Thursday, November 30, 2023

I Like Thursday #378 holiday cards, holiday treats and a poodle


here it is, another Thursday and we're here to tell you what we liked the last week...

the first picture is the changing of holidays... an overlap of pumpkins for Thanksguiviung and shiny baubles for Christmas... 

I liked that we agreed to just have a four day Thanksgiving feast, dragging out the cooking over several days. Took some pressure off.

 listening to on audio books


on TV.... 

love dancing with the stars, although I'm sad Barry was sent home. Love survivor and amazing race... it's nice to like a lot of the players. Big Brother will be back soon with a holiday edition. Due to the writers strike all scripted shows are not on at the moment, but we watch then streaming.  Actually I've enjoyed some Hallmark movies lately, the best was Biltmore House.


I've so enjoyed writing back and forth in a conversation with on art and life, and with Gwynned Trefethen ( on the value of learning languages... and travel... and Joy ( )and I got in a zoom this week too. Thank you my friends for making me less lonely!

Fine Dining

Tried these rolls over the holiday

they came out too too dry. Pretty but too dry to eat. I'm planning to make a southern form of stuffing called in our house, dressing with the dry rolls.

Mom... so many good smells... where's my thanksgiving treats

cabbage, broccoli, zucchini and sweet potatoes

 heyyyy where is the meat? oh well, I like all those foods, thanks mama for always sharing what you think I can eat.


the prompt this week:

Do you send Christmas cards? or holiday cards?

Do you send a few or a lot of cards? Are they unique like a photo from this year, or say, hallmark boxed ones (I do the boxed ones but love  a photo card) Do you include newsletter and when will you aim to send them out? Do you get cards? how do you display them?    extra credit: do you do craft projects with your old cards like some people? When do you pack/toss them after the season? Pipsqueak Productions C588 Poodle White Standard Christmas  Boxed Cards - Pack of 10
at amazon

I have sent cards out all my adult life. I have a couple times included newsletters when we moved and had new address, got a new puppy, or something momentous. 

Christmas card poodle. | Poodle drawing, Poodle card, Poodle puppy
from pinterest

I usually picked out my favorite whimsical cards at after Christmas sales to be used the following year. I choose a card that I hope the recipient will enjoy seeing. : Graphique Christmas Flamingos Holiday Cards - Pack of 15 Cards  with Envelopes - Christmas Greetings - Gold Foil and Glitter - Tropical -  Boxed Set - 4.75" x 6.625" : Office Products
from amazon

I put the cards on tables and mantel to enjoy. I like to get cards, it makes me feel connected to friends I might not hear from because, well, life gets busy. I like written notes on cards too. I love seeing the sparkle, the sweetness, hearing about a friend's changes, and think of them when I see the cards... 

Since covid I haven't shopped so I'm slowly using up my cards but the connections are real and strong. 

and to all dogs, plenty of good food!

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Thursday, November 23, 2023

I Like Thursday # 377 thanksgiving, some stories and a poodle


oops I have sweet potatoes on my nose-y

 our prompt for today is:

 tell us a funny story about a Thanksgiving you spent... we all have things happen unexpectedly at holidays  so share a funny moment you have had over the years.

1.when I worked in middle school as a counselor with drop out prevention, I put on a big Thanksgiving dinner with the kids providing a dish to share. There is a lot to learn and discuss about how to handle passing food, general manners, what to talk about to keep the peace, etc. I remember once a girl made a pumpkin pie... after dinner some boys rushed to cut themselves a big piece and as I watched their faces turn pinched we figured out she accidentally replaced the sugar with salt! Lesson learned, sometimes it's best to sit back and take the second piece of pie! 

2. I spent one Thanksgiving at a friend's house, she made quite a production out of the gathering and we were all entering  the formal dining room to eat soon, and when we went in her dog was on the table chowing down on our turkey.... 

3.Another year I was at a different friend's house for TG and one of my tasks was to open sticks of butter, put them on dishes for each table.
My friend asked if I forgot a table... I said, nope, did all of them. 

Her Great dane Roxie had helped herself to the whole stick of butter, dish licked clean, no evidence but lip licking and a big dog smile. 

do you have a story to share? If you wrote a post, let me know in comments to be added in !

Fine dining is old southern cooking:

for holidays I rely on old standards minus turkey that tastes awful here in Aurora CO. 
I've cooked so much the last 3 weeks I just don't care anymore. 
 I love Martha Stewart's old out of print cranberry sauce recipe and we like it on lots of foods so I made it to at least feel normal. Raspberry vinegar, sugar, orange peel, cinnamon, and the sound of popping cranberries as it cooks. If you want I'll send my recipe with amounts.

I'm going to try baking chicken breasts on top of bread stuffing as stand in for turkey today. No fruit for ambrosia, hopefully a pecan pie. 
in fact, pulling up a pecan pie, fork, whipped cream sounds like just about enough.
oatmeal pecan chocolate chip cookies
home made banana rolls

Milo: I don't know what "wheat" means but that's when I get nothing up there that smells good! Wah!


I am enjoying the show House of Villains very much... but you know I like reality game shows like that, this makes me laugh so worries are diverted for an hour.  I also love Survivor and watching Rob has a podcast discussions of it the day after. 
Amazing Race, Dancing with the stars, and Big Brother has a holiday special starting in Dec this year. 
I'm also watching the channel Ovation for great reruns like Doc Martin, Midsomer Murders, Murdoch mysteries. 
baby goats eating on youtube when I can... all those little tails wagging in a row!


such a good listen!!! The Scottish accents, the story line is great too...
Ebook  next in series about Beryl and Edwina in 1920's solving mysteries in a small viullage
Murder Comes to Call - Ellicott, Jessica 


finished this
 has taken a big backseat during the last three weeks of fighting contagion in this house...
and finished knitting this hat


 Milo's Moments

I liked that Mama and Daddy were too overwhelmed to really groom me this week. They bathed me, ick! and shaved my face and harumph! private area and seem to be leaving the rest. I'm gonna be a big puff ball by next month! 
I like the hair when it's cold weather, and hate the hair when it's hot on walks in the sun. 
I got a new batch of rice/applesauce and pumpkin almond butter cookies this week. Fresh from Mama's hands to my big poodle mouth! I missed playing with Daddy for the last 3 weeks but now that he is out of bed more I think I can lure him into playing soon. Hope so. 
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