Saturday, October 29, 2022

my creative week.... a workshop, a little paint, a lot of sewing

 welcome to my creativity round up for the last week of October 2022.

Relax!?? when there is so much to do??

no not raking, 


The little index card with a message for me on it is about all I've painted except for fabric this week. I started with a word written with stabillo crayon, and wet brush dragged the paint into a shadow. Then leaves drawn with pigma marker, painted with watercolors, it was done! 

A workshop lesson this week was to try block printing on fabric


square stamp with spirals, lumiere paint
I used a foam brush to spread paint on a square stamp, stamped 8 times around a square with Stuart Gill metallic blue paint. Then a dog running was stamped in a loose circle with copper paint, and tiny hearts stamped inside in a 9 X 9 format.

I think I needed padding under the plastic bag for a better impression but like the idea of using one stamp repeatedly to make a pattern. 

another instructor suggested making a hand stitched needle book with overlapping scraps...

front and back

and pages insde from batting to hold needles

I thought, these are cute little Christmas gifts... hey here's a little Christmas fabric scrap 2.5" X 3.5"

little sequin stars and some beads

it holds needles believe it or not!

who doesn't like a miniature thing? 

rainbow scrap challenge color of the month is light green, so I did my wish upon a star block to go with all the colors so far....

all done in repro feedsack fabrics

the block with cutest little repro prints
I did a few little hexies in light green....

 a piece of hugo's thread control plastic bundles them to use later

they will  go with these two large diamonds

and the Pièce de résistance! another fall scrap piece completed from the gifted scraps from Jan at colorful fabriholic!

some close ups of metallic quilting thread etc

and general quilting

This is so pretty in person, and fits our Colorado house so well, I expect it might stay up all year

that about ties it up for this week.... working on this for next week

lots to quilt here, maybe in a couple weeks! lol

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Thursday, October 27, 2022

I Like Thursday # 321 poodles and pumpkins and costumes oh my


check out that fly on my pumpkin...
welcome to this week's list of likes!

I'm taking a workshop with Kate Ward this week, keeping me busy so a short one today. I had a lot of migraines this week, slowing me down a lot. We had a cold snap, yea! Love cooler weather! Leaves were nearly blown off the street, down the road to Kansas this weekend!

 flowers are about done and those two peppers I nudged along for 4 months needed to be harvested.

  We sliced one of them into really thin strips for turkey sandwiches at lunch one day, instead of lettuce. Actually tasted wonderful, and will try that again. This little fellow was too small but I couldn't bear leaving him out in the frost!

love using my Halloween dishes

Milo keeps a close eye on these but they are too far back on the counter out of poodle reach. Speaking of poodles...

we got a new rug for the back patio door area and a certain poodle likes to sunbathe there while watching the bunny channel. I like the pattern enough to get rugs for front and stairs.

My book series about nantucket mentioned this wine in all the books, so we tried it and it's great!

decided to make sweet and sour orange sauce to put on chicken and vege dinner... it's so good

and thought I should mention I like arrowroot instead of cornstarch (I'm allergic to corn) and it works great with good flavor. Thank you to a previous I Like post by Mary in Peoria who uses aminos instead of soy sauce (I'm allergic to soy too) so now I can use my recipes that call for soy sauce!
also in the sauce is fresh ginger, garlic, chili flakes, brown sugar, cider vinegar along with OJ

I often want to add a bit of broth to cooking but our containers were too big. DH found these cute 1 cup sized containers. I'll cook the peppers, onions, mushrooms, carrots and celery in it then add the oven fried chicken tenders and orange sauce. Something different.

Our prompt this week is to talk about halloween costumes we've worn and liked as kids or adults: 

 I remember as a little girl, wanting the (cheap) dimestore costumes with plastic masks...

Vintage COLLEGEVILLE Halloween mask w/costume (FAIRY QUEEN) 1960s | eBay

I had a costume every year of something, hobo, pumpkin, I know one year I was told I'd be a clown and I hated that costume. I do not like a clown anyway. I know I was a gypsy many times with the fun jewelry and scarves. I remember a Dale Evans cowgirl costume I wore a lot after Halloween.

One year I went to mardi gras in new orleans, and saw some awesome costumes. The one I remember best was an entire family of cows... from baby to grandpa same costumes! 

I dressed up a lot as a performer and dancer, in costume and loved all of them

 in Maryland, DH and I used to dress up as Morticia and Gomez, sit at a little table in the front yard, drink wine out of these classes and hand out candy. 

 we used to go to a craft festival that had a dog costume contest and I remember Hairy Poodle from Dogwarts as a favorite. I dressed my black lab up as an angel one year and she hated it.                          I thought it would be fun for dh and I to dress like poodles, and sit outside with Cole but turned out he disliked masks and kids running amuk in the dark anyway.

in high school I wanted to look like a grand lady from 1850 and we had a seamstress make me a gown. I loved that realistic dress, with crinolines. 

1850-1860 Antebellum Era Patterns | Past Patterns

I used to work the Renaissance Festival and had some mighty fine outfits, so I sometimes wore those to a costume party. A corset is a might fine thing! can't find the pics of me, but like a colorful this:

Women's Celtic Renaissance Costume

Milo's Moment

Milo: don't. Don't even think about putting some weirdo costume on me!!! I don't even like the leash!!!

Mama: but wouldn't you be cute in a daisy costume? or a poodle skirt? that would be adorable! 

Milo: y'all see what I have to put up with? Good thing I love her... amiright?  

public service reminder

remember when you vote, to vote to support the democratic process that allows us to vote freely, and to support women. I'm a woman. I hope not to see my rights drained away by politicians... I'm just too old to be subservient to a man. All the menfolk at chez colorful respect women!

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