Saturday, August 31, 2019

sewing Saturday

A round-up of sewing for this week... I worked on the lattice quilt some again, taking a risk that sewing and trimming might aggravate my back.
I did okay with it, being careful to only rotary cut close to the edge of the table and not reach while pressing down on the cutter. What did me in was Milo pushing past me on the stairs last night!


So there are about 190 blocks so far, filling up my design wall, so I have to come up with a way to put them all up.
I have about another 35 cut out and ready to sew. I looked up the size of a king coverlet and sadly I think I need to do about 20 rows by 20 rows,  and when the above sets are sewn I have 16 rows by 14 rows of blocks. That's a lot of blocks still to make in order to finish the top. I'm thinking if I quilt it, I should sew them into about 4 units 10 rows by 10 rows or 45" square to quilt. then join the quilted sections so if I start making those units now, it would free up more space.

I saw a lovely quilt at Sundance Store last night, but the clerk said it was a sari. No batting, the quilt hand stitched to backing with long running stitches. It felt wonderful. Don't know who'd wear that but it intrigued me for making a small lap quilt that way.

I set a goal of getting the small hand painted mesa piece finished this week, and it is!
I have too much to make to dither one moment more over this! It is about 16" X 20" right now, unquilted. I like it but wish I'd made the painting larger. Funny when you're standing there with paintbrush in hand, it all looks big, certainly bigger than paper I use. I have another long piece to use and decided to give away the smaller one that says inspire, and make a book mark out of the smallest painting.
I see machine quilting matching threads on the color stips, and some hand stitching somewhere. Maybe some motifs, and definitely these gemstone chips after the stitching is done. I think I'll use yellow rayon thread to free motion quilt in some aspen leaves around the trunks... already sandwiched with a SW backing, ready to work.
No more dithering allowed!
It's time to make something with the printed water lilies next, and quilt some other recent work.

This weekend we have a craft show in Manitou Springs and one in Breckenridge to attend, so I'd better get crackin'

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dance... dance I know!

I Like to dance, and watch people dance! I love the dance shows on tv but I really loved watching these videos of how regular people like me danced in the 40's... swing

And this wonderful video of the early twenties faze, the charleston... so much to it! It was happy and active, it showed off a woman's knees that were beginning to emerge from their clothing

now that's dance!
warning! personal commentary!: 
I don't like a lot of current dance that looks like sex on the floor, too obvious! Or showing too much skin in your clothing... more seductive to show a silhouette that's clingy, to leave something to imagine is under there than displaying side boob. ick.
I do love the clingy silhouettes of the 30's cocktail wear, bias cut and slinky silks.

When  you dance, feeling the momentum carrying you around, feeling in sync with a partner, being lifted and flying (I used to be lift-able and still remember the feeling) while being held onto.... it's a good thing!!!

IMHO there is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to be a partner!

I love history in most forms and know some of you might as well. Anyone out there like me, know how to swing dance or charleston ?

Friday, August 30, 2019

paint party Friday

It's paint party Friday! Actually it's paint party all the time around here lately!
The Muse
I thought I'd do a little gift card to enclose with something for my dog loving friend, but... this happens all the time, I get attached and love it! I love this little poodle so much it's got to live here, and I'll need to do another one for my friend.
just tore up some mixed media paper and folded it after painting

I've been doing a little sketch daily onto my calendar... the top image is the kitchen table chair from my angle while doing computer work. The coleus and eggplant and tomato are visible from same point. I researched some Native american symbols to quilt into my SW quilt (top right) and tried to sketch in black and white a flower from my yard. I couldn't do it in pen, too dark, so I tried going over it with yellow marker.
I did a tutorial of Shayda Campbell on drawing mountains, love her approach!! Then I just wanted to keep using my black pigma 05 pen so I did some leaves for fun. I really like black and white.
 this is the tutorial
link: here

A few weeks ago I got some printed rice paper at the art supply store, and the clerk said, you can't use your markers on it, it will fall apart. Well it didn't. 
I colored in some motifs, cut them out and put on some torn mixed media paper for little halloween cards. Since I just colored in part near the edge, some bones were missing, so I drew them in.

So much fun. I used my tombow markers, and the waterbrush.
Now this piece makes me really happy! I love the union of the boy and girl, making music on stars!

