Tuesday, March 31, 2020

this is our prayer...


my current favorite song, sung by a father and daughter.... not famous, but special. Just because we don't have fame or riches, we have a song to sing

Sunday, March 29, 2020

just because I want to connect...


the words to this song are so beautiful... by meeting you I have been changed for the better...

just because I'm glad we are still close despite the distance... I cried at this but happy tears of gratitude!
Love LeeAnna

Sunday's fiction comes from Sunday's Whirligig:

"Proximity" by Karen Head: possum, window, outside, foraging, almonds, watch, nibble, inclined, share, change, opening, world

                                              a small opening

Margo looked out the window, at the great outdoors. She spied some movement outside

who was out there? Go away!   Oh! 

just a possum, rooting around in the grass, foraging for food like people do at now empty grocery stores. Next to it, a squirrel doing the same thing, and a bunny sitting as flat as possible on the rocks trying not to be noticed by the big poodle also watching from the sliding back door.

we're all trying to survive, only the humans can't see the danger as it's so small yet so grand in scale. The world is afraid of what they can't see to avoid.

the squirrel was nibbling on almonds in the suet now. Probably a mama squirrel, who inclined her head at the dog behind the glass. I must eat to provide food for my babies in the nest, she seemed to convey silently to us, watching from a distance. 

I'm glad I could share sustenance with her, Margo thought, even in these times when we don't know about tomorrow.

Life is short, eat the good chocolate first! He who dies with the most toilet paper wins! ......All lives matter! 

Life has changed... and in some ways it hasn't. Doesn't it say in the Bible what we do for the least of these lives we do for God?

 All lives matter. We all want to survive, and beyond that we want to matter while here. What does matter is how we treat each other while here.  

                                                                                  (c)LAPaylor   3/29/20

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

sewing saturday

If this is Saturday, this is my weekly round-up of sewing stuff!
Not showing handwork today, it's the RSC teal Lozenges for this month.
cute and pretty fabric scraps

It was fun digging through, I picked 16 prints, and then cut 8 X 4 2 " squares in darks, and 8 X 4 2" squares in lights to sew on the corners.

Of course I kept the little cut off hst's and am trying something new with them.

I thought I would do a kit this week, to find my mojo... an
"easy" little pin cushion...

it didn't quite work out, and I had to find fabrics, muslin, drawer pull feet (luckily in my hoard of stuff brought from MD) a LONG needle, buttons and a good screwdriver.Plus so batting as it was droopy with just their foam and tiny bit of walnut shells.
Hmph, some kit.

I had to cut out templates, mark fabrics, baste and gather, glue edges.
Skip this one is my recommendation
Luckily I only stabbed myself once, with that nail of a needle, and the cord they included to tuft with, would not go through the fabric, and it felt wrong to leave an unsewn hole for it.

it looks quite Becky-Home-Ecky to me,(not that there's anything wrong with that!) but it's done. I threw away the pattern and box.
I added a little bubble bead topper on the button, and love my old candy parade fabrics... I really should make a quilt out of those beauties. I wish someone still made them!

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Friday, March 27, 2020

watching paint dry

It's Friday right? With the topsy turvy world I'm living in right now, I'm not always sure!

Like most people who usually turn to creativity, I've had some trouble finding my footing amid the stress of just surviving. Some was lifted yesterday by my fellow "I Like Thursday" group.

If you aren't aware of us, we post a list of the small or large things we liked that week, on Thursdays. If you like this "like" idea, please join us, just let me know in comments you wrote a post too.

I started watching the Sketchbook Revival (Karen Abend) videos today. A mere 4 days after it started, but who's counting. She brings together lovely artists from around the world to teach us, two videos a day. I am on video one, day one and this is what came of the first presentation.
I sit at the messy kitchen table, watch the video, and keep notes.
I pulled out the KOI watercolors, my sketchbook, waterpen, pencil and pigma marker.

One of her two exercises was to smear paint on a page (you can do that right?) then turn it around til you saw something in it, and then use pens to make lines.
I have no delusions of grandeur, I do not seek perfection. I seek joy, self expression, and imagination!
I saw first, a little eye in the middle blob... so it became a bird. The blob on the right was obviously a poodle running, and that cat on the left followed quickly. A cat about to groom it's privates! 

I am trying to get  back to seeing the world as a creative would... I am sewing (that post tomorrow) but not writing much. I watch mindless comfortable TV, walk my poodle in the 'hood avoiding contact as I go, and read. 
Today I reached for paint. I might not have but for the stimulus of the Sketchbook revival, so thank you to teachers, video makers, coordinator, and other creatives who hold me up!
 as a wee note, I use a page for each presentation, and do a quick sketch of the artist!

Pink Saturday!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

I Like Thursday #186

Let's get right on with some likes for the week, shall we? I admit, it's hard to find a list this week.

I liked American Idol this week... what talent these young singers have! The format is so much better than the way it started with three icky judges making fun of people. Katy is still annoyingly immature but Luke and Lionel are professional and at least she's kind.

