Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pilot Program (pile it here, pile it there...)

My house is in disarray.

That's putting it mildly.
For years I've dealt with a disabling back injury, ironically from trying to get fit by going to an   nationally franchised exercise program. 12 years later,  I have trouble bending and lifting even light items. So my house suffers and most lifting falls to my dh.
I am reluctant to show more telling photos as you don't know me well enough yet to see them and not call the authorities but this is the tip of the iceberg:
Tip of the Iceberg--the coffee table is under here somewhere

 I may not be the type of person who keeps the house spotless...ya think?! OTOH I might be the type of person who could possibly keep the house more tidy than it is now. Just maybe.

I made jokes like "the only place housekeeping comes before quilting is in the dictionary"  Now, I realize how the confusion of stuff can weigh you down. I'm ready to organize my stuff.

The problem with typical organization directions is they start with getting rid of the very stuff you want to organize. Have a chuckle this morning.  VIDEO ABOUT STUFF

I spent time and money collecting that stuff and want to both keep it AND store it out of sight. AhAAA!

Well, we've defined the problem. More next time.

My favorite organization tip said, if you spend time looking for an item, after you find it you should put it back in the first place you looked, as that would be a natural place to find it next time!

Do you have organization tips to share?
go make something,


  1. Think baby

    Like your challenge quilt! That's very complicated piecing!

  2. thanks Mary! I forgot about flylady.

    I'm liking the challenge quilt so much i might not enter it in Hoffman at all! Maybe it'll just go other places, have to decide soon. Wish you could see it in person.