Because the torn paper was there in front of me, and the markers there in front... I just went ahead and tried markers overlapping, then dragging water brush, then overlaying marker... fun!
the picture doesn't do this justice... the colors blended and ran and created new colors. Stay tuned for a video on making it!
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Thursday, August 29, 2019

I Like Thursday #156

Welcome to this week's list of likes! I love fresh vegetables from the garden!
and using them in dinner. These white eggplant are delicate and delish!
I liked walking around the back yard this week, and finding out we have a butterfly bush! Never saw it last year!
this is a view of our back porch... I love a porch!

I got a package in the mail from my friend quilt diva julie
she sent cow fabric from one of her recent projects... knowing how much I love cows!! Thank you so much Julie... I'll give it a good home! (and appreciate you)

(I mean well but never quite make it to the post office with all the gifts I have for people)

I liked sewing on my southwest quilt and finishing the top! Even chose some gemstones to go on after the quilting! Decisions are hard to make and using hand dyes is hard to do!

I did a happy homemaker post on Monday and put in foods, books, tv shows I like, it's here if you want to take a look  (the-week-ahead-late-august-)

We loved the fine craft show in Evergreen last weekend, and all three had a great time in the mountains

woohoo! I got to go for a rideinnacar, then get out at a festival of dogs and kids! This doodle was a cool dude... we tried to play but the pawrents were all, "Milo stop running into my knees!" and Milo stop pulling me around" when ALL they had to do was take off our leashes! I mean I was so busy playing I didn't even get his IG name!

I go out for a walk with the daddy every night. When we come in, while  he takes off his shoes, I bolt down the hall to see mama and get in position to guard the family room from him!
He acts like he doesn't care, but when I start pulling at his arm, and bouncing around in circles, block him from sitting down, and growl he loves it! What's not to love? A good wild wrestling match just before bed?

We found out we like Colorado wines!
The pinot pomegranate is wonderful !

Some simple but good likes this week:
fresh clean sheets
dancing with the Stars is returning in September on tv
finding The Great British pottery show on youtube
painting some halloween pictures (check out paint party friday tomorrow)
sewing again on my lattice, and finishing the southwest quilt top
fresh peaches and melons
chaco sandals that support my arches
freshly painted (non chipped) fingernail polish in coral
ordering books at the library and being told they came in
knowing I have wonderful friends around the globe, and keeping in contact with them!

and I know I haven't felt like writing some promised posts, interview with an artist, and botanic gardens, but I will soon. Finally, this week, 

I must have watched 4 or 5 of this woman's videos on stitching historical garments. Fascinating how much research and care this young woman has made, and how she makes it look easy. I liked her running commentary on mixing 21st century techniques and knowledge into the mix.
One thing I learned, doing something well doesn't take that much more time, and it adds to the beauty and strength of a garment.
It made me quite happy to see a young person with such an interest in learning. This video is the second part of making a 14th century overdress, but her work on 1900 bodices was really good too!

These fine people are keeping lists of likes this week too...
musings of a menopausal melon   

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Monday, August 26, 2019

The Week Ahead, late august 2019

printed my waterlily photo onto cotton fabric to create with!
Welcome to this week's Happy Homemaker post. I almost didn't do one, I just couldn't get into writing this morning, but here's an abbreviated one!
looking out on the morning rays!

The weather this week in Aurora CO
Right now, perfect, and it's rare to hear me say that. The sun is shining, the skies are blue and it's around 70F. It's been blisteringly hot for so long, that even die-hard CO lovers are wishing it would cool off. Oh don't get too excited for me, it's heating up and fast throughout the week.
it's cooler when the sun is behind clouds!

DH and I were discussing the weather this weekend as we went to a lovely mountain craft show when there was solid cloud cover making it very nice to be there. We both thought, this being high desert sort of, that it would be like Utah, hot during the sunny parts, and really cooled off at night. It doesn't really cool off here in Aurora at night, it gets less hot though.

This morning I'm....
doing blogging business, wearing the last comfortable shorts that are clean with a t shirt from Garden of the Gods, that says happy trails. I had cashew granola with greek yogurt for breakfast with strong coffee and milk. I've walked the pup a couple miles, done two loads out of four laundry, and folded the clean clothes done yesterday. I'm wandering in and out of the studio, really wanting to work in there today.

