Monday, July 8, 2013

Two days to sew with Friends

 A few samples of the workshop. So far so good.

Saundra, Cheryl, yours truly LeeAnna, and Kelly showing their handiwork. We felt very accomplished to have  so  much to show for ourselves!

Look at those smiling faces!

Our bee and Quilt Book Study Group both of which meet monthly throughout the year, also  meet on two days in the summer to share a project. As usual, we have 20 or more people joining in for the highly anticipated event. This is a great time of learning, playing with friends, eating, sewing, laughter.

 We've tried many new techniques together over the years.  This year we chose a technique of folded inserts used to make mariner's compass points by author Cheryl Phillips. Some of us used her book Wedgeworks and some used  her pattern.   We sewed, un-sewed, and RE-sewed,  and many people left with the center pieced. Tomorrow we set in the background etc. A few overachievers will start quilting.

This group is special not only for the member's attitudes, and the fun,  but for it's purpose...
dessert!!  Just kidding ya'll.

It was started because we all buy books, flip through them, dream a little dream of possibilities, and put them on a shelf. We weren't using them.
We wanted to use them!

A few times a year, we go through the process of choosing the next book, then all get the book, and we meet to go through the learning process together.
Some examples of our selections over the years are, most recently Melinda Bula Cutting Garden Quilts, Ricky Tims Rhapsody, Laura Wasilowski Fanciful Stitches, and many others over the years.

One day done, one to go. You can bet I'm going to be bringing a seam ripper tomorrow, as several of us joined the rip it again club today.

my possible background for sunflower center
Saundra's star
Go make something!
Lee Anna

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