P-Pod (poodle pic of the day)

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video of Milo enjoying a magazine

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hanging with my peeps
Cole loves the recycling people. He always greets them with one bark, wags his tail furiously, hops up and down on his back feet. I assume he wants to go with them, after all what a dream job. Going house to house looking though people's stuff, smelling all that garbage!
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at the beach in Rehoboth DE on my 13th birthday! 
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The Queen couldn't wait to have her picture with me!

mouth o'legs   Post here

Waiting for a walk  read the post by Cole, HERE

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When it rains, one must ALWAYS be aware of his naturally curly hair!
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studio dog, what!

When asked “Why a Poodle?” the late Anne Rogers Clark (the first woman to win Best in
Show at Westminster) often replied: “They are Labradors with college educations. After
a day of retrieving, your Lab wants to curl up in front of the fireplace and take a well
deserved nap. A Poodle wants to be fourth at the bridge table and tell naughty stories!”

ready to walk

definition-of-walk Post Here!

Can she come home with us mama?

                                 Cole makes friends wherever we go, here is one in Williamsburg, Va.

6/25/13 died of boredom

6/20/13 chatting with friends

reading while on vacation in Lake Placid last year
I could eat
relaxing on a Sunday morning

dining Al fresco

if you want me to fetch, throw a squirrel
Red, White and True-Blue Poodle
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                                                           Cole on Fourth of July 2013
room service

who's the cutest dog??
 Cole at one of our favorite restaurants in Lake Placid NY. We have been many times, and love it there. The air is clean, the view is gentle, you park the car and walk everywhere. We walk around Mirror lake twice a day and Cole becomes a celebrity for a week. "Oh that's the poodle I've been watching!" "Can I pet your dog??"
His already high self-esteem grows on Vacation.

 Cole was stopped while wearing his patriotic bandana, when a tourist from Japan asked to have their picture taken with him.

Just need a few things


Maria said...

Love the P-POD pics..... Especially the garbage truck greeter. They are some loud garbage men that we have!

Lynn said...

Love the dog pics. Love the dog. What a personality.