Saturday, July 27, 2013

more bark

bark image two

I couldn't have made a weirder piece of bark if I'd have sculpted or painted this. The color in person is more saturated. Earlier this week, I posted some more bark retrieved from the same tree, much less colorful. The other picture of this piece of bark  looks like some kind of tadpole or critter.

Oh my I am going to start on this for a quilt in the nature series right away.  Of course someone will say it's not natural, those white circles around the holes. Nature is so cool. I've walked past this tree for years and never saw such exciting bark before.
 I have a saying on the studio wall that says something like, artists paint what they see, but what they see is primarily what they look at.
 I notice the details of life. How about you?


  1. It is beautiful, especially the way you've place it on a black background. Looks like a pice of art.

  2. thanks Norma. I think it's pretty cool too. Can't wait to try to interpret it in paint or fabric.