Thursday, May 31, 2018

I Like Thursdays # 91 cows and Craft shows and Vail CO

Welcome to this week's list of likes...
I'll start with Vail... over the Memorial day weekend we went to two art festivals, the mountains, and did some errands. The image above was at Vail
I have heard of Vail and Aspen, Telluride and Breckenridge, so it was exciting to see these places.
We started back in Frisco where I had to return the sandals I bought last trip, and we walked around and shopped, and met people and loved it all over again. But we came to see Vail, so on we climbed over ridges at 10,000 feet and the town was odd to me.
I felt like I was at disney world. It was fun to walk around, and sort of shop, and sort of meet people but it all felt kind of artificial. Pretty but not quite like a town. It has hotels and condos around a shopping area, but no town to speak of that we found.
On the other hand, the day before we went to Denver, to an area called Stapleton. It used to be the airport and is such a cool town!  There was a cozy craft show going on with live music.
first thing I saw was a herd...
so I followed them into the next tent where I saw these

She paints, and makes jewelry, saying she gets tired of one art form and goes to the next. I asked why cows? She said her friend wanted her to paint her tiny cow... so she came up with the poured paint method

Hey, I asked... what is a miniature cow? She showed me online... yep, like tiny dogs... little cows. I've never seen that!
I liked this scrabble art...

I liked these bags made from records!
the album covers and records on the back...
I chatted to the artist and asked what in the world got this started... she kind of said, well she was intrigued and wanted to make something with old records. Her studio is in her garage, and she keeps it tidy.
Huh? A tidy studio?
Yep, she said, it has to be as it's so small.

this artist was so much fun! She took her love of travel to making art. She uses vintage maps to make lots of stuff including these jewels. I asked what her favorite place was to visit and we laughed at her stories and mine. Think about it... what's the weirdest thing or place, that happened to you traveling.
she's headed back to live in St. Pete...
My old stomping grounds. She followed her passion for travel into the area of art

I was drawn to this tent... wonder why? 

I talked to this artist a long time, and her mother (also an artist) even longer. I decided we needed to be friends, so I got her card and I plan to call her once we're settled and do just that.

I loved the gestures and expressions she captured in these pottery animals. Her mom said she was so imaginative as a child, talking for animals and drawing them as personalities.

I was like that... I am still like that!
Look at that face! Love
She then went to art school, and eventually got her MFA and painted and sold work and did shows.
Then one day she decided to return to her love of animals and clay and changed direction.

Now she is happy with her art and choices! Cool right? I want to be her friend.

We also went to the Denver Art Fest... it was bleeding hot so much that I thought I'd pass out. It was also full of 200 artists from around the country. Unusual art, and I interviewed so many artists but the heat must have melted the memories. I know I wanted three pieces from this person. The moving yard pieces, the standing yard art pieces
a wall clock and this for over the mantel
In this time of flux, it's not the moment for big purchases but I wanted something from nearly every booth. It reminded me of the Gasparilla Art festival in Tampa, quality wise. Wonderful...
I haven't forgotten about the small town post, just out of time...

Milo's Moments
For barking out loud, y'all! Is it thursday already??? That howl-iday with Dad home an extra day confused me! I'll tell you I have lots of likes but will just tell you this time about my new work...
I'm the mail carrier. Yep, Daddy turns the key and pulls it out of the slot for me, but then my work begins...
First I have to pester the daddy to let go of it
so I can go through and find the true junk mail. I'm just presorting so Mama doesn't have to, heh heh.
I can tell if it's thick it's pretty much junk. Shiny? large sized? junk. I carry it home but sometimes I get so excited about my work, that I begin the shredding process on the way...
that's me! In motion! I am seldom still but especially during mail hour, when I go into over drive. I mean if you take on a job you need to do it right, right? You need to put your heart and soul and teeth into it!
And it's fun, I flap it back and forth, it makes noise, it rips with a very satisfying sound, sometimes I have my man follow behind to pick up the pieces that fall, that's not my job.

