Wednesday, July 3, 2013

If you want me to fetch...throw a squirrel

if you want me to fetch, throw a squirrel
This is my poodle in case you haven't met. People ask if I have a dog and I dither a moment, then answer well, I have a poodle.
 I had a labradaughter named Chelsea. She and I were two peas in a pod. Her theme song was 'girls just wanna have fun' When she passed away, and it was time to find our next pup, my allergies suggested a non shedding dog and I decided on a big poodle.
Eventually we found Cole, standing in his water dish calmly waiting for us to show up with a silk pillow.
He came from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Once walking around old town Williamsburg we met another tall black poodle and low and behold, it was Cole's brother!! Remarkable. They sniffed and said, hey.

Cole wants to play but his joints are eleven now. He never quite got fetch or the return aspect. He will run get a ball the first throw, then after you wrestle it out of his mouth yelling drop three times, he'll saunter after the next thrown ball. He'll come back with it til he's about 6 feet from you and drop it like a bad habit. If you are silly enough to throw it again, you'll just have to go get it yourself.

Usually by this time he's moved on to THE HUNT. Fetch is for those who can't run off with the ball. Hunting is his real passion and hobby. He once tore off the brand new heavy duty downspouts from the back porch. They lasted about three days. He apparently heard a chipmunk in one, so tore it off the house.
In his puppyhood he wore out several friends after taking a 4 mile walk. Now he likes to spend time with friends but mostly parallel play, sniffing around together, slow walks in the rain, sharing a bowl of water.

When he's stirred up, he still guards the yard from unwanted bunnies, squirrels, and other critters. He hates a crow. He has been known to chase a crow for three blocks, as the, well, as the crow flies. He caught a squirrel once, but dropped it on command. If he'd only drop the ball in my hand we'd have a better time.
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  1. Cole-y, we love you so. I think that you are just a giant black pug in disguise!