Saturday, May 21, 2022

creativity round up for the week


amid pieced blocks I added in an applique stem see?

This week has been full of art making and learning in many forms. I spent time in studio one working on the "growth" piece, as well as making a row (36" X 5" tall) of stems for the crocus piece. While sewing these I just look at contrast, use scraps which sometimes leads to 1/8th inch finished stems, color and line. 

I start with an idea, stems, and then let my artistic soul make the work. 

I watched several videos this week of interviews with Liz Gilbert and Ann Patchett, and jotted down quotes, but one statement resonated with me a lot. Liz admits to being very fearful, as am I (as are a lot of thinking creative smart women in America today) but says she has 1% more curiosity than fear so she creates. 

me too

I have a design wall that faces the door in my tiny studio sewing space, and see my latest projects as I walk in. This week I see two green works "growth" which has become approx 21" wide by 30" long by adding in tiny scraps one by one. The other "crocus" has become three long banners but I'm deciding how to join them. 

Both pieces made from throwaway sized scraps that to me are beautiful

see the little frogs? and that stripe?

I sew components together and put them on the wall, and often notice meaning showing up, as in the above section... to me it feels like a greenhouse, flowers and trees arounnd it, a path leading to it thru trees, the dab of red above the "Cyprus" tree finishes off the point, totally serendipity. A choice of botanical batik scraps fills in and leads the viewer to my intent, an organic piece about growth.

I realized I write, paint, cook, and sew in the same kind of additive process. If I notice while sewing an area will be short, I stop and sew in a piece (to bridge) and when I cook I taste and add in a seasoning or ingredient,  while writing I get it all down on paper, then go back and edit adding in, changing, or deleting words, while I paint I can amend a painting with ink

"FLY"  after a video by Louise Fletcher on being free with paint
as in the above painting, done as a lesson in being free with paint starting with no concept at all

I scribbled with neocolor 2 crayons, then brushed sideways with pure water on a wide flat brush which created an interesting strata. I went over with the stabilo chubby stick in black and water... then tombow markers and more water. stamp acrylic black with bubble wrap, scrape acrylic white paint with a palette knife, then at the end, add in small drawing of water lilies

It's too messy for my style but I learned what I liked doing, what I like seeing, and where to go next.

Creative process | Kunst zitate, Inspirierende zitate und sprüche, Worte  zitateBalzer Designs: Art Journal Every Day: Creativity Quotes

15 Famous Quotes on Creativity » TwistedSifter

 around one painting, I added in a R. Henri quote, The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state where the art becomes inevitable. 

 yes,  my goal is to remain in a state of the possible, the "what if", all that area outside the box that holds possibility

on the other hand, DH brought me two shirts this week both of which had worn out collars. I cut one up for scraps, and saved the buttons, (16 of them!) . The other one is my favorite of his shirts
IZOD with just the right weight and color and preppiness

not wanting to let this go I thought, it's just the collar... heyyyyyy I love Irish collarless shirts what if I turned the color inward to cover the worn part, and stitched along the collar lining... and dang if that didn't work a charm. Simple and a look I love reminding me of the 1900's 

I took time out to make a monthly color block for the RSC


In recap I am taking advantage of a free workshop by a group called Messy May, with daily prompts for journaling. I started a free painting course with Louise Fletcher on Friday and that will go on for 5 days. I enjoyed listening to a brilliant author discuss creativity and overcoming life's obstacles (on youtube)

I drew countless zentangles of botanicals in my sketchbook, sewed, wrote articles, baked cakes and made dinners with ingredients to hand, and sewed for hours while listening to two books being read to me. 

It takes a lot of will power and activity  to overcome the bodily pain, the climate change to extreme heat and wildfires, the neighbors who all seem to have bought loud muscle cars and park them next to our bedroom window, the threats of gun violence and willingness of so many Americans to believe someone with a personal agenda for power,   over facts... the continuing threat of a virus that would kill me (and my allergy to the vaccine) The hate that surrounds me instead of finding the magic brought by diversity if only we could see it. I am doing my best to cope and feel at times misjudged because I get cranky and don't fit in to the  anti environment anti science people around me. Or invisible as I slowly fade away because I am an aging woman in America. 

