Studio Tours

This page will be dedicated to interviews and pictures taken of different studios I've visited. The sample questions I'll ask each person are:
1. How long did it take to set up your studio?

2. Did you change or tweak it to work better? How?

3. Music, TV or no noise?

4. Do you crave any snacks when working or stuck on a project?

5. Do you schedule work time or is it according to mood/inspiration more often?

6. Is there a machine, or tool you would like to have?

7. What kind of sewing machine do you have? Iron? Lights? Satisfied with them??

8. What do you like best about your studio? Least?

Stay tuned for more!! 
I will list them by post link here:
1. Cindy's quilting and beading Studio tour interview-with-artist-studio-tour
2. Mary in Colorado  2017/04/studio-tours-marys-studio-in-colorado
3. Monika's Paper Palace studio-tours-3-monikas-paper-palace.html 
4.Polly's Perfect Place! 

Look at these studios too!
1. http://teatimegardening  

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