Monday, March 29, 2021

Sew much fun! a finish

This is the day where we share our Stay at home Round Robin quilts. I call mine "Sew much fun!" 
It's 33" X 43 " the center and three blocks at the bottom were from Lori Holt's book of patterns. The rest is from prompts to surround your center block with Piano Keys, Plus signs, checkerboard, flying geese, wonky stars, log cabins and pinwheels. 
I had a great tie finding sewing fabrics in my stash to use, and love the bright fun colors!!!

I did wonky log cabin blocks because they are more fun to me and I just love the row of them here. 
I waited til the end to design the whole thing, knowing I wanted each prompt to go on one side but what side I wasn't sure.
I used special hoarded Jane Sassamon fabric on the sides and for the binding. I had to do the binding one side at a time because of the fabric print, matching the gradation on the sides, top and bottom. 
oooo I love lime and bold pink together! 
I learned I love these tiny clips... so useful in lots of ways in studio! I made that beaded flower bowl this year and it's perfect by the machine to hold tiny things. I was happy to finally use this pink fabric  from my stash for the backing. 
 I loved the rayon superior rainbows thread on my turquoise "spool" and quilted SEW onto the machine as a subtle reminder to myself

Pat said she wondered what embellishments I would add. and surprisingly I didn't want to add much. I ironed on some tiny rhinestones around the needle then another row where the control panel would be

I remembered to add a label this time... I often forget that part this year
for the moment it's hanging on the design wall but it will soon move over the cutting table.

So I am thankful to the organizers for prompting me to make this... it was challenging and fun and I like my finished product a lot! 


 off the wall Fridays
can I get a whoop whoop Fridays

Saturday, March 27, 2021

sewing Saturdays

welcome to this week's sewing Round up... for Rainbow Scrap challenge's color of the month, GREEN I share the sweater of the month...of course a cow....I want that sweater! And the three so far...

 I used the RSC green scrap bin to make this month's Table Scraps at The Joyful Quilter's party

made from directions given on a quilting show (look at last week for more details) I did an envelope turn to finish the edges and quilted in lots of straightline work and metallic threads. Then finished with gold beads on the long sides.

and it's now living on the coffee table. I plan to do two each month in that color scraps

Also using GREEN scraps I made two more wine bottle blocks

the paper pieced pattern from hoffman fabrics was free.... 

I appliqued the "fruit wine" motifs and found the "Versailles Viognier" tree in my scraps

Here are the three RSC colors so far.... it's going to become a table runner when done

I machine quilted my SAHRR (stay at home round robin) this week, it's 33" X 43" and was a wrestling match!  I am hand stitching the binding now, and details will follow on that quilt hopefully by Sunday

I hope to hang it in Studio one, as it makes me smile with all the cute sewing related fabrics.

I'd love you to scroll down to see yesterday's paint post too if you have time! 

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Friday, March 26, 2021

paint party


I've been doing the Sketchbook Revival video lessons this week. I'm very very behind in them but wanted to show the things I've painted. Above is loose watercolor flowers taught by Neesha Merani. She taught a way to take down complicated shape into it's basic form... I love it! 

The next one was from a class by Jessica Swift who said to start with a message to yourself

I kept drawing and coloring with tombow markers, and at the end I realized I had hearts for love, helping hands, leaves for growth, a strong wall of stone for boundaries, and a cabinet at the bottom full of supplies. I didn't particularly like her style but it led me to this.

The following ones were done while listening to videos I didn't find engaging but while there I painted my own thing... some still  need some lines added for definition

I love when Klimt adds in gold, so I added in copper paint on this one, then dragged the hard end of the brush thru it.

Amy Maricle had us paint circles. That's it. To make it more interesting to myself, I combined some colors, used a subdued palette range, then used my silver pen to overdraw spirals. Then I liked it. It was to be meditative but I admit I didn't like her painting at all. I did this on folded stock, so did the pink flower on the back of it. 

I really didn't like the messy painting here, so I cut it into an oval, then sliced that, and sewed it to a blank greeting card. The outside edges became little rectangles sewn to this one

now I like them... I like the composition and way the lines look when interrupted. I like the texture and how it felt to cut up some work as wasted paper and see it become something better. 

So even if you don't do what a teacher wants you to, learning happens


Thursday, March 25, 2021

I LIke Thursday # 237

before the most recent snow Wednesday!


