Thursday, September 30, 2021

I Like Thursday #264

welcome to this week's lists of likes... starting with some fall color in our tree

ooooo the lovely shades of lime green, gold, peach and all in between!

And I like that my wildflowers in patio pots are holding on. We just got some mums to plant too.

The tomato is the same size it was last week, but the pepper is a leeeetle bigger. 

It's cooler today, more normal temps for Colorado the last day of September and I LOVE IT! Whew! (oh it will be warmer in another day, but for today...) The 4 months of heat and fires have exhausted me

My selfie of sorts... I'm wearing a tiny elbow length sweater, yea! Not shorts!

taken when I was shooting the newest runner on the entry post... I like tall thin quilts for right here! 

the other little finished piece from last week

It's been way too hot in the house to bake this week but hopefully I'll have something to share later

I've enjoyed painting again this week, that round up tomorrow and it's all about a leaf

joanna basford calendar page

and I got out a little kit on diamond dotz to try . I liked doing it and next is a pumpkin kit!

we happened upon this movie on netflix, on the night after it was released. The critics didn't like it but we did. (that happens often enough) I liked the slightly odd story, related to it strongly. It dealt with the themes of loss and perseverance with humor, intelligence and surprise. 

A poster featuring a bird standing on a woman lying down.

 I'm so loving Survivor but they shortened it this time... nooooo! I also love The Good Doctor, New Amsterdam and A million little things all finally back on air!

Reading this 10th book in the bake shop series on ebook... I so love this series


Tried to listen to Little Paris Bookshop but was annoyed so I returned it so now I'm listening to this one while in the studio


I loved seeing this huge fellow on our neighbor's roof at dusk this week. When he took off his wingspan was awesome! My little sparrow from last year is back sleeping on our front porch each night. I love him.

Milo's Moments

Hi Y'all... I am enjoying this cooler weather. When you wear a black fur coat it's good to be cool! 

I've enjoyed chasing squirrels in our yard this week, they sure are nutty right now, heh heh (a little poodle humor) (you're welcome!) 

well, are you gonna throw that toy Mama?

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rosie and the boys nature pics 

Saturday, September 25, 2021

sunday stealing questions to answer

1.      When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

my hair is a mess... it's always been thin but I was able to get better haircuts than the one I give myself now. It's going gray because when I became allergic to chemicals I became allergic to my hair dye. I'm between brown and gray now and each time I see it, I think about aging.

2.      What shirt are you wearing? 

 Even as I isolate from others, I am trying to wear my nice going out clothes each week. I like softness and comfort though, and stretch is my friend. I can't have anything tugging on my spine when I move so... today it's a stretchy tunic purchased at a craft show. That's paint splatters on dark black, it covers my "sins" swings as I walk, and is a favorite. 

A problem these days is, get ready for it,  climate change. We are living through the hottest summer on record in the Denver area... and still going so this short sleeved shirt is too hot today. It's usually beautiful 70F range in september.

3.      Do you label yourself? 

I'm critical of myself as my adoptive family is toward me... I fight hearing their words in my memory when judging myself. On the plus side, I balance that with knowing I'm artistic, quick witted (when coffee is involved) can talk to anybody about anything anytime since I'm interested in people, have survived so much in childhood and faced the memories as an adult, am scientific and love facts when making decisions, love books and tv and baby elephants. I am a "tree-hugger" and spiritual person who does not like fundamentalist/ dogmatic beliefs.

what are these ?

4.      What does your watch look like? 

I have a "paper" watch now from the Denver art museum of Monet's waterlillies but time has little meaning now. I need to know when certain shows are on, the poodle knows it's 8pm because that's when he gets a chewy treat, I wake in bright light, I paint when I am drinking morning coffee, dh tells me when it's time for lunch, I get hungry about 6pm and sleepy about 11:30 at night.

5.      What were you doing at midnight last night? 

I hope I was asleep early as I haven't been sleeping well since June when the heat started here. We have record high temps, and it's usually lovely this time of year, this year it continues in the near 90's F. It is due to climate changes that I pray will not be permanent but suspect this is our new normal. I HATE HEAT. One can put on warmer clothes but when it's so hot you can't even sleep.