To Do
Oh what's the point of making a list I never accomplish? lol
There is the daily mundane work to keep us going, which is boring but somehow comforting.
I'd like to paint each day, work in the sewing studio making art and sorting stuff
I'd like to read more and listen to the book on cd.
I finally returned some books to the library and picked up a variety of them to bring home.

I love bringing home an asst of books as I feel rich. It's like seeing a new magazine show up in the mail... I'm reluctant to start looking at it til I have time to wallow in the newness and pretty pictures.

Finishing the tea shop mystery and looking at getting the next in series. I am on wait list to read the next Rhys Bowen. Listening to The Garden on cd as had to turn in the book before done.

So many quilt making and drawing books to look at! I own a lot too... when will one human use them? in the words of Scarlet O'Hara, I'll think about that tomorrow.

Love Songland!!! Even if I'm not into rap or country, the three producers who work with undiscovered songwriters, are just absolutely wonderful to watch. Their creativity and talent along with humility is nothing short of reassuring.
I'm watching Say yes to the dress... OMG imagine spending $10,000 on one dress! I was a poor social worker when dh and I planned our wedding and paid for it. He was just finishing up his masters and unemployed. I bought my lace dress at Macy's outlet and was thrilled to have it for $20.
Sill watching Master Chef, sorry to see Southern Charm Charleston ending for the season, watching the current BBC Great Baking Show... again humble normal people who are greatly talented.
I'm enjoying Bring the Funny, a competition show for comedians.
Watching JOY on ACORN a comedy set in Ireland
I'm frustrated with bachelor in Paradise. I look forward to the fun and antics in the summer, but now they are allowing someone to bring in a person she dated before the show... they are supposed to be free to find love, not come in with it, so she hurt the man who fell for her there, and the producers are allowing her prior love to move right in!!! No fair!

I may not be sewing as much (back issues) but I'm painting and being creative. Working on figuring out the composition of a southwest piece here...

 lots of intricate sewing done on paper with a palette of colors outside my comfort zone. I do love the colors however.
When you are designing your own patterns and compositions, it takes time and thought, along with some inspiration, courage, and magic to make it come together. One must be brave enough to make mistakes, keep trying and working at it.

we are enjoying the fruit of the season... a sugar cantelope was just amazing this week, and the peaches and honeycrisp apples are too. We are having grapes again,

slightly processed but delish. We didn't drink alcohol for years but are starting to have a little again in the weekend porch sitting on early evenings.

People with integrity, honesty, and humor. Thank you.

Tired of
people who demand their way... all the time, driving, politically, in stores, on tv, around town...
It's all about sharing y'all.

Nice moment
I met someone at the mountain craft show, while standing in line to try chilies on potatoes. She was an older woman from England who's lived here for 25 years. We found so much in common, not the least of which was that we are here to love not hate others. She worked with hospice for years so we had a nice discussion of souls and why we come, and come back to earth. Nice to meet someone for even a short time, who is intelligent, kind and interesting, isn't it?
A wall of beauty not a wall of division
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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sewing Saturday southwest edition

I've been using my bag of cherrywood hand dyed strip scraps to paperpiece some components.
then moving them around and around the central painted mesa piece. I cut down the aspen trunks yesterday, pieced another strip of geese, and then really started designing...
My husband prefers the geese angled out like above. What if the stars went above and one was added in the bottom?
I'm just moving components around, and made the bottom straight line of geese yesterday.
I've had a bad back and seem to have trouble rotary cutting these days. I made sure to line myself up at the machine while paper piecing yesterday, to minimize back and shoulder issues.

 With paper piecing I can sew without rotary cutting.

I love the bags of hand dyed strings for this, just the right size and all the colors one could want.
the width of strips goes from real strings at 1/2" to about 3" wide. I forgot how rich hand dyes look when used... I have a stash of them but hesitate to use them on just stuff... they do cost a lot and are one of a kind. Altho cherrywood has it down to a predictable range.
My lattice quilt is still on the design wall, filling it now. I had to stop working on it but you see little blocks set up ready to sew in the pic above.

This week I also printed cotton, then silk with my waterlily photos from last weekend. I hope to sew on them soon.
such lovely color. I preferred the cotton print this time, to the silk which is so sheer but with a pretty sheen.
silk on top, cotton underneath
I would have said these are more my color scheme but I'm enjoying working with the deep rich earth colors on my southwest piece too.
I just love color!
What do you think about my little southwest piece? Opinions welcomed... when there are too many choices I go a bit bonkers!

