportunities. My blog has led to sales and gallery representation. Keep it up. It will come ... and, by the way, are you going to the Sacred Thread Exhibition opening this Saturday? Steve and I are coming to DC. We've got tickets to Wolftrap to see NCO play Orff's Carmina Burana and Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition on Friday ... then on to the reception Saturday afternoon.

  3. Susan, I am planning to go to the opening of ST. I'm excited to see people again, and meet others I've only known from a distance. It will be great to see you again!