I stand with those women who want to be treated with dignity, who want control over their bodies and to be respected for what we offer.  I feel so powerless so I turn inward and create art... for me. 

I hope you like it too.

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 also, blogger is messing with comments often not showing them on the blog but I see some showing up when I use the comment button on the side of the main blogging page... please try to comment and my email is on the top right of my blog. 

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

I Like Thursday # 297


welcome to this week's list of likes, focusing on the positive not all the worrisome things that happened.

The above sketchbook rendering was a result of watching two wonderful women on video, LINK HERE  Elizabeth Gilbert and Martha Beck discuss life and living it with integrity as women. They said the caterpillar must liquify itself in the cocoon to emerge as the butterfly it was meant to be. 

I painted and drew a lot this week, with my friend Joyfulquilter, using prompts

and tried this from a favorite teacher, Diane Antone (tutorial here

speaking of beautiful things...

I love the blog: Beatrice Euphamie  and she had these quotes this week along with so many beautiful home images of decorations and food and landscapes

"What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

"Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-

"Reputation is what men and women think of us;
character is what God and Angels know of us.
-Thomas Paine-


 Me waking up every morning

Fine Baking

orange cake

for birthday month... orange cake by preppy kitchen which I won't link to as it had NO orange flavor

and the wonderful chocolate cake that is pure indulgence

which this pic doesn't do justice to...that's a thick layer of icing...( moist and decadent but easy to make

listened to a couple books but this is currently playing in the studio

and reading this 14th installment in series on ebook. Please don't request it as I need time to read it!!!

 we enjoyed watching this stage production on PBS

 Anything Goes

Great Performances

Anything Goes

Sewing News more on Saturday's post

I love my baby boy... the irrepressible Milo

check back with me later... it's been too hot to do anything!

I'm having some weird issues with blogger... not putting comments on my blog posts but telling me on the main page I have comments... please leave a comment and let's test this mess... thanks! 

Let me know if you did an I like post too, until then please visit my fellow posters and link parties!

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Saturday, May 14, 2022

sewing/creativity round up "Indoor Gardening"


I spent the week sewing, writing, painting and drawing... with some creative cooking going on too. (we'll not talk of chores also done)  I cook out of necessity but it does not bring me joy... although now and then I notice something artistic while cooking like this swirl

boiling buttermilk, cocoa and butter to make icing

I wrote a short essay with the prompt "stay curious" yesterday and would love you to read it and add your two cents  (HERE IT IS)

While thinking about the curiosity factor in art making, and how I love each medium I use to express myself, I compared how much quicker it is to paint than to stitch art... I focused on emerging grasses this week... here is a painting I did in about 15 minutes... with large flat brush, KOI paints, small dagger brush, and inks... the colors are delicate like new grass, with subtle blues and green behind.

and I stitched grasses... I have a plan for these in their own work of art

It all started with small green scraps for the color of the month at RSC... and careful cutting and insertion of little strips of color. It's been a fabulous way to discover how the concepts of  "line" "shape" "color" and "contrast" work together, and very satisfying to piece in such narrow strips. 

I start with a concept, and am working simultaneously on three projects of wall art at the moment using components I make... and make and make... like the geese, and crocus. I love the mix of color and pattern in the fabric scraps!!!! Already many components have been sewn together and there are more made than I'm showing today. You'll see them all in the finished pieces!

 This is growing, so to speak... components come together to make something greater than themselves

I tried Karen Eckmeir's technique to make free cut leaf blocks... but do not like the process or look of the reverse applique method, so quickly changed to free cut leaves but pieced in. If you try that form of curvy piecing, don't worry that your block gets a bit distorted, just trim at the end.  

Nature is not worried about it, and neither am I

The big leaf to the right is the one I embroidered during the last workshop. I like the squares sewn in little rows but the improvisational bits next to them show how things turn to organized chaos. 

Two painted compositions are on the wall for fun alongside the three projects... will they make their way in this time? 

For my hand stitching friends... and I also love hand embroidery, piecing and quilting... I wondered how to contain a skein of floss, and saw a bunny holder online... 