I ordered these markers on a whim from amazon and really like them a lot! Not expensive either!

 We're trying to keep the counters cleaned off in the kitchen... I feel better seeing empty spaces

Our frozen food, was delivered frozen last weekend, what a nice change. 

 I finished my Project Quilting challenge last Saturday, the bunny family is sitting on the credenza, and I finished my Table Scraps challenge for the month, story and pics on Saturday.

Watching on TV

American Idol and The voice

we started the series Firefly Lane and it's good! Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigle are in it. A quick story for you... we stayed in Beverly Hills once while dh was working. We shopped on Rodeo drive of course. While in one designer's store we saw  Heigle shopping for a dress for an award show. (she was being bossy and pushy but it was fun to see her and how petite she is, in person)

Watching on youtube

Shetchbook revival videos provided by Karen Abend's list of artists


on audio, and there are 5 actors reading the book to me... fun! Slice of life in England at start of WW2 involving the local choir

on ebook, nightime reading

finished up a couple audio books, I listen faster than I can read!

Fine Dining

my Tuesday post gave recipes and links to Pear tart, and banana cake with chocolate icing. 

Milo's Moment


ring toy wants to play fetch....
I am tired of snow now. My ear hurts, the yard is a big bath tub, and walks are shorter. 

that water is deep y'all!
 What do I Like? 

well I like the banana cake mama made, 

 and I like patrolling the house to keep law and order! I watch out the top window for people coming up to the door. I bark to tell the pawrents. I like wearing my jimjams and sleeping on the big bed at night. I like playing "search!" where the pawrents hide a toy and I find it. 

here's to being able to play fetch soon!

 Please visit these fine folks to read their list of likes, and join us by writing your own list, I'll include your link if you tell me about it! Still having computer failure issues... sorry about lack of comments or visiting...I hope to have mine back soon     

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

a delish cake and T is for Tuesday


It's Tuesday so I am joining my friends at T is for Tuesday where we share our week, our drinks, and work from our hands. The pic above is from our 27" snowfall last week, yesterday we had another 4" or so and more today predicted. Did I mention it's Spring? 

On  Sunday we made two desserts for the week, using fruit going bad on the counter. 

We started cooking at lunch by making chicken souvlaki's with leftovers for lunch on Monday. 


First up was pear tart with oatmeal crumble on top. Only two pears were usable so we cut the recipe in third... we've made this before and it's so good, with vanilla ice cream. recipe

Then we used our bananas and my old recipe for banana cake from Regis (Loooooong ago) 

banana cake with chocolate icing

 It calls for chocolate chips but our chips are made without soy (lecithin) and taste less than great, so we left those out and topped the finished cake with chocolate icing from a different recipe! 

Banana Chocolate chip without the choc. chips cake       350 deg oven   9X13" buttered pan

2 Cups all purpose Flour                                   1/3 cup butter softened
1 teasp baking powder                                       2-3 large mashed bananas
1/2 teasp. baking soda                                        1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 teasp. salt                                                      2 eggs (egg whites for me)
                                                                            1 tsp vanilla
                                                                            1/2 cup sour cream or yogurt
sift/stir together flour, BP, soda, and salt,  set to side
in the mixer's bowl, cream together butter and sugar. Beat in bananas then eggs and vanilla.
Mix in flour mixture, then stir in sour cream. 
Pour into prepared pan, level, and bake 45-50 minutes
in the past I've substituted buttermilk for sour cream, and applesauce for 1/2 of the butter, but not this time!
When done, let cake cool and make the icing
in stove top sauce pan, melt 6 TBSP butter with 1/4 Cup of cocoa stirring til disolved. After smooth, remove from med heat and let cool in a clean mixing bowl for a bit. Add 1 and 1/2 cups powdered sugar alternating with 2-3 TBSP of cream til smooth and irresistible! when cake is cooled frost and try to wait til after dinner to taste!

next up,  what I've been making. 

and listening to books on audio, taking lessons from Karen Abend's teacher line up on Sketchbook Revival, and looking out at snow. 

Drinking a mix of cinnamon/green teas cold, and these

Milo has become super defensive when he hears a cork pop... oy vey

Milo: whaaaaa  I'm just over here playing with my birthday ring toy Mama.... and tea doesn't make any noise just sayin'

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