Sunday, June 30, 2013

Folklife Festival, deux

When at the Festival,  one tries new foods and beverages. This time we tried a "snack" from India made from crispy rice, crispy chickpeas, and magic...the husband looks happy doesn't he? We both loved the food actually and wouldn't mind eating a few more bowls of it.
 Then, CHEERS! to mango lassi drinks! These are mango puree, yohurt, cardamom and again-- magic.
Oh my,  I really must get out the blender again and make these for dessert every night.
CHEERS! To mango lassis!
 We then felt refreshed enough to sit idly in the audience and watch the frantic folk dances of the
Hungarian folk. Lots of stomping, slapping, jumping and swirling. Gotta work off that goulash! As a culture they love their dance and most people know all the dances. Being dance-minded people ourselves this was fun, seeing the similarities to our form of dance and others we've done.

We left tired, dusty, sweaty, and happy that we got to be a part of this party!

The festival continues through the weekend after July 4th. Worth a look, if just for the black dog sculpture!
frantically swirling Hungarians
 on the way back to the car we walked through the Castle gardens as usual, and saw this scary-Audrey (Little shop of horrors) plant and thought you might get a thrill seeing it too. Yikes!!
"that guy looks like plant-food to me..."

back to the studio to layer and quilt the Palm Jewels quilt.
thanks for reading, now go make stuff!


  1. I've been making mango smoothies and love them. In a blender I put one 6 oz.can of pineapple juice, several slices of mango, a couple of handfuls of baby spinach and blend away. It will be a luscious shade of light green. You will not taste the spinach, just the mango and pineapple. It is healthy and delicious! You can add some nonfat Greek yogurt, too, if you like.

  2. oh, the spinach takes a moment to deal with... full of vitamins and flavor, as pineapple is sweet.