I cut mine from a yogurt lid, marked on it with sharpie, and cut the slit to hold loose end

I tucked the package into the back in case I ever wanted to know the color number

I watched this video too this week, and fast forwarded to see the actual antique quilts

 he  gets around to showing the Paris exhibit of 18th century embroidered quilts, around the middle but wowie! Gorgeous use of stitching

 so this week I thought about my different media to see how each one is done and compared them. Painting on paper is much faster than stitching, but speed isn't everything. Sewing is so satisfying and I lose myself in that process as well as listen to books while doing it. I can't hear noise when I paint or write. 

Writing helps me discover what I think and feel, and can communicate with others. I can write about emerging grass, how each moment seems to change the landscape of a yard in Spring, going from brown to greens, how my dog likes to nibble on emerging delicate seedlings, how the black birds commuting through look as they hunt for worms. I can paint with color, watching my gentle lifting and pressing of a brush changes a line, or captures a color with just the right mix. I watch as sewing the thinnest of strips into a square of fabric no more than 5 inches big, changes the whole feel of it. How I must be confident as I slice through, that the end will make this slight sacrifice worthwhile. 

I think I can finally admit I am an artistic soul with all that entails.

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Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday Writings and Stories


Stay Curious

"stay" makes me think of being still, but curious is all movement. 

Our minds use curiosity to explore and grow and move forward. 

My curiosity often leads to art... the great "what if?" (what if I painted that? what if I tore the edge, then set it on fire? what if I sewed two colors next to each other? what if I added orange peel to that cake? )

curiosity leads to growth and knowledge... my poodle is immediately by my side if I look down at anything intently... sometimes insinuating his head between me and what I am viewing. 

connection is strong among the curious

curiosity... what do you see in the clouds? that tree's bark? as a child I played with my mothers junk jewelry and each one became a living entity that interacted with the others. A towel dropped on the floor made nooks and crannies for the jewelry to live in like a condo. I wrote stories, made up games, talked for my dolls, made up scenarios. I wanted to be Sally on the Dick Van Dyke show and be funny and write jokes with my pals. 

Curious.... I am curious to know about the people who gave birth to me and the families they probably went on to have... do I look like anyone? 

I will stay curious... it's a part of my life taken for granted for so long

even now I am curious as to will anyone read this and what do they think??? 

(written by LeeAnna Paylor for the poets and storyteller's link party prompt "stay Curious" )

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

I Like Thursday #296


Welcome to this week's short list of likes.... I love paint and I joined Joy in doing the Messy May prompts once this week... draw a series of circles/squares, then make marks in each one, and embellish.

we got a new door mat (from bed bath and beyond):

I wish...

I love my really small KOI paint palette 

and used it to paint these quick poodle studies this week

I didn't even finish the video as I liked the gesture painting just like they are now!

I have enjoyed a few drawing videos this week on celtic knots, I found the circle art school (Link: HERE) that walked me through drawing this imperfect set of imposible sketches

 Fine Dining

we love this sauce for dipping chicken nuggets in and on sandwiches

I tried a new crust recipe from Bigger Bolder Baking and it kind of worked but too much flour, and she added 2 tbsp sugar which made it too sweet. You mix it in the actual pie plate, no rolling out,  and it has melted butter not oil. Into that baked shell went another egg-white quiche. The reason I mention it was I used left over leeks this time and gosh they are so flavorful. The other vege were orange and red bell pepper slices, and leftover raw spinach. A mix of cheddar and feta with parm sprinkled on top finished off a really good quiche. 

I had to take advantage of a slightly cooler day to bake, and made not only the quiche but more pumpkin almond butter doggie cookies, and an oat flour banana cake.  

The quiche makes 3 meals for the two of us, so no baking for three days. The cake is  enough for a week of desserts. The cookies last a week in the fridge unless somebody refuses to eat, then he will at least have a cookie in the morning and they go away sooner.

Heyyyy if its made of pumpkin, almonds, eggs and oats that's a GOOD breakfast

Milo's Moment

Mama cut off lots of my hair this weekend and it's good for once. It's been really Hot here in Colorado. So hot that mama turned on the wind over the big bed. 

Mama: the ceiling fan spooks Milo

Milo: it's weird that all winter it was still now it spins right over my head like it could fall on me!

Mama: I think it ruffles your hair and you can't stand wind to blow your hair

Milo: so I'm the sensitive type!  

now sit! stay! visit mama's friends to see what they liked this week!

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