Saturday, April 27, 2024

creativity this week.... quilt challenge with a yellow parasol, mixed media, and watching paint dry... and a story for you

 The Guardians 

a painting, just a quick painting to see colors dance with each other on paper, moving, spreading, blending and creating lines. 

I might be superfluous in the process

I lift the paper, let water guide the lines as it will, amazed at the life in a painting. I think of how life moves and blends and resists too, how the colors so pretty on their own, look when next to other colors and that each living thing has it's own colors, and how each living thing changes a bit when it's near another.

will they blend or clash? Does it matter really? What if we patiently wait to see instead of rushing to judgement? What if we look for the beauty in each one? 

What if all the colors are our favorites?  

I look at my painting and see things I didn't purposely paint, I see the magic show up. 

I see faces, on the left a man's nose and mouth, center a woman and below her a crone in profile, on the right is a swirl of energy they can use to protect. 

The painting is small, merely 4" X 6" and innocently painted with no motive in mind, but look at the richness created by getting out of the way and letting the art make itself

 Judy sent me a wee notebook at Christmas and I keep it next to the computer... this week I did morning paintings, including parrots inspired by a bosso nova video playing at the time...

and a message on another video... I stopped the video on this scene... one I needed to see

sometimes our eyes see shadows that tell us it's three d but how to paint it? I tried...

I like that when I tried to paint the frothy surf with white posca pen acrylic ink. It splurted a big blob, so I dabbed in the nib and spread it, and dotted it, and moved it thinking it might be ruined. It looks great but since it's a happy accident can I reproduce it?   (shrug)

We are getting to the quilting, keep going! 

Joy's table scraps challenge this month was to make something with yellow scraps and include umbrella
I pulled out this book of patterns and copied the paper piecing parasol.

It printed a tiny picture on the pattern, so I tore it off the paper, glued it down, then painted around it... to get in the mindset to do my quilts

I didn't know how it would all do with watercolor, but I liked the way the torn edge accepted the color, and then inked in some bits. 

The fabric umbrella"  but kind of plain...

finished at 7" and so sweet I want a real one!

I love pretty paper parasols, especially one with sparkly dangles, so beads to the rescue

oh, so pretty in person

I went on to make three. yellow, pink and purple, and they will hang from my summer mantel

I may have dismantled a necklace for this top carved metal bead

How I love the fabrics in the pink one. 

This is what they look like after sewing around the outside edge and turning right side out before quilting

Tiny golden balls adorn this one, another carved one on the tip top. You should be able to click on all images to enlarge them

thank you to my friend Joy for suggesting this challenge... 

a few stories written (one included in Thur I Like post HERE  )  physical challenges threatened to derail me, but making art heals too.

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Thursday, April 25, 2024

I like Thursday # 399 painting, cooking, reading and a story for you


for this week's list of likes, a short version, I started with a mixed media piece I'm working on. on with the show...

 I wanted some different cookies this week so I got out my fave cookbook 

recipes from Tampa


delish, chewy peach/mango
called marmalade cookies.

I changed things, I had peach/mango jam so I used that, I subbed 1/2Cup of almond flour and used one cup all purpose, I added some orange extract and some orange zest I keep in the freezer, a bit more butter because cookies generally come out hard in this altitude. Another way I cope with altitude is to make the cookies bigger so I got two dozen not three.

I can't tell you how much we love them, but there are only 5 left. 

I made oven taquitoes this week. Mix a can of chicken or what you have, sour cream, 2 tbsp cream cheese, salsa, and grated cheese some garlic and onion powder. mix well and fill 5 tortillas rolling them up next to each other on a baking sheet. Brush with olive oil and bake about 20 min til bubbly

crispy, gooey, goodness. Served with a side of quick guacamole and cucumber chunks

enough for two of us

I do not like to cook, but need to eat well. I share things here that are fast and easy. 

on audio book, last in the series... magical pie shop

The library refuses to understand I'm registered on hoopla, because they gave it to me, so I can't share what I checked out there but it's a book on embroidery stitching

Fanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts: 11 Easy Applique Projects to Embroider by Hand

Our prompt this week.... B -n-B   or luxury hotel

well.... I've stayed in both and both have merits. But. these days I crave comfort and pampering and amenities. We never go anywhere now that I am unable to get a vaccine to protect my life from disease. I've camped, I've stayed in flea bag motels that accept pets, I've stayed with relatives and friends, I've stayed on a cruise ship,  we stayed at the Beverly Hilton when dh had a business trip to LA, I stayed in a little garage rental house in Charleston,  dh and I stayed at the Fairmont in SF on our honeymoon. 