SO clever and funny! Recap of survivor, I really like the show

I think I'm really going to like the new show on Dads that followed This is Us. Great premise.
A man anticipates his cancer will take him from his family so he sets up wonderful men to stand in for him with the family, after he's gone.

ahhh for an old fashioned chat on a park bench
I loved this post on diversions from Chasing Stories https://chasingstories.wordpress.com/2020/03/24/distractions/
she listed some books and a wonderful podcast I'd never heard before

I liked going through some moving boxes this week, the ones that get pushed in a room and forgotten? I am coming to accept that I can let go my teaching materials and samples as I doubt I will resume teaching. I had to stop in MD as I never knew when someone would spray pesticides into our air and I'd be injured, and unable to teach.
I've now had several migraines recently, here, after seeing companies are out spraying pesticides all over the parks and yards.
It's time to pull the plug on scheduled commitments which will happily free up a bit of space inside.

You know how I love cows... yes I do... these two baby cows were taken to a rescue farm 


I like that the garbage trucks are still running, and they have mechanized equipment to pick up the cans, not man power

I like that sketchbook revival lessons started with two videos a day.  I wish I could focus on art like last year, and make use of the lovely instruction. It's at the top of my list to try to create again.

I get newsletters from Johanna Basford, with lots of follow along coloring and drawing opportunities. It's a calm, pretty respite, and she's starting color along times on IG and FB which I don't do but you might. You'll like her newsletter for sure. https://www.johannabasford.com/newsletter/

I like that dh is trying to minimize his exposure at work, where  co-workers don't believe this virus kills ten times the number of  people as the flu, and is twice as contagious, and there are not enough respirators to keep the sick alive.
 Since we are no longer trying to travel, the days have little meaning, so weekend's previously reserved for exploration,  are now just another day, he has changed up his schedule.
I'd like some capuccino flavored dog biscuits please, just for the mornings?

I try to walk Milo outside still, as walking helps to reset my spinal issue, but it's harder to avoid people on the sidewalks. I ricochet back and forth when I see someone coming. I have trouble sitting on the porch as idiot neighbors are having parties and bonfires in their driveways. I still look out on the day, and still am allowed to walk with Milo,  luckily.

the days seem unreal.

I doubt anyone reading my blogposts would get their news from a man who won't allow expert advisors in his presence, but let me encourage you to rely on scientific facts, from the world health organization for instance, and to take the shut-down seriously. Every person who gets the virus infects on average, at best, 2.5 people. The nurses who are selflessly helping the ill do not have enough masks to protect themselves so they can help us. Ann at Fret Not Yourself donated her small amount of masks from the wildfires last year to her hospital.
I really like Ann.

For all the friends I've made here, who continually uphold and support me, for my few wonderful friends that I talk to on the phone, I am grateful. So grateful as they help me feel less isolated.
Generally we share our fears and struggles, then move on to laughing at something, or describe some way to divert ourselves.

The important thing is to be heard, to have another person hear your fears and share your struggles with love. We don't tell each other to buck up! or ignore it! We listen, share the pain, then share the joys.

Please visit these people keeping lists of the paw-sitive too


Musings of a Menopausal Melon - mmm! quilts

Saturday, March 21, 2020

sewing Saturday

One might think, if you're practicing social distance you might sew up all your projects.

I've been too worried or distracted to do a lot however. Creativity needs a certain energy.

I find I want to spend time watching mindless TV and movies, so hand work is the preferred outlet at the moment.

More tumbling blocks in teal and turquoise as well as black and white. I started this project for our long drive out to Colorado 2 years ago
In fact I have lots more basted little threesomes waiting for daylight to sew black fabrics with black threads!
little trios clipped together before sewing

here's looking at you kid!
these are really small but not too small to use cute fabric scraps!!!
cute starfish and goose!

I also got the idea to trace off a hexie the size of the finished block, and do them in gray, like a wall might have colorful tiles and some that fell off showing some grout. Or at least a place for your eye to rest.
see the three larger hexies? what do you think of mixing them in?
I have plans to make my tuffet pin cushion kit next, and also want to start a Jack's Chain hand-pieced.

Gotta keep busy, you know?
I ran across this blog post on how to divert yourself while avoiding contact with others:
with some interesting ideas.
springtime in the Rockies

We had a full 24 hours of snow Thursday, so walking is difficult with the ice. Some of you are even having Spring I hear... lucky you!
The Quilt Show is also sharing many free shows this weekend, and I'm watching some of those. They are free for even free members like me.

I knitted again, and painted again, in case you only come in for the sewing posts.
here's to sewing more this week, and wellness for all. We haven't found toilet paper for weeks now in the stores, and food is low on shelves. Who knew we'd ever run out in America? We didn't think about getting more before the shortages happened.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

watching paint dry snowbunny

Welcome to paint party Friday!
My snow bunny was inspired by my friend Jocelyn (https://canadianneedlenana.blogspot.com/)
who took a great photo...
Fluid 5" square watercolor paper, #8 round brush, KOI paints, Pigma pen, white gel pen

The pictures don't do him justice. He makes me happy every time I walk by the table!

I think I like the wispy paintbrush strokes with different colors, and the snow done by white pen.

