Thursday, June 30, 2022

I Like Thursday #304


Welcome to this week's list of likes. I love painting and watching color appear on paper. This was painted on sketchbook paper not watercolor, with a big flat brush to test the technique.


 Took at most 5 minutes, and my set of 32 kuretake paints. I liked the rough quick way I painted this not precise or carefully but joyfully and quickly!I like how the tree came out... 

for four days there were only two birds sleeping on our front porch, but whoopie! the little one is back and sitting between the two big ones who always left a space for it even when it didn't come home...

Fine dining 

blueberry bran muffins

We cooked a good number of items last weekend to freeze and have during the week... it was cooler and likely the last of the cool weather for many months if it's like last year. Nothing spectacular, all things I've mentioned in prior posts but we're happy to have them for times when a microwave is the most heat we can stand! 

white lambrusco 

we also boiled a lot of potatoes for different meals, and for my Greek potato salad:

yogurt, mayo, chopped bell pepper, chopped onion, salt and pepper, lots of oregano, some garlic powder, a bit of parsley and thyme, and a good splash of apple cider vinegar. It really gives it the spark although I've made this with lemon juice instead.... so good and a bit different


I had a great week of phone calls to friends, Pat in NY, Cindy in SC, and Joy in NC made my heart swell with happiness and connection.


I showed leaf study on Saturday and am proud of it. Go see if you have time  (click here

reading the next in the nantucket series on ebook


and finishing up on audio


PBS Masterpiece theater has a show available that we started and it's good! called Hotel Portofino


Hotel Portofino (TV Series 2022– ) - IMDb

Not much of value on, we are nearly finished with Shitt's creek sadly, and still have one Murdoch Mysteries to go, luckily the bachelorette is starting in July along with a couple other shows I enjoy.

I seem to need to watch some tv at night to gear down enough to read my book in bed to gear down my mind enough to go to sleep in the heat. 

We have AC but it isn't doing a good job upstairs in the master BR

land management... still very little growing and not much to show. I ordered nasturtium seeds because of Sally's post last week, they are germinating in a wet towel at the moment. 

I love Dick Blick art supplies for... well art supples

we ordered new shorts from Khols... in the old days I used to go to Khols and shop the sales for entertainment... still sticking close to home because of the virus variants

I loved this video of actors now grown, talking about making the film. When I went to Europe, one of my stops was Austria where I took a tour of the movie sites... such fun...

 heartwarming animation message...

 Milo's Moment... my curly haired son just before grooming...please enjoy his joy!

lookie here what mama did... Me on a summer evening, minding my own business while the pawrents enjoyed something in a glass.

 now please visit these fine folks to see what they liked this week and let me know if you want me to link to your post

please visit these fine peeps to see what they liked this week


friday bliss

Saturday, June 25, 2022

My creative week....last week of June 2022


ICAD prompt  "pineapple"
welcome to this week's creativity round up... This is one of my index card a day paintings... the prompt was "pineapple" and even my pineapples are full of color and inked lines!

My round up will include some finished quilts as well but might as well finish by sharing a few ICAD's and remember I'm keeping a daily diary on the back of each one.

a week's worth..

Prompts were mix and match, jukebox, mango, solstice, ouija board, selvedge, and bitmap

I finished binding the Leaf Study piece this week

"Leaf Study"

a few close ups... beaded, hand embroidered, machine sparkles in person...

I learned the free style blanket stitch in a workshop this year

for Table scraps this month, using dark/bright blue scraps and stripes...

 Used the hand embroidered learning piece  on the left, adding a strip set to it, and sewed a new "stripes" strips piece with a cutie manatee from the scrap bin, and made two journal covers

 more table scraps at the link party here:

finally, for RSC who's color of the month is dark/bright blue scraps my twinkler star, pattern is at superscrappy

and all the stars by color so far this year:

linking to a few parties: 

patchwork Sunday                    

design wall Mondays at smallquiltsanddollquilts

finished or not

art for fun Friday 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

I Like Thursday # 303


summer mantel is pink!
welcome to this week's list of likes.... along with talking to friends on the phone and zoom....(Diane, Cindy and Joy)

my birds came back, the same birds we had two years ago as babies returned to sleep here on our front porch this year!

Fine dining:

 in an effort to use more oat than wheat I found an oat pancake recipe and we LOVE them... all of us

that's sunflower "butter" with chocolate  instead of Peanut butter

mine seems small....

I also made french onion soup...

the recipe is here:

I put in marsala wine because we keep a bottle to make chicken marsala, and no bay leaves, chicken broth instead of beef (allergic to beef) and whatever amount of onions I had. I think the true hint is to gently carmalize the onions in butter and olive olive, and the tsp of sugar, slowly til they all look golden and look right. 


Audio:, finally finished the really long book by Eliz Gilbert and started : it's so charmingly read that I recommend listening to the audio book instead of reading yourself

 on ebook for bedtime reading, the next book in the nantucket series, much easier to read at night than a murder mystery, even a cozy one


Listening to a story: when I get a migraine, sometimes dh can sit with me as I lie in a dark room waiting for sight to return, and he reads a book we keep for those times. often it was an Anne Hillerman but we're finished so it's an old one, one of the Ayla series of prehistoric people...Land of Painted Caves 

TV is sparse these days, hardly worth mentioning except for a few series we watch on roku

Land Management

still waiting for the wildflower seedlings to grow and flower, also the bell pepper seeds I kept from a pepper are sprouting, the bean seeds collected from last year's meager crop are doing nothing, and I went ahead and planted some basil... crossed fingers it comes up in the pots. We are squandering water on them all in hopes.... 

I admit it's been a pleasure to finish the workshops online from the last two weeks... feels like I'm on vacation. I've been co9oking again, sewing a good amount and I'll share that on Saturday and amazingly enough, did some spring cleaning!!! 

the previous owner said she always cleaned the wood floors and tiles with a steam cleaner. Huh? well since the bona system couldn't clean them, we got a small bissel steam mop that said it would be okay for wood... and tried it. We quickly dried them after, and I went over with bona. Looks fairly good, and the way I see it, that's good for a long time, now just vacuum and bona periodically. 

I like to go barefoot in the house, and we take off all shoes by the front door. Milo of course goes barefoot ALL summer. 

speaking of my curly haired son...

Milo: well, you wouldn't believe what happened here this week!!! I had three perfectly good ring toys that for no reason at all, Mama put up on top of the patio table by themselves apart from me!

Mama: well they were skinned, chewed until there were 3 HALF rings, and when daddy mowed we picked them up


Milo: well, one day I checked on the table and they were gone! I did a double take, then looked right at the Mama because things disappear when she's around... then went over to my outdoor toy box and looked all around in there. NO RINGS! I looked at Mama and she looked away, a sure sign of guilt...

Mama: well, hon, sometimes toys go to Heaven...?? 

Milo: they were abducted! No fair! They were Miiiiiiiiiiiiiineeeee!

Mama: Drew! are there any r-i-n-g- t-o-y-s in the stash??? Bring them out nowwwww!

Milo: Oooooo a brand new one, and one just barely chewed up in the back? Gimmmmeeee!

Mama: crisis averted.... 

Milo: well, I'm not letting them out of my sight now

but it's hot so let's get everyone into the house, I'll carry one and you two get the other one and the ball

open sesame....

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friday bliss