Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sacred Threads, Friends, Old Quilter's Home

yours truly,with  Susan Dingman and her art
Karen Musgrave's art is on the other side of me
 If you get a chance to go to the Sacred Threads exhibit in VA right now, GO!

Stunning work full of meaning. Once again, I loved the exhibit, and yesterday was especially  great as I got a chance to meet artists I know from the internet, as well as seeing friends like Susan again.

Of course I took more photos, but didn't write down the artist names as I thought I'd buy the book on the way out. Forgot.
I will find the maker's names and post them later.

Susan Callahan

This is an installation by Susan Callahan, also a good friend. If you look closely you'll see sacred words incorporated into the quilts.

go to sacred threads  for more info

Every time I meet people on  my online art group, quiltart, I am reminded we are all connected, and just don't see each other enough! I just know, when the time comes, and we all move into the Old Quilter's Home, we'll have a grand time.

Back to my challenge piece.

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