 I'm the "carrier" and the "shredder" not the "picker upper"

Daddy does not enjoy being the picker upper but we all gotta find a way to contribute, right?


Now sit, stay! visit these people my mama likes who also do I Like posts! See ya!

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Thoughts on Memorial day

Happy Memorial day!
It's a day to remember all the people who protect us. These people stand up for us in the military but also in negotiation talks, in the discussion of trade, in acceptance of others who are different, in human rights, even down to you and I who know that there is more than one way to live in peace and harmony.
As an artist, I enjoyed seeing the visual way this person represented our flag, which is a visual way to represent American ideals.
To those who fought against Hitler's world domination, and to those who fight today to uphold freedom, the poppies serve as our tokens. To those who daily fight to uphold human rights and dignity in the world, we thank you.
to those who do small works daily to bring us into a greater awareness and acceptance of each other, we appreciate you.
a banner seen outside a church that says on the left:
"If fear is the great enemy of intimacy then love is it's true friend" 
and on the right
" The F-word is Forgiveness" 

yesterday we stopped along the way to Vail to stretch my legs and the poodle's long legs and decided to have lunch at a little mountain cafe:
 I remembered road trips as a child, traveling through tiny towns in America, stopping to eat at "mom and pop" cafe's like this. I thank everyone who makes this possible. I am safe to go from place to place, and see our natural beauty while farmers and ranchers have provided food for me.

America the beautiful.
Little flags, and great big flags, our symbols but not all we are. We are a group of people who believe in freedom to speak, to peacefully disagree, to self govern, to worship (or not) God in the way that is most comfortable to us. There is room here for people.
Imagine being peaceful enough to allow others to grow and learn, to discover new medical treatments and stars, to do our best in life, to love our mates, to contribute to society in some way.

To those who work toward this for me, I thank you. I am aware that any act of kindness and generosity contributes to the earth and to life.

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday's writing prompt "The Best part of the Day"

Two stories for you this week. Two prompts and two stories. Hope you enjoy them.


THIS WEEK'S WORDS  Prompts from  Sunday's Whirlagig

welter, quartz, bedside, pocket, moves, daughters, wipe, blossoming, trust, wisdom, shakes, pure

The best part of the day

Ah, she thought. A shower, a fresh pair of pj's and a good book, it was the best time of the day.

Warm light from her bedside table lamp, created a little pool of warmth. She had what she needed, a book, a glass of water, and comfort of a soft pillow. Ahh this was one of life's pleasures.

She thought about her daughter's love of reading, started so long ago with books shared at bed time. They were alike, she and her daughter. Her daughter had blossomed into a fine woman, full of wisdom of the ages, with a pure heart and good sense of humor.

Oh let her be safe and happy tonight, she prayed.

When her daughter moved across the country, she had to trust in the universe to take over protection duty, and trust that her daughter knew how to deal with life.

She knew it would be a good thing, but there is a bit of melancholy as she remembered snuggling the little girl against her,  smelling like soap and bubble gum, the two of them shaking with laughter at their stories read aloud, the closeness they felt.

That's it, she thought, remember that the closeness isn't changed by physical distance. It can be felt anytime she remembered, or spoke to her daughter. Yes... the warm pool of golden light under her lamp, the story she was reading, the soft bed and warm pj's all comforted her now. And the memory of times shared was just as warm.

Life changes and brings about the two sided coin, letting go and embracing the future.

She would sleep knowing that her daughter was living her life, and happy, and embracing her own future this night.

The second prompt comes from the Sunday Whirl 


She would win this time, she thought!

She loved hide and seek, if she wasn't "it" that is.

She skipped down the driveway, laughing to herself.
 No one will think to look behind the cardboard from the moving boxes!

Her family had just moved to this town, from across the country. She had been sad to leave her friends and for a while thought she would never meet new ones but here she now was, playing with, and hiding from, kids who were looking for her!
She felt like she belonged to the group now! She was no longer invisible, they saw her and liked her.

It's a good feeling, and she was home.