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Friday, August 23, 2019

Paint Party Friday

They say, write what you know... so I paint what I know...
It's been so hot here, that we've taken to the porch for a calm moment after lunch each day this week, and I decided I might try to capture a moving target!!
I realized a lot goes into a sketch, what with viewing angle, movement of subject, light and shadow. I didn't have this photo to go by that day, just the constant movement of a 2 year old!
I fretted that I got his leg too long, but he said to me,
don't worry Mama, my legs ARE long!
(I used tombow markers, on sketchbook thin paper, and water... the paper cannot handle this, note to self)
One of the "I Like Thursday" bloggers included three outstanding photos of flowers in her yard, so I attempted to capture them in the sketchbook. As you can see I'm grappling with shadow and line. I used my staedtler fineliner in gray to sketch (no pencil this time) (very brave) and the tombow markers because they were right there, and the white gel pen.

challenging to get shadows from colors but I try to imagine the photo in black and white, and I learn from doing. Tombow are too harsh on sketch paper, so I think I might have liked plain watercolors on top of the pen/ink sketches, and on good paper.
As you can tell, I've not watched painting tutorials this week, just painted from the heart. I do like to do little emotional works now and then. Unfortunately I can't quite capture the subtle shading here with my camera, but I like the composition.
The paper gave way to the pens again, will I learn? on my lady's eye to the right. I like the gesture of a neighbor walking by and the wall is just a thing of beauty, with hands reaching across it, connection being made. Done with KOI watercolors, waterbrush, staedtler pen in gray. There is a light blue wash on sky and light green on bottom, not showing in photo.
I keep notes in my sketchbook too... one day I just painted swatches of color to see the lines they created as they intersected. KOI florescent colors with waterbrush on thin sketchbook paper. As an afterthought, I wrote a short sentence on my feelings at that moment. The whole thing very momentary and free. I share it with you here, because that's what I do, but it's an example of capturing a split second in life in a journal page.

And we started with poodles, so I'll finish with two of my loves, flamingos and poodles... a flamoodle?
why not?

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

I Like Thursday

Welcome to this week's list of likes... I love the cloud show here! For a painter who takes note of light and shadow, it's an ever changing show.
I like Milo's little spaniel friend who always plays with him at the fence when we go for walks
I like the lantern I found on sale at Michaels and might put one of those battery candles in it for Fall
I liked the wonderful casseroles we've been making with our vegetables and herbs, Finally coming ripe.I described it in Monday's post if you're interested in the recipe.
right up in the mountains, but HOT HOT HOT!
We loved the fine craft show in Golden CO last weekend, and I did an artist interview for you later, but for now, how about this quote by Anaiis Nin
the artist is Cassady Harries from Layton UT
"I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

I was stunned by this artist's work, giant artwork with MANY crystals and gemstones embedded in the  work
I had to snap a shot of the texture, and giant turquoise on the piece compared to the wee chips in my anniversary ring.
amethyst crystals too

yep, those are geode crystals, some amethyst some quartz. Holy cats!
the artist
They sell for about $5000 each and people were lined up to purchase them! Wish it was in our budget!
Loved seeing the gliders leaping from the mountain tops!

I loved going to the Botanic Gardens to see the brilliant water lily exhibit, and took awesome pictures to share, again a bit later as it will be a post by itself!
I loved watching this plein air painter at work too.

I liked this site that gave you creativity prompts based on healing

Milo's Moments
Hi Y'all... come on in, I'm having a little rest. I love that I discovered how to get up in the chair in the family room, now there is one for each of us... so cosy
 Wonder how Daddy fits in one?? Not my problem, he should be up chasing me around the house trying to get my toy anyway! BOL
I liked going to the big craft show last weekend with my pawrents... and meeting lots of dogs and kids.
Mostly people rather watch me than look at art, right?
Last week, I was relaxing on the porch when Mama said Moose was coming over! What!?
She's a year younger than I am and a good playmate! She is rough though, and sometimes I have to call uncle to get her off me...
so we'll wrestle then run, then play "NO MY TEETH are bigger!" for a while, then rest a little
some times we look around the yard together, but when someone walks by, I'm always on duty 24/7 after all like any first responder, and I bark them off, she runs to Mama because she's not a guard dog like me. I love her even though she's a little bigger than I am. Now, after you bark hello at mama, please go see her friends who kept a list of their likes this week!  

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