Wednesday, July 17, 2013

that's me! Free as a bird!

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free as a bird!
                                                                     Free, that's me!!
What did I do before "The Challenge"?  It's been so consuming, that I had empty nest syndrome last night after the husband, poodle and I got in the car, drove over to Fed Ex at the airport at 7:30 pm. I had to literally fold the quilt up like a road map, (remember those?)  I had to pay a lot of money to hand it over to a stranger.

It hung on the wall for about a minute, I went ooooh. I went aaahhh. I said, get in the box and go visit Aunt Julie in Colorado. I did get a good picture and will share that Friday.

Today I feel like I did in college when I finished a big term paper. Waiting for the grade, but released to continue my life, already in progress. The world is my oyster! (Think about what a weird phrase THAT is)
I am free as a bird! I could, well, sit and eat lunch!

Hmmm, there is "The List"
 The running list of Things To Do When The Challenge Is Done. From take a breath to world peace, up to and including clear off the dining room table(just about as hard as world peace), figure out how to make a video, answer emails for work, kiss the husband, etc. I'm free to ponder what in the world to get a husband who doesn't have a clue what he wants for his birthday in two weeks.
There's always a challenge around the bend, some of them involve sewing, some of them involve people.
Next,  please step forward.
go make something

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  1. 'Next' always comes along too soon!

    Enjoy a break, kiss the hubby and get that pic posted. I wanna see!