6.      Last furry thing you touched? 

this guy, my constant companion has soft fur, his name is Milo

7.      Favourite age you have been so far? 

40 was terrific

8.      What is your current desktop picture?

Monet's waterlillies

9.      If you had to choose between $1,000,000 or to be able to fly what would it be?

show me the money

10.  The last song you listened to? 

a bosso nova mix on youtube

11.  What do you do when vending machines steal your money?

growl, fume at the injustice!  slap them as if they will be shocked into dropping my item

12.  Would you move for the person you loved?

yes, and I have. I have never lived in a place I couldn't leave. 
I miss palm trees in Florida, and I miss lining near Annapolis Maryland so close to so much, I miss the park in Salt Lake City center, and I miss the safety and kindness of Canada.
when I met my now husband, I knew I'd be willing to go wherever he went.

13.  Name three things that you have on you at all times? 

well, obviously I have nothing on in the shower but my sense of dignity, but being so isolated for going on two years now, I don't have much other than clothes on. And those must be comfy. In the olden days before unseen illness threatened I had my purse with keys, my dog with poop bags, and a bottle of water. I'm not one to carry a phone, I don't want to be so accessible and my eyes aren't good enough to enjoy doing things in miniature.

14.  What’s your favourite town/city?

ahhhh, well I loved Toronto. New York City and San Fransisco are exciting, Washington DC was so much fun and so diverse with festivals and events. For gentle scenery and comfort I LOVE Lake Placid NY. Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo CA. Bruge Belgium. Stowe VT.

15.  Does anything hurt on your body right now?
 nearly everything. So many injuries left permanent pain. Spinal issues are maybe the worst as they cause nerve pain in so many places. Sinus pain since we moved to Colorado, dry, smokey, dusty, and amazingly enough pesticide spray is rampant around us despite not having many insects. I get migraines from even tiny amounts of it.

read answers from others here:

and I'd love to see your answers

sewing Saturday.... peach wine and ghosties


to start this week, I finished the Bats and Boos quilt (pattern fatquartershop) complete with binding, sleeve and label. It's on the wall now. Earliest I've ever finished a halloween quilt! 

Along with quilting straight lines to stabilize the quilt, the free motion quilting was leaves, vines and spirals

then some ghost buttons were added for fun texture

can you find 6 of them?

the backing was older holiday fabric, another to make a sleeve, and as it finishes at 40 1/4" square, was just a bit too large for my backing fabric

I pulled the back around to the front while quilting, and liked the look, so I trimmed the top, pulled the back to the front and hand sewed it in place. On three sides, the top wasn't long enough so I put another fabric binding up there.

fussy cut ghosts, fussy cut boo pieced in

The color of the month at Soscrappy is orange so of course my mind turned to wine...

pattern source Hoffman fabrics

I call this one peach wine since it's in a peachy fabric... 

with an angel print for a label... "Heavenly Peach"?

the second bottle is a darker orange fabric with a lovely horse print label...

"stallion apple wine"  ?

the cellar is almost full, just 3 months of color to go, 6 more bottles at least

I spent more time this week painting, the post with my paintings is HERE

and watching elephants, puppies, donkeys and podcasts on youtube. oh and listening to pumpkin jazz 

and writing posts, I Like list on Thursday, painting on Friday and today with you all...

bye, y'all

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Friday, September 24, 2021

paint party Friday late September is golden


ahhhhh paint party Friday again! This week I painted three tree pieces, and will share them here, with detail shots... ready to party?  

We have been pining for the Adirondacks this week... the sweet pine scented cool air, the gentle views of water, birch and mountains...

This from memory, and from looking at the aspen in our yard. I like the tone of it, and the random size of trees. I don't fret paintings, so what appears is seen as a gift! I like how the shadows look, the blue could be water or mountains.

I like the little mushrooms and growing weeds

this one started the week's paintings...

soft yet moody

It started as another 5 min work, but I fell in love with it's softness, so added more and more details

still done quickly with little time to dither or fret

Number two this week was the one above. I broke the rules adding in two trees, an even number. It's in a watercolor sketchbook, which I seldom use. I like the sense of a meadow, the gold and orange of the leaves, how the trunks seem old and wise from seeing so much of life

I watched a video on lettering by the woman below. On the video below she is discussing how to blend colors with tombow markers...

To do these letters I used tombow, then went over them just on the bottom with another color... cool effect

about my paintings.  I  am looking more at blending now. Not just enjoying the color but seeing how it mixes and how four colors become one that has depth. I try to see an object with it's lines and shadows now not just see a tree but SEE the tree.

I thought I always really looked but now I am looking past the known, it's a tree, to what I see, lines of brown, green black and gold together forming something solid. 

