Thursday, May 6, 2021

I Like Thursday # 243

one of my older quilts

Happy Spring!
 It's time for I Like Thursday... when we share our list of things big and small that we liked this week...

I am writing this on Wednesday, the day before I was to go for my second vaccine shot. I spoke to the doctor's office today and told her of my reactions to the first shot... hives on legs, inflammation, swollen gums and she said not to get the second dose. Especially as it's given in a non medical facility that is not close to a hospital. I am of two minds about this... I need to be protected but my body is not able...She said these are allergic reactions not normal ones.

Thing is folks... we  need the majority of citizens to get the vaccine to make the country safe. If a lot of people refuse to take the offered safety from this deadly disease, then I won't be safe. They will keep it going, and it will continue to morph into variants that are even stronger. 

If everyone doesn't do their best to help, we'll all be unsafe.Just like with smallpox, measles, and polio.

some people  have politicized this disease... just know that even the former president got the vaccine and even says he is responsible for it's development. He had covid but he had access to the Nation's best care, do you? I don't.

 So today while my husband is  standing in line for a shot at safety, I have more research to do to know when, what or how to take a risk at getting a second shot. The doctor said I might handle the J& J as mostly younger women get the blood clots... o.m.g. If I try getting the second dose she said to do it in a hospital. So....

I'll start the party with an older quilt I made to show how to use beads while applique-ing. I used it as a class sample. (I miss teaching)

I liked having supplies to make art

I liked watching ink spread on my calendar page

 I liked having ingredients this week to make good things to eat.

 and watching videos like Oprah's Spirit Sunday and Dr Brian Weiss and Shirley MacLaine discussing past lives, I liked TED talks on the roku,

 I liked reading and listening to good stories.

The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra - Khan, Vaseem 

This was delightful in every way... a retired detective is given a baby elephant that turns out to be a blessing... it's a mystery set in modern day Mumbai and is read wonderfully on audio. I laughed out loud so many times although it's not a comedy as such. It is funny in the way life is funny. I ordered the next book in the series and started it yesterday. 

I like that when I have occular migraines I have the time to lie down with an ice pack til they pass. I've had 4 in the last week, I believe from people putting down lawn chemicals around us. 

I like that dh found natural fish supplements for our sorry grass

I did a big sort and "organization" of my finished quilts this week, whew! I've made about 250 and kept most of them from king to small wall art. I keep them in order for my lectures mainly, but they got jumbled in the move and I didn't want to do the heavy lifting to sort them. Now they are ready to put on shelves, hopefully allowing me to bring them out on a rotating basis in the house.

I like that we had a couple days of cool weather this week, a respite from the heat that accumulates in the master BR making it hard to sleep

I loved the last episodes of Queen's Gambit, and The Crown, and this season of Brokenwood and Murdoch mysteries that has come available.

I'm tired of my fave tv shows saying they're new when they are repeats (This is Us and Good Doctor)

I liked hand sewing the binding on my painted bird quilt meaning I finished the quilting and it's done! I like hand sewing my tiny tumbling blocks while watching tv. 

I love the color red, color of this month on rainbow scrap challenge. 

Milo's moments

Milo:  I like getting my own pancake, or muffin. When my pawrents have to clean my bad ear they give me treats after. I drag my paws into the ear-cleaning-room, but run to the treat cabinet when done! 

Mama and Daddy love me, even when I put up a fight!

Please visit these fine folks keeping lists and let me know if you posted a list so I can add you in!    


Saturday, May 1, 2021

sewing Saturday two finishes both using scraps


24.5" X 36"

for this week's sewing round up, I have lots to share! This was finished last week and I am still seeking a name for it! I LOVE the colors and pattern. I got it free on the craftgossip site, it's paper pieced and you must plan colors so they come back together into stars. 

 I used all scraps and the bins are still full.

I quilted it following lines plus some free motion flowers in each star, and followed the diagonal lines out into the borders

I used superior rainbows thread a lot as it's in the same colors. Love that I had a confetti like fabric in stash to use for the binding! 

next up is the pattern by Beth Shibley found here (

21" X 31"

She has lots of videos on youtube of free patterns. On this one, I did it her way at first, then as it was too chaotic for me in my scraps, I took out the ancient patriotic bin and thought, lets play with this idea. 

I started with 6" squares, four for each star. All face up, I marked in and down from the upper left corner 1.5" and from the bottom right corner the same. All blocks cut the same, on the diagonal the way Beth showed us. 

 Then I made sure to keep the same fabrics in the corners while mixing the points a bit. Beth did it much more random and hers looked good that way, while mine looked like a quilt in a blender! So I had to instill more order. 

You can see a mixed up one on the bottom left, and ones with more repetition on the rest.

I used up a lot of scraps from that americana collection of mine, but the bin is still full. I had just enough of the binding stripe to do this quilted runner, which will count for my Table scraps entry in July! (you'll see it again folks) 

had to piece these scraps for the backing and piece my batting but waste not want not I say.

both of these need names... ideas?

this week I've been going through my old teaching materials, from the many classes I developed and taught over the years. It's interesting to remember how much work goes into teaching 6 hour workshops and how much fun it was. It felt like I am at a crossroads.... what will I do in future?  How long will I keep all the samples, step outs and hand outs?

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