Friday, May 25, 2018

In the Pink

The color of the month at Rainbow Scrap Challenge is pink. I took an hour this week to play with my pink scraps as I could actually FIND my pink scraps! I made a dresden
and with the trimmings from the blade,  sewed together a flower
For fun I placed a turned-edge green stem and a purple heart on it. Of course after stitching the angled bits it was uneven so I quickly went along the outside with my pinking sheers.

Can't throw away anything so the cut offs from this
went into these, and I actually might not like the flowers better than the dresdens!
obviously I did the same with the yellow dresden cut offs. So pretty... wonder if they might go with my  practice painted birds into something??? For now they decorate the design wall
For more improv flowers and discussion of technique see Flower show HERE

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

I Like Thursday #90

Welcome to this week's list of likes! Starting with our little fire chief, Milo!
we'll start with this awesome cloud at sunset last night!

We have too many likes for one list so I'll put it in two posts, one on a new neighborhood with quirky homes for Saturday!
For now...
Step into my world... I liked this door to a garden instead of a gate, it matched their front door
I like the Iris blooming here now
and the poppies, we didn't have those near Annapolis
We did have flox but I totally love the blue outdoor carpet so I included a recent pic of it.

We visited two street fairs last weekend, one in Erie and one in Denver. What fun it was!

 local businesses giving away stuff, and crafts...
and food
fresh and cooked... look at this guy with an enormous tumbler of fire roasted peppers being cooked with torches right there!
Next to sculptures, and the fire dept truck (luckily) and lots more
I loved this man's pottery, and he was demonstrating his techniques
You might just be able to see him right inside the shop front. I used to do raku and this is just wonderful!
I liked this "welcome" bear at a home we walked past to get to the Erie CO fair. Grrrr! Welcome, if you dare! and they had lots of dogs and people and businesses and food as well as live music
I just loved this vendor's free offerings... little globes of chocolate and that bowl!!
the neighborhood was so cool, with a mix of old homes and weird homes like this pod.
Then as it was raining and we had seen all the booths, we visited a quilt store of course
A Quilter's Corner in Erie CO
Where I shopped for others... lol... I might have gotten two yards of some cool new metallic fabric for myself, since they gave me a birthday discount.
I just love a quilt store! Jewel colors and possibilities! Look at the new Christmas line...
birds! Quirky! Fun stripes! Fresh off the bolt, Mama likeeeee!
I also loved these flamingo measuring cups seen in Boulder... 
If they hadn't cost $32 bucks I would have brought them home to move again when we do
I'll do the "Boulder and Barbies" post on Saturday, come back now ya hear?!

More likes to come next time but I also liked...
this new young singer from American Idol... Love her mix of original songs and fresh take on ballads I grew up with!

I really liked finding the Happy Homemaker's blog and link party
She provides words and the linking people fill in the blanks. It was connection, and happy, and fun.

Milo's Moments
I just noticed it was a stuffed poodle!!!
 Hi Y'all, I liked all the street fairs and shopping with Mama in this Boulder shop... except, I wanted that toy and Mama snatched me away before the enormous poodle teeth latched on! 

I thought maybe she'd buy her only poodle a treat but Noooooooooo! 
Still I got lots and lots of pets all the day long. We met a cat, have you ever seen one of those things? 
It came out to meet me but stopped, and I stopped, and just like this picture we both stopped for ever to look at each other... at least 5 minutes. Then for no good reason at all, he started to growl at me! (why I oughta...) but that happens now and then with dogs too and I just turn away. I wanna play, so if somebody is gonna be rude, fuggetaboudit. 
We walked my long poodle legs right off! I drank some water then plopped down on this hill to chew the lid off
 ha ha ha ha! That was fun! sort of like laying down while standing up! I rested while Mama and Daddy waited because that's what they are supposed to do but they don't always do what I tell them but mostly they do. They have good hearts and mean well. 

Now, sit! stay! clickety click on the links to other people keeping it pawsitive today. See ya!

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