Monday, July 15, 2013

Goldilocks syndrome

how bout this background?

 The caption says, how about this background. Doesn't matter, I changed to it last night in a frenzy of panic. None of my sky hand dyes or batiks worked. They were too pale, the others too bold, the wrong shade, too busy or too solid. None were just right.
Goldilocks syndrome
 Then I called my appraiser, the wonderful Phyllis Twigg-Hatcher to make sure she could do an appraisal before she left on business. She can only see me Monday morning.

Imagine my panic as I was STILL dithering over the background fabric. I had pulled out the last hair on my head, bitten off all fingernails, finally just picked one, basted it  on the batting, layed the leaf mixture down, and started to quilt the sky despite worrying it was too bold.

When I spoke to her, she said she asked what was undone, the binding? I hemmed and hawed and said, er, yep, that's about it...
All evening I quilted, and it's heavy and thick because I prequilted the leaves so they are trapuntoed and stiff.
I pulled myself away and went to bed, then looked at it again this morning and said, oh no!! It's very orange now. And it's going to stay very orange.

Why oh why did I get myself into this mess?? I swear by the quilt arts angels, that I will never do this to myself again!! As if...

Back in to the studio I go, to finish the quilting. Maybe some blue thread will mitigate the orange...

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