I like nice mattresses, pretty soaps, clean showers, room service, sofa's with good tvs, breakfasts the next day on a buffet, pools, etc. 

These days, now that I've reached an age,  I'd go for luxury/comfort since we aren't going away often, if ever 

painted this this week, on a notebook Judy gave me at Christmas

I enjoy writing, and here is a fictional story I wrote in honor of the prompt today:

The trip

Marlene hardly knew what to think when her husband of 45 years announced one day they were going to Hawaii. 

She looked down at her dirty hands from planting tomatoes in their garden, at her torn jeans and ragged sneakers, her ragged haircut and ragged nails. 

She was a good girl growing up, and always helped around the house. She helped everywhere she saw need. She raised, guided and took care of 3 little kids when she was young. It was messy and she never minded. They were not fancy types so having a home, the necessities and car were good. 

She made her wedding dress and arranged the flowers. It was in the church garden, and the reception was in the church hall where the fanciest thing was the cake and Jordan almonds in pastel colors. 

When the kids left to start their life's adventures, her father moved in. He spent time on a farm growing up, and in the army fighting for Democracy and ironically peace. He had health problems because bodies wear out but we take care of our loved ones. She cleaned and cooked and then cleaned up her Dad when he needed it, ...until he returned to spirit. 

She still cleaned and cooked, she changed grand kids' diapers, wiped up spills, was there when her children needed a vacation. She took good care care of the littles. When her son and his wife went to a nice hotel in NYC on vacation and she took care of their kids and aged dog who peed on the floor now. 

We take care of loved ones. 

When she and her husband went on vacations, they saved money by staying at cheap motels and it was okay. 

But now this man she knew very well after so much time and so many life challenges, was looking down at her kneeling in the dirt, and telling her to pack her bag, or better yet buy some new resort clothes and especially a new swimsuit since hers was from 1973. He said it was time to see how the other half lived and they deserved a break. The kids had gotten together and bought them this trip. 

Oh. She didn't know where to start when being one of the 'other half '.... did she dare try on swimsuits? How would it look with a t-shirt tan anyway? Who was she? The man she still loved said, honey... get up, clean your self and lets be excited. You're worth it. The best way to thank the kids is to have a wonderful time. We're worth it.

Let's get excited about it and get ready to go! She tentatively said, okay. 

She went in to the computer and looked up the luxury resort they where they were staying. Oh my, it was so pretty. Okay she said, and called each of her children and each of their spouses to thank them. 

Milo's moment

I like staying in hotels! I like when you go up to a door and it opens like you're a king

I like smelling all the new smells, having people fawn over me, having Mama and Daddy with me all the time, I like walking in new towns, and shopping. I especially like a long rideinnacar. 

let's go soon!

 We used to stay at the Two Dog Lodge in Stowe VT... lovely rooms, raised dog bowls, dog beds. 

for breakfast we got a doggie bag with coffee, and all the people sat outside in the beautiful back yard amid the mountains, the dogs ran together through water features, around tables, and had the best time! 

then they closed... sad....

hotel humor jokes - Google Search | Funny, Dogs, Funny signs

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Saturday, April 20, 2024

creativity this week yellow fabric scraps turn into a star, and paintings on fabric, and paper


this week I made the yellow feathered star block for rainbow scrap challenge... used more yellow scraps. When it was finished I noted the center yellows looked too similar so I got these out

copper paint, tested on a yellow scrap, perfect! Dab paint on with sea sponge

then went over with gold paint on the test scrap... maybe... I like stenciling a lot

these blocks are paper pieced (foundation) from this book

 so stenciling was easy with the paper backing. Iron when dry makes it permanent. I also shaded that one with brown prisma color pencil

the four colors so far

I also worked on the two yellow improv pieces, the tops aren't done yet so hopefully I'll show those next week. 