The colors here affect me though, the brown tones and duller colors make me look at color differently. Turquoise (water) and pink (skies) were my palette in Florida, deeper shades mixed with black for Maryland's different sunlight, and now the washed out pastel earth tones of Colorado seem normal. 


I color in the calendar pages even if I don't like the tiny busy ones, I make some attempt, like doodling... this if from this week... not only blending, but decisions about what to color and what to leave uncolored...

thank you for visiting... It's so much fun to make art, and fun to share it with others!

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

I Like Thursday #263

 Welcome to this week's list of likes... I like that my gerbera daisies are still blooming, just the yellow ones. The other two plants died from the heat.
I like my Maryland flamingo is still flapping
Look how sun bleached this once Bright colorful flamingo is after one summer. I have had to repair if from our extreme winds on many occasions but it's still here, reminding me of tropical memories.

We had a respite of 2 days of cool (more normal)  weather this week and I needed it to sleep better. We are back to another week ahead of near 90 here in Aurora and possibly most of October as well. We now have broken the heat/duration of heat records.

one pepper growing

 and a couple blooms

Because of the cooler temps my peppers were able to bloom and fruit! Tomato and beans also flowering and  trying to make food. We thought all were dead but were just dormant from high heat.

 I imagine if these record high temps continue as expected through October they will have time to ripen. Not bad, three peppers and one tomato for four months of watering... but it's a joy of mine to see food growing. If love supported them, I send my best each day when I inspect them.

dh says it's the most expensive tomato ever. An expensive hobby here in Colorado I guess.  

Watching on TV: "New Amsterdam" is back, and a "Million little things",  Survivor and Dancing with the stars  made this a fun week. Soon Project Runway returns, yea!

listening to on audio: I like this series set in England with two cousins who solve mysteries

next in series by Jenn Mckinlay

reading on ebook, well written and endearing characters

Finished  The Chaperone   was so good, so well written and read, and I related to it emotionally on several points. It explores the relationship between two women in a time of growing women's rights and changing expectations for women. It was read by Elizabeth McGovern (downton abbey) So intriguing I researched Louise Brooks after, and couldn't stop thinking about it. 

I was reminded of a time when women were blamed for being sexually abused, were not seen as smart enough to vote, were kept in clothing that restricted breathing, were told how a proper woman should behave. Please, do everything in your power to retain your right to vote.

the movie  The Healer with Oliver Cohen


was so good on another level. It was funny and clever, with the themes of healing all wrapped up in the most beautiful scenery. Thank you to Cindy for recommending it! (the beginning wasn't great but is over quickly) 

keeping perspective: 

retrieved from

a word from our partner  ...   Milo's Moment

places to go, things to sniff
Milo: well, another ring toy is on it's way to heaven. Luckily I have one already skint and one in the wings!. 

the skint one is behind me, chillin'
 I liked being groomed last week so I felt cooler and could run more. 

I do not like eating kibble at all, not even good for me kibble.

Mama: sad... did you know there are starving dogs in other countries who would love to have kibble? 

Milo: so sad... let's send my kibble to them and you can fix me a plate of whatever you're having! 

Mama: sigh...speaking of food....

 This week on the cooking front, I made use of the cooler temps on those two days and baked a blueberry cake and a pear crumble. Yea! Dessert again! We'll eat those all week, luckily both of us are okay with that!

I made up a recipe that came out so well!!! Shrimp coconut curry with fresh vegetables! using....

Native Forest Unsweetened Organic Coconut Milk Curry - 13.5 fl oz

the ingredients were what we had, fresh onions thinly sliced, red and green bell peppers, a mushroom mix from the freezer, minced garlic (jar) celery and fresh carrots sliced on diagonal. All in a saucepan on top of the stove with olive oil, a bit of broth, a bit of cooking sherry, simmered til tender. Add in a can of curry coconut milk and a bag of precooked frozen shrimp. Over brown rice it was so so so tasty. 

(enough left for us to have a second meal of it too) 

a close up of the center of one painting
 I painted and sewed this week and will do posts tomorrow and Saturday from that. I focused on trees this week while painting, and fall colors while sewing. 

done except for the hanging sleeve and ghost buttons!

So, that's about it for me, except for the friends I got to chat with this week, thank you all. Please visit these folk to read their lists for the week. We all know  little things add up and are easily overlooked unless you are looking for them! Join us in an I Like post if you do, let me know in comments!



rosie and the boys nature pics