Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Morning View, just add coffee

morning view, just add coffee

Ah, a porch is one of life's best gifts.
Each morning we stumble onto it with our coffee, and slowly start the day listening to the fountain and birds.
It's gentle.
I revisit it  throughout the day, for lunch, to rest my eyes from sewing, to meditate. We don't love our neighborhood anymore, but this porch is a good thing.
The old fountain is lovely from a distance and I still love the lotus shape.
There is another day of impending rain on the way, the poodle has initiated disaster-mode mood. It's his belief that we would be safer outside in a storm because when the power goes out, things flash, beep and  people get angry. The added benefit of being outside is... bunnies are outside and they are fun to chase.

The last thing to share with you is in honor of my husband's father John who loves to make soup. John, I made soup the other night, making it up as I went along. Same process as quilt making.  It was a success! These are the basic ingredients:
plus ground turkey
In the old dieting days I made cabbage soup and used tomatoes but I am now allergic to them. I decided to replace the "acid" taste with chili's and lemon juice. I decided to add black-eyed peas instead of rice or pasta. The red cabbage released a beautiful color into the pot, the flavors melded beautifully and we have soup leftover for starters for at least 5 days.

Back to the quilting. Hope you all make something fun today.

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