Sunday, July 21, 2013

fabric mountain

fabric overboard!!
One of the chores I put off til the challenge was done was re washing batiks.  I have a sensitivity to batiks. I get sinus infections from ironing them, the heat releases some chemical... It makes it hard to work in a classroom when so many people use them without prewashing. I found that washing once wasn't even enough, they must be washed three times in hot water before they stop smelling during ironing. These are my  blues, washed for the third time now, and ready to be ironed, and replaced in the drawer. Hopefully third time's the charm. I'll snap a picture of the system later.

I must iron the batiks out in the open in case one still out-gasses

I decided to set up shop outside on the porch to listen to birds, and watch critters, and smell the mulchmold,  fresh air.
When the Sunday lawn mower brigade starts up I'll abandon the project but for now... that's where you'll find me.
Getting ready for the next quilt. 
Happy Making, y'all.   LeeAnna

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