I wrote some stories this week, and painted a bit. I signed up for a mixed media workshop free online by Laly Mille who's work I like. I don't work like her and am allergic to the mediums she uses to make the gorgeous work. But, I tried. First I tried drawing with my non dominant hand (Left) with the stabilo crayon, then daubing with water. I added in just a bit of watercolor paint.

just on some old recycled copier paper. I like it! Then she had them cut out...

the goal is to make collages with them, like paper appliques... she wanted us to layer paints and collaged bits first and I can't do it with her supply list. I tried working in series by using painter tape to section off the paper. I scraped on acrylic paints with a knife. Then tried drawing over it, but it repelled the pens, and inks, so I used elmers glue to add in bits and bobs

Posca pen didn't even show up well. I cut out words, flowers from sheet music, sheep, and some sparkly scrapbooking geegaws in my stash...

I plan to make cards for a few people  

and like them... I cut them out to make 6 small paintings to attach to card stock that I can mail from the house. 

I finished my table scraps challenge piece for next week also so... that's about it for this week y'all

I loved this video and want to do things like this: enjoy

 watching tutorials : I like paint and paper, paint and fabric, and these ideas of how to free-cut then collage were worth a try:


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Thursday, April 18, 2024

I Like Thursday # 398 flowering trees, chewy foods, entertainment and a poodle

 welcome to this week's list of likes... starting with blooming trees. It's much warmer two months early here in Colorado... our new normal? I like cold weather... but I also like the look of white blossoms on trees. 

not the pollen. 

love this rendition (group) playing flower dance    play it here or link follows

link to youtube

on audio books

the library took back the italian lessons... and since there is only one book for the whole area I have to wait 6-8 weeks for the next lesson. "Cavolo!!!" 

next and last in the current series by ellery adams

 Sauces home made

I made zucchini bites again this week, and make a sauce for them with a big spoon of yogurt, a big spoon of sour cream, onion and garlic powder, and chives... so good! 

I also made more sweet and sour sauce... 

gooey, sweet tart, orange juice base, and these ingredients ( I sub arrowroot for cornstarch, and aminos for soy sauce)

I keep jam jars for times like this... then the sauce is obvious on the fridge. 

We like it for chicken strips, on veggies over rice, and oh lots of uses.

It's been too hot to bake much and the cooler weather they promised has been delayed so far for three days... 

watching on tv

just finished The Traitors UK  season one... fun. The only drama left on commercial tv is The good doctor. Otherwise we watch BBC, Canadian or Aussie shows. 

Any survivor or amazing race fans here? I LOVE them both, don't have a fave contestant yet. On deal or no deal island, I like Rob. On American Idol I really like so many of those talented kids. 

sewing and painting

I enjoy both, and both take me away from reality for a while which is a good thing... I usually do those posts on Saturdays...

I like my snoopervisor

he finds lying between me and the design wall gets him more attention. AND he's close to the other bedroom window to keep a close eye on the neighbors who won't stay in their houses!

what is mama doing in here so long?

Prompt this week   "crunchy or chewy" 

my answer... chewy and crispy  like Twix or wafer cookies are good


I like chewy... before so much dental work, I loved caramels. I like pie over cake because, chewy. I actively dislike crunchy, it feels too jarring in my head. 

I do like crispy... THIN potato chips that break easily, crispy crust, chewy cookies. Mac and cheese. Sticky buns.

Gooey is best for me... yep, pasta coated in sauce, sauce on everything! 

Milo's Moment

wow it's bright and hot out here!

 Hiya I like crunchy. I'm young, I'm a dog, I have big teeth to crunch through anything, for instance this week Daddy totally burned the veggie burgers, and mama couldn't cut them with a knife, so I stepped up. Took one for the team. I agreed to eat them, out of the goodness of my heart. 

Milo likes crunchy, even challenging,  food!


Mama has been giving me a chunk every morning and I love it!  Taste like beans, beets, sweet potatoes. 

They are un-beet-able! 

(like falafel says daddy) 

Mama oohed over this trunk this week...
Mama: I don't know, it just is so pretty to me, the bends and lines, the leaves that look like hair on a face, made the artist in me happy. 

Milo: I just see a new place to leave pee mail

or some other business

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