Saturday, July 20, 2013

Annapolis evening walk

never too soon to check out schools

We don't own a boat
 We walked past people partying in their boats parked in the harbor. They didn't know how close they were to having a party-poodle sitting next to them, lifting a glass to the hoi-poloi walking by on the boardwalk. Cole always looks like he wants to step over to their side, like he was meant to be there on a silk pillow that is embroidered with "poodles do it on yachts"

We wanted to walk along with alcoholic beverages ice creams while people-watching but the lines were so long we didn't. We did do some window shopping however...

Cole just needed to purchase a few items...

Enjoy the summer evenings, ya'll, 


  1. That's quite a dog that owns his/her own store! hahahaha

    Loved the colorful hexagons on your blog title! I'm working on a hexagon quilt too, but it might be a few MORE years before I finish it!

    (here from Off the Wall Fridays)