Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hexie Star blocks in Blue

And this is why I love color! All the colors together are so very happy! And this is just the ones already finished, there are ones ready to construct, and ones in my head!
Anyway... this month at the RSC focuses on using blue scraps, so here are the ones I have done
 close up so you can enjoy the fabrics

 hee hee
look at the fabrics left when I made a stack and whack years ago!

 little lizzards! One of these is not like the others, haha

 I am having trouble setting this one, I think it needs mostly plain white around it, not the body parts
or the one I planned for it
too beige-y and wallpaper-y Pattern source
Note the millennium fabric from 2000. Those scraps have been in the box a while! I might just use this setting anyway...

As I was photographing these I placed the plain star on a background without the hexie effect and thought how cool just appliqueing them all touching would be!
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Friday, July 28, 2017

No piece is too small to Dither Over... opinions welcomed!

When I found myself with a couple hours to sew, and a poodle napping in the studio, I pulled out this project as it was on the top layer of the cutting table!
I finished the little pinwheel border after deciding to cut off the "stamp" edge of the motif. I had to add some filler strips to fit the border, again out of scrap bin. 

Now the real work begins... choice making! Want to see what it's like, having too many choices?

 what if I add this watery batik? With some pink rick rack?
 what if I add this sparkly bright blue, and some rainbow rick rack?
Here it is without any rick rack, but with the sparkly blue and a little bit of water batik (sewn on)

what about a change of pace... this pinky sunrise with lots of birds...

 or this bubble print with pink blue and purple?
I'm not even planning to sell or exhibit this! Why am I having so much trouble? 
I am having some major life changes. My health is causing us to have to move to a more hospitable environment, with all the insecurities of moving house, leaving friends and the known, and stretching ourselves.
Making art should be easy. Get out of the way, and art makes itself.

 Then there is this yellow with purple sunrise fabric. And then embellishments like the starfish Mickie sent me as a surprise one day! 

Help me! 

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Like, Thursdays # 47 "lawn jewelry"

Inviting isn't it?

Welcome to this week's list of likes... mostly lawn ornaments from Wethersfield Connecticut. As usual I noticed so many fun things on our evening walks, and want to share them with you.
There are a couple more "likes" after I show you the lawn ornaments!
Milo noticed the Hydrangea walkway in front of this historic house... I have never seen them in pots, and lining the walkway made quite a statement!

This yard was covered with little ornaments... guess they just couldn't say no!
of course I had to make note of flamingos
especially so far north...

Imagine the home owner, they must always think just one more ornament! There were little ornaments all over the yard!

Look closely at the next house... you might miss them...

The elephant, and the giraffe peeking out the front door??
The little "watch-hog" hedgehog hiding in a stand of hostas under a tree on the front lawn??

The bike lane was clearly marked...
We didn't see any of these but if we had I would not have been shocked! The homes were built in the 1700's up to the present. Time is fluid here!

Another flamingo and a pink door

with hydrangeas again. Like pom pom trim for lawns!
This was one of the first towns formed in America, before our independence was won. 
And the most of the neighborhood had these signs out front...good going y'all! 
We're all immigrants in America. All of us including Native Americans who came first.  
 Milo liked walking with his people, and meeting dogs, sniffing new scents, peeing where he's never peed.
I like enormous granite sidewalks.

last but probably most important was a sign of friendship this week.
I Like Cindy! My friend surprised me this week with a bracelet she made for me.
She tried a new kind of bead, and a new weaving pattern, and decided it should come to me... the day she surprised me with it, I was wearing this lime green skirt and purple top! Perfecto!

I Like friends who know me so well...
I liked writing about our recent trip to CT this week, reliving the trip in photos.

 Bridge of Flowers  see that post with pictures HERE!

I do an I Like post every Thursday and welcome you to do one, and join us on our journey to  notice the little things that bring joy each week! Let me know in comments or email if you want to join in! Meanwhile visit these fine folks keeping it happy!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bridge of Flowers

This bridge was built originally in 1800's and has been restored bringing beauty and focus into the community. The community also supports it by subscribing to the flower boxes and decorating them for all to enjoy.
Website describing the bridge
On the way to a quilt shop in Simsbury CT we spied this lovely bridge and stopped the car for a wee walk

It was quite busy with people of all ages enjoying the beauty!
Would you enjoy seeing some of the displays? Apparently people have a sort of "garden plot" and decorate their boxes with their style flower display. It was wonderful!

 They had this chart identifying the flower varieties on the bridge...

Some people forget that historical and artistic places bring us humanity.

Our taxes support our culture, and provide much needed beauty to citizens, keeping our spirits up. 
 It's a good thing. 

How drab life would be without national parks, without public art, without theater and dance and music.

These activities bring a richness to life, and are worthy of being supported.

 Preserving our culture and history, our natural places like parks, all go to make us who we are.

How dreary and meaningless life would be with only work and profit and military might, with no national monuments, with no parks to refresh ourselves, with no culture to lift our spirits.

I am American and I am not alone in these opinions.
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mama likes Fabric!

Look at this adorable fabric I found on sale in CT !
Designed by my local friend Deb Gabel. I  love it! I want to live there. Complete with dogs and cats and birds!
I also got this stash at the same store (sew inspired), most on sale!
I think I'll use the floral batik, really pretty in person to make the purse... if I can follow a pattern instead of making my own that is!

Let me backtrack a bit, and let Milo explain what went down...
Milo, here. I know my Mama is more fun when she's happy, and if Fabric makes her happy, let's visit some fabric stores in Connecticut!. Furst I looked through her directory while lounging around on the hotel sofa.

Yawn! Lots of decisions here, and I have to get Daddy to agree to drive us from place to place and entertain me while she roots around inside for goodies!

I picked out some good ones and we hit the road, Jack!

LeeAnna here... Milo chose some fun places.
I didn't buy stuff at all of them but isn't it great fun to look??!!

I got the Ginny Beyer yellow on sale for $4.99 in one store, and the hocus pocus precuts at another. I love halloween fabric, and these were adorable. I think a very simple design will make the most of them.

Along the way we stopped in NJ at the Olde City Quilts shop where they allowed Milo to terrorize greet the staff! I just love Fossil Ferns, and the row by row patterns at each shop. Both the yardage is extreme sale ($5/yd) and the deer fabric sparkles. The words on the other one are in scrips and French!  The tiny precuts are all polka dots in bright colors. Perfect for ready made hexies. 

 Milo here... whew! I dragged that Mama to enough stores. Time for a wee nap before we go to bed.
Gotta let Mama calm down before bedtime, so I'll just keep the quilt store directory safe til the morning!
It's nice when you can keep a Mama happy!
(No fabric was eaten in the making of this blogpost)

Friday, July 21, 2017

Blue leaves and ALL the leaves!

 On our recent trip to Connecticut, (read about it here) I had a chance to hand baste some of my blue scraps to leaf papers.
I look through my scraps about the right size, and choose the ones with the most impact to me.

It's the first project, one done with the RSC which is a challenge to use a certain color each month, where I have hand basted applique like this.

I have enjoyed the process, and seeing a random scrap polished off into a nice shape like this, really showcases the fabrics. It's like shining a light on each design! link to order them

Now for some layouts...

I am in love with this batik behind the layouts. I only bought two yards so I am using it in many projects but wish I had a bolt!

So... I pulled out the leaf pile...
and was amazed at all the leaves I've basted! Leaves, or petals, or feathers, or geometric shapes.
The possibilities are endless and we're not finished with the challenge yet!
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