Wednesday, July 31, 2013

studio shot

Lee Anna's studio shot

Wanted to show you my flamingo collection but that will have to wait for another day. Too much of a round-up needed for that job. This is a corner of the studio. The boxes hold snips of torn out paper, the basket holds tools rarely used but necessary when they are used. There is a mirror to the side, showing a bit of the cutting area. The boxes are sitting on a  wire mesh basket holder that holds other rarely used craft items like stencils, template plastic, paper items and lots more. One of the drawers was taken over by the dog/cat fabric collection. There is a moldable figurine that I don't use for drawing but like. Obviously I like color. My studio is painted white, with light gray carpet and a white design wall. I love that because all my special stuff is colorful. Everywhere I look is something I love to look at, and isn't that nice?
I have a mix of put away out of sight items, and out in view items. I am currently in love with coral, hence the orange container store boxes. The doorway is just behind this area, it's where dh and dpoodle stick their collective heads in to get my attention for dinner/walks. They do not like entering the space. The poodle only comes in to avoid scary noises, and the husband only comes in if I ask him to look at a work in progress. I'm easily distracted so this works for us, although it would be nice to have a "shop dog"

Are you about ready to walk??
guess not, wake me when you surface


  1. Such a colorful studio! Still lovin' your dog too. I babysat a pair of standards years ago...wonderful dogs!

    btw, you won the drawing for my 555 posting. I need to know where to send your prize to!

  2. thanks so much Sherri, bet those poodles kept you laughing, and chasing them.
    Sent my address to you