I subscribe to Joanna Basford's newesletter and she sent a page full of downloads to color and tutorials to help us through the confinement.

I am distracted but trying to be productive. I am mostly doing hand sewing now that the scarf is knitted, modeled by Milo but it's mine!
If you only come by on Fridays, I do a list of things I liked that week on Thursdays, and sewing art quilts on Saturdays, sometimes a fictional story on Sundays!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

i like Thursday #185

a tidy shelf in Studio 2
Welcome to this week's list of likes!
I admit to having to work hard to be positive but like a fellow Renaissance  Performer said to me as we performed in the rain, "you'd better laugh or you'll cry!"
studio 2 holding lots of supplies!
I like my tidied up happy place now that I am home so much
my view into studio 1
I have books and patterns, beads and scraps in studio 1, and some of my pretties like the hula girl, and the guy up top following his star.
what do these things tell you about me?

I like catching up on old magazines
look at these stories
I like candy!

I like this yellow kitchen and tiled backsplash

I liked finding quilting arts tv on PBS but xfinity refuses to record all of them like I ask so now I kind of look for them to record. I find watching them makes me think of my own things to make, not their technique but something more unique to me! Yea!

I like that my husband's guitar teacher will do remote lessons now

I like still being allowed to go outside and walk with my pup in the neighborhood. I ricochet from side to side to avoid other people but it's important for me to walk for my back.

Oh my gosh, is this little donkey ever cute! And he survived because these people took him in and treated him like a dog... just watch!

I liked finishing this scarf with the leftover yarn found during the great sort of 2020
my model shows how short it came out...as this was made from hat leftovers

I like the author Ellie Alexander who writes cozy mysteries about a baker in Oregon

I like having books on disc available, and I can keep them til the libraries re open...if they do...

I like doing Kakuro puzzles

It's snowing today as you read this, for the next 24 + hours we're getting snow again. It would be nice if it killed the virus wouldn't it?

I like the show Miracle Workers (watching on demand) for it's quirky story lines and funny irreverant jokes. Daniel Radcliff and R. Buscimi are both in it.

Enjoying American Idol, The Voice, Survivor, This is Us, New Amsterdam, Biggest Loser (it's not me) Murdoch Mysteries, and other tv shows.

Milo's moments
 I can't play with my friends right now but I have a big yard, walks, a toybox outside and my two best friends live here!

Other friends keeping lists of likes too... join us in trying to see the good things around us

New this week:
and   https://chasingstories.wordpress.com/



Saturday, March 14, 2020

sewing saturday turquoise improv cabins

The color to use this month on rainbow scrap challenge is teal.
I choose to interpret that as turquoise since I have culled out turquoise scraps from the green, and blue scrap boxes
so I make a pile of strips and starter chunks, of both neutral and the month's color.
then I sew sew sew adding color on one side, neutral on the other. Stop after a while and see what's happening
and press them
start putting them on the wall to see how much to add to each block
add some more strips, press and realign til it looks fun
I didn't feel like pulling the last two month's colors out and moving them all around the wall but I bet they'll look cool.
There are lots of cute fabrics to work with here, and it's a study in color relationship.
For instance putting bright blue next to green will cause the eye to mix them for you. Make sure to mix in dark shades for sparkle against the mostly medium shades.

This video explains how to make color choices that sing not just go together

(wonder where my color palette went in our move???)
Side story: we lived not too far from Ginny's store in VA so she and I knew each other. We shared life's stories, dogs, moving, family, balance. We cried and laughed together and I greatly enjoy her as a person. Her husband just passed away, and I wish I could hold her hand a moment.
When she lectured at our guild once, she asked who would use all "these colors together"?
100 pairs of eyes turned to look at me.

I did make Milo a coat, and a sleepshirt out of some fun fleece, story and pics HERE

Look at this UFO I found recently. Larger tumbling blocks to look like a forest floor. How pretty! I think I might try to finish this one!

I also am tired of being scared, and of snow, and am thinking of just using this pattern to make a Spring quilt with pretty colors
no it's not new. I just re-found it in the sorting process.
I don't often use a pattern but I got all jazzed seeing patterns as I sorted. It will be growth of a kind to follow someone's directions!!! (I usually form my own path, where no one but a judge can tell you it's not right)

Friday, March 13, 2020

watching paint dry... hoping for spring

welcome to paint party Friday.
Just a wee painting/doodle for you today.
I admit, I am not feeling hopeful, so this came to me, in the midst of yet another snowstorm, that Spring will come and hopefully we'll all be here to see it.
I'm showing tilted images so you can see the pretty metallic paint from finetec.
It's awesome!
I used KOI watercolors, a #8 round brush, finetec gold and silver watercolor, and pigma .05

I am excited that the Sketchbook Revival is back again starting on March 23.
Free lessons, two a day from accomplished artists. It's what started me back drawing and painting last year. The first lesson now available early is on how to create an art journal, available when you sign up.  Having experienced the growth last year, I have high hopes for this workshop to start!!!
Sign up or learn more here:

this is one of the most important TED talks I've experienced for creativity... please watch and